King and Messiah: the fastest-rising baby names for American boys

After the news about the banned baby names in New Zealand, you probably thought that parents have gone completely nuts in that part of the Earth. But strange baby names are not to be found only there. American boys seem to get baby names that are bizarre and inspired by popular TV series such as Game of Thrones, or the Bible, or even the Twilight saga!

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Parents seem to have high expectations from their children. That’s why they name their newborn babies Messiah, which means the one who will save us according to the Hebrew tradition. Jesus Christ was the christian Messiah who came to earth to save people from their sins. Would you expect your baby to do the same?

baby names messiah

Another fast rising baby name is King, probably because parents like to link their babies with royalty to express a sense of heritage, power and respect. Parents are watching too much Game of Thrones if you ask me, the HBO TV series where literaly everyone is fighting to claim the Iron Throne, leading thousands of people in battle and endless wars. Is this the kind of King you imagine your baby to be?

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According to the Social Security Administration’s annual list of popular baby names, Major is the baby name that jumped the most spots. The name reveals superiority among the rest and gives the aura of someone who is capable of doing great things, somebody who will achieve the highest potential in his life.

However, giving baby names full with expectations can be harmful in their future life, experts agree. It can lead to anxiety and stress for the children that will strive to live up to the high level standards that their parents have given them subconsciously. We may have moved away from naming babies after Presidents, such as Jackson, Jefferson or Madisons, but we have turned into other forms of pressure by names. Would you ever name your baby Pilot just because you envisage your son to be a pilot one day?

baby names major

Mums and dads need to give their baby names a second thought and should not take it lightly. Why not browse our comprehensive list of baby names of English origin that can inspire you and provide you healthy althernatives for your baby name?

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