Kim Kardashian Baby Name Bets

Kim Kardashian welcomed her newborn baby girl on Saturday 15th June 2013 together with her partner, rapper Kanye West. However, Kim Kardashian baby name is still unknown as the famous couple have not announcned their plans on the name yet.

Bookers have been feverishly placing their bets on the celebrity baby girl

The most popular baby name so far according to stats is Kim having a 8/1 chance of being chosen, while Kay and Kris have 20/1 each.

Next comes the couple’s nickname, Kimye (KIM and kanYE), with odds of 25/1.

Other Betting websites are placing Krystal and Kacey among the top Kim Kardashian baby name and it seems that all baby names that start with the letter K have a natural advantage, possibly because it makes sense to have three K’s in the family (Kim, Kanye, Krystal?)

Kim herself admitted during her pregnancy that a “K” name would be very possible, increasing the odds worldwide and leaving other names like Mia and Lara almost out of the name race.

kanye west kim kardashian baby name bets

It’s an interesting betting game with Kanye being accused a few days ago of having an affair with a model while Kim Kardashian was still pregnant and bearing his own daughter. Rumors have spread like fire and on-line comments with arguements why Kanye would never do that (and vice versa) have poured on Facebook and Twitter.

Maybe it’s all a marketing trick as Kanye West’s new album has just been released officialy today. Yeezus is Kanye’s sixth studio album and critics are already talking about yet another hip-hop classic album. Kanye is a creative genius who never stops to amaze the music industry, for example on Friday he pulled off a promo of his album featuring American Psycho, making everyone nervous about what’s going to follow!

If you go crazy and really think out of the box, one hell of a trick would be to give Kim Kardashian baby name Yeezus and have the entire globe talking about it (while they laugh and make millions out of it).

In any case, we would like to congratulate Kim and Kanye for their new born and we wish them all the best. As for the bookies, good luck to you too!

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    Thanks for your comment, you are absolutely right! Kanye and Kim are not married (yet!) so we will update our post accordingly :)


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