Modern Baby Names 2014 for Boys

Our exclusive list of modern baby names 2014 for boys feature fresh choices and new suggestions for future thinking parents. Don’t miss the opportunity to give your son a head start among his friends. These modern baby names 2014 for boys are suitable for people who never look back. If you are more interested in the future rather than the past, then this list is what you are looking for. Don’t waste any more time, take the opportunity to make a shortlist of the most modern baby names 2014 for boys you can find and then make your final choice based on your own taste and interests.

Modern Baby Names 2014 for boys

Baxter: an English occupational name is now transformed to one of the most modern baby names 2014 for boys. The humble baker became Baxter and the magic addition of the power letter X gave it what was missing. The X factor, the secret ingredient that can pump up any baby name to ultimate supremacy. Your baby boy will grow up to be a confident person, capable of exceeding his targets. Bax can also make an intriguing diminutive or nickname, the same way Jax and Max was for Jack and Maxwell. If you are a fan of cartoons, here’s some trivia: the semi crazy scientist in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was Dr. Baxter Stockman.

Modern Baby Names 2014 for Boys
Exton: how much more modern can you be than Ironman himself? The man is a billionaire with a serious swag, living in a sci-fi world full of flying robots. Talented actor Robert Downey Jr. who is the living symbol of Ironman, named his son Exton Elias, so if you want to follow his lead, you should do the same! Exton is cool and sophisticated, brave and fearless just like Ironman. We first saw Exton in Shakespearean plays and we can’t think of a better name to mix history with modern life.

Gower: baby name researchers disagree on the origin of Gower. Some say it’s Welsh and some suggest it’s Norman. What’s certain about Gower is that it’s one of these modern baby names 2014 for boys that we’ll see a lot in the future! The reason is that as occupational names become more popular, the two-syllable feel that Gower offers makes it a perfect candidate for a strong comeback.

Guthrie: unisex names are becoming more and more popular these days. Guthrie belongs to the modern baby names 2014 that could either be given to a boy or a girl. The meaning of Guthrie is windy place and its origin is Scottish. Visionary artists and professional trainers behold! The Guthrie theater in Minnesota is one of the most respected theaters in US. Founded in 1963, the theater has become a center of high quality theatrical performances presenting modern work. That’s why we recommend parents that appreciate modern art to choose a name that is strongly associated with contemporary vision.

Jedikiah: Hebrew tradition might stand for heritage but it’s not only about old history. Jedikah is a real example of how Hebrew names can be modern and provide a fresh alternative to the common boy names of the past. If you choose Jedikah as the name of your son, you will see him become an optimistic person capable of inspiring others with his inner strength. His inner desire to help will make him famous as a truly altruistic person. Jedikiah was known to be considerate and thoughtful, so why not infuse these fantastic attributes to your baby boy? The reason we selected Jedikiah in the modern baby names 2014 for boys list is because of Jedikiah Price, the evolutionary biologist featured as a character of the sci-fi TV series The Tomorrow People. They represent the next step in human evolution, and as such is the meta-modern homo superiors with advanced abilities like teleportation and telepathy.

Neymar: did you watch Brazil World Cup 2014? The huge summer event that took place in the vast South American country, was full of entertainment for soccer enthusiasts across the world. The organizer’s team, Brazil, star player Neymar was a favorite for the fans. His incredible talent in dribbling and shooting earned him a top spot in the Brazilian team, which by the way is the most successful in earning trophies in the history of the World Cup. When Neymar was seriously injured and treated to the hospital, many people were crying as it was like losing one of their close friends. If you choose Neymar for your boy’s name, you will set him up for an athletic life full of sports and training. The origin of Neymar is Portuguese and its meaning is not available. Available on the other hand is our exclusive list of 30 Great Baby Names for Athletes for more sporty inspiration!

Oberon: a trendy variation of the Shakespearean character Auberon, introduced in the Midsummer Night’s Dream as the mighty King of the Fairies. Oberon made it to our modern baby names 2014 for boys list because it replaced the outdated Au- prefix with the fashionable O- start. Your Oberon son will get a job offering self-expression while contacting people, for example teacher or sales executive. He will be both creative and systematic.

Romulus: do you want to have a spontaneous and expressive son? Then you should definitely choose Romulus for your baby boy’s name. He will be known as an easy going person with a good-natured personality.This Latin name means citizen of Rome and it’s considered one of the modern baby names 2014 for boys because Romans were known as citizens of the world. The future will be in the hands of the cosmopolitans, the ones who define trends and be on the edge of fashion and new ground breaking technology. According to the story, Romulus was the founder of Rome and twin brother of Remus.

Roscoe: this one goes to all the animal lovers. Roscoe is a Norse baby boy name that means deer forest. If nature is inspiring you or if you are vegetarian and eco-friendly type of person, then you might want to teach your son a lesson about how to respect nature. Roscoe is a fresh choice that adds a quirky angle to the common R- boy names like Richard and Robert. Be adventurous and make a difference, choose one of the most haunting modern baby names 2014 for boys and let your baby boy develop a pleasant personality full of humour.

Sawyer: the third occupational name in our modern baby names 2014 for boys list will convince you that these names are hotter than any other group right now! Sawyer is a boy name of English origin. The meaning of Sawyer is woodcutter and it will make a very macho image for your son. Since James Ford played the tough role of Sawyer in Lost, the record setting TV show that made history, literally every woman in US fell in love with the name. Your son will be known as the most handsome boy in school and he will have no trouble making friends. To put it in perspective, you will find Sawyer in the no.120 of the latest baby name charts.

Thatcher: modern parents find this name attractive as the latest trends show. Thatcher just made it to the top 1000 baby names and there is strong evidence that it will continue to rise in popularity. Thatcher sounds serious-minded and stable. It will give your son a reputation of a responsible guy, someone you can trust your secrets with.

Modern Baby Names 2014 for Boys

Thiago: our last choice is the most charming one. Thiago is one of the most likeable modern baby names 2014 for boys, we absolutely love it! It’s one of the fastest rising baby names in the US, rising 400 spots in one year. We bet that Thiago Silva, the famous Brazilian football player has played an important role in this meteoric rise in fame. Kind and soft, Thiago will win the hurts and minds of the female population. The origin of Thiago is Portuguese and it’s actually the diminutive of Santiago which means supplanter.

Did you like our unique list of modern baby names 2014 for boys? Are you a forward thinking parent who has your eyes in the future? Great, it’s now time to share your own personal experience and suggest your ideas on modern baby names 2014 for boys leaving a comment below.

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