January Baby Names

January baby names for boys and girls have a special place in our hearts as they are a symbol of the new year, change and fresh start. We count down 3,2,1 on New Years Eve celebrating and partying as we turn page in our lives and welcome a completely unknown period which can bring joy or sorrow. January baby names are characterized by this exciting idea that all men and women love. The concept of clean slate or tabula rasa as the well known expression goes.

January baby names are synonymous to new opportunities that lie ahead of us. We are all intrigued by what the future will bring to us and we stop for a moment to make our annual plans. Most Americans love to make their New Years resolution, set a goal and try to make it happen. For other it might be quit smoking, for some others a promotion. But let us all remember that most of all we need to try our best to be better persons, love more and live life to the fullest. January baby names carry these type of ideas inside them.

January is the coldest month of the year in most of the North Hemisphere countries, with average temperatures hitting an all time low. January baby names inherit this wintery feeling and bring memories of snow, skiing and lovely times beside a fire place to keep us warm. January has its origin in Roman mythology and was named after the God of the doorway, Janus. The Latin equivalent is Ianuarius which derives from ianua, which means door. As you can see, history confirms our point below that January baby names are a door, a passage into the new ventures that wait for us in the new year!

January Baby Names

Camellia: Japan’s floral emblem of January is the flower camellia. It’s also the emblem of Alabama, so don’t think of it of an Eastern choice, it suits perfectly fine for baby girls in US as well. Camellia is a wonderful example that January baby names can also be exotic, and reveal the fact that names in general have more meanings than you probably have thought. Camellia is the symbol of water, and in some traditions it is considered to bring wealth. Your baby girl will inherit an air of perfection if you choose Camellia as her name, since the flower denotes admiration among botanologists.

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Carnation: a rather hippie choice for alternative parents who would like to pick something different than the usual January baby names. Carnation is the traditional English birth month flower for January. The meaning of Carnation is flesh. Its Latin origin is believed to derive from the red color of the flower which was said to be as red as flesh. However, recent baby name research suggested that Carnation might also have its roots in the English word “coronation”. In this case, the name has a slightly different meaning which is crown. And that’s the beauty of a name, it can have multiple angles, adding one more layer of complexity and mystery behind it. Crown is also much more royal, empowering the strength and confidence of your little prince!

Dagny: January baby names are always a symbol of a new start since they sit comfortably on the first month of the year. A lot of people are making New Year’s resolutions and they try their best to realize their dreams, turning a new page in their lives. Dagny is one of those January baby names that highlight the need for change, to move on from the past and start fresh. This beautiful Scandinavian name for baby girls has the meaning of new day. An inspirational name for parents who had a difficult pregnancy but they actually made it and want to step into a new stage in their lives welcoming a new baby in their family. A new day is a blessing for each and every one of us, since God allows us to live to see the sunrise one more time. It’s easy to forget that such a blessing should not be taken for granted, and Dagny is a motivational name that will always remind your baby girl that universal truth.

Epiphany: let’s explore a more religious option that derives from January 6, when the Feast of the Epiphany is widely celebrated in many countries in Latin America and Spain. It’s the remembrance of the visit of the three Kings (or Magi) to Jesus Christ when he was still a baby. Epiphany belongs to the January baby names of Greek origin and it is used to state the striking appearance of somebody. It derives from the Greek word “epiphania” which is the sudden realization of a great idea, often with divine intervention. In 2014, we will see a rise in the popularity of spiritual baby names, so Epiphany might be a great choice for religious parents that expect a baby in January.

Janae: a cool alternative for the out-dated Janice or Janet. The ending -ae is currently trending nation wide, so parents that look for fresh ideas for their babies they better pay attention! It started as the female variation John, but it ended up sounding like January thus you will find it in our January baby names list. It recently made it in the top 1000 baby names, jumping into #807 spot in 2012. Do you think it can go even further? Check out our brand new list of Popular Baby Names 2015 Poised for an Exponential Rise and see for yourself if Janae is a trending name for the new year!

Jane: let’s move to an even more popular choice. Jane is out performing all other January baby names in terms of popularity as thousands of families in the US have recently welcomed a baby girl called Jane in their home. The meaning of this hip name is God’s gracious gift. As the name has been around for so long, it’s only natural that we have a considerable number of celebrities named Jane. Hollywood superstar Jane Fonda, the famous actress turned political activist, is probably the person that most people think first when they hear this name. At the age of 75, she is still an inspiration to millions of women as a fitness guru.

January: a unisex baby name that is more often given to a girl rather than a boy. January as a baby name is really cool (as the temperature during this time of the year!) and it sounds much better than other baby names inspired by months. Let’s find out how did the trend for giving the name January to baby girls really started. In 1973, Jacqueline Susann published a novel that turned out to be a best seller. Once is Not Enough, featured a character named January Wayne that fight her way in the tough entertainment world that never slept. It is a really good read that deserves your attention. You can buy it from Amazon for less than $8 if you own a Kindle. The most famous person named January is actress January Jones, born 1978, best known for her role in 2007 as Betty Draper in Mad Men. She also appeared in the sci-fi blockbuster X-Men as Emma Frost.

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Garnet: the birthstone of January is a beautiful girl name with a French origin. The meaning of Garnet is pomegranate and can be a unique choice for parents that find Pearl and Ruby a bit over used. January baby names like Garnet are gorgeous since they relate to amazing jewels that shine. Who doesn’t like precious stones after all?

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Perth: a strong Scottish boy name that means thornbush thicket. You might wonder why have we included this rare baby name in our January baby names list? Well, here’s the story. In Australia, people celebrate January 26 as the official Australia Day. Perth is one of the largest cities of the country. You didn’t see that coming, did you?

This is the end of our unique January baby names list. We hope you found inspiration for unique and cool January baby names for girls and boys. We wish you all the best for the new year. Let us dream that 2015 is going to be the best year of our lives. Remember…the best is yet to come!

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