July Baby Names with a Summer Twist

July is the hottest month of the year, the month that everybody eagerly waits for the holiday season to begin. July baby names can give your little baby a summer feel, and lucky for you, we have plenty of options! If you pick one of the following July baby names, you will automatically opt-in for fun, beach mood, BBQ’s, great memories, and an unforgettable name that everyone will remember as it will remind them chill out times, the happiest moments for any person indeed!

So, without further adieu, we present you with the comprehensive list of top names associated with the month July along with their origin and name meaning.

Cool July Baby Names

Juliet: O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? This is probably one of the most well known phrases from the theaters, from the famous tragic play by William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet. The constant fight of the vicious families torn apart the young couple and lead them to pay the ultimate price for love: the price of losing their own life. A classic choice for the hopeless romantic parents that appreciate the power of love. Juliet is one of the most haunting July baby names you could find. It will always remind people how love conquers all in the end, as it is the strongest emotion known to humans.

July Baby Names

Julius: One of the greatest Roman emperors was Julius Caesar. His legendary career as a military general who led his army against countless battles and won all of them, Julius Caesar then turned into politics and dominated the Roman Senate for several years. Our modern calendar is based on this intelligent man, whose forward thinking made the Julian calendar easier for people to keep track of days, weeks and months, splitting a year into 356 days. Julius Caesar is also known for his love affair with the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, which was the main theme of the movie Cleopatra that won four Academy Awards starring Elizabeth Taylor in 1963.

Julia: if you love the name Julius but you just gave birth to a baby girl, then Julia is the best choice for you as it’s the female alternative of Julius. Julia was a name that was given to many early Christian saints and can be found all over the New Testament. Julia is very popular name (65th in US) and also top name in other European countries such as Poland (no 1), the Netherlands and Sweden (in both countries it’s the 3th most popular baby girl name). If you have Italian roots, or if you just love Prada and past, you can also consider the Italian alternative Giulia.

Julian: a popular baby name among celebrities, with prime example being Jerry Seinfeld’s son bearing the name Julian. It’s a fun, summer mood name that is closely linked with July and it can be found in many top baby names charts across the globe.

Jules: July baby name are often inspired by European countries. Jules is one of them. It’s one of the best French baby names out there, considered one of the top names in France but also being used in the US. 

Julitta: continuing the European feel, we have to pay tribute to Mediterranean countries as they are best known for the wonderful sunny weather and the amazing beaches that they offer to millions of tourist every year. Thus, Julitta is a baby name of Italian origin that brings to our minds lazy days of reading a book somewhere in Sicily. Celebrity baby name alert for actress Marcia Gay Harden who gave this baby name to one of her twins.

Juliana or Julianna: This is the female form of Julian which has been incredibly popular since 2000. A top baby name that climbed the charts after Julianna Margulies rose into fame with The Good Wife TV series from CBS, a drama created by Robert and Michelle King.

july baby names
Julie: returning back to American baby names to close our little post about July baby names, Julie was a favorite next-door girl kind of name that became so hot in 1971 (not because of a summer heat wave) that rose as high as no.10 in the top baby names in the US. This probably gives a good reason on why there are so many lovely grandmothers named Julie today! We love you grandma!

Patriotic July Baby Names

Are you expecting a baby boy or baby girl on the 4th July? Then you should totally check out our special feature about baby names inspired by the great Independence day, celebrated each year throughout the country on 4th July. It’s a great way to show your patriotic feelings, especially if you are serving the army or you have joined the police force.

Did you like our list of July baby names? Do you consider naming your baby boy or baby girl after one of the choices provided above? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment. We would love to hear your views on July baby names, there are always plenty of names that we can add in our vast database.

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