Most Common Baby Names 2013

Sophia and Noah are the most common baby names 2013, according to the annual list published by Social Security Administration (SSA). This is huge news for baby name researchers as Jacob used to be the undisputed king of the charts for 14 years in a row. We safely predicted back in November that Biblical baby names are on the rise and based on the trends we spotted it was clear that they are going to rule the charts. It seems that Noah was the only name that could defy the champion and steal the top spot for the first time in 14 years!

Most Common Baby Names 2013: Boys

However, Jacob fell even further in the third place, losing ground to other popular baby names that American parents seem to love more and more. Liam took the second place as the most common baby names 2013 shook the top of the list. Mason and William follow the lead in the 4th and the 5th place respectively.

Unique baby names are also on the rise as parents seem to prefer choosing names that are rare and not heard often, based on the latest stats. Thus, the most common baby names 2013 is very different than the same list twenty years ago. Each generation has its own special trends, and it seems like we are on the edge of a big change in mindsets. In total, 4 million baby names were registered through Social Security Administration and according to what SSA reported, 18,000 parents chose the name Noah for their baby boy. This figure was enough to make Noah the king of the most common baby names 2013 for the first time in US records.

Most Common Baby Names 2013

Most Common Baby Names 2013: Girls

But what about the female souls that were born in 2013? What was the trend in most common baby names 2013 for girls? As mentioned above, Sophia hold the top spot having even more registrations in total than Noah. 21,000 baby girls were given the name Sophia in 2013 alone, a staggering figure that no other name could match. It’s not the first time that this attractive name lands on the top of the iceberg. For the last three years, Sophia is the single most popular baby girl name as the Greek origin and the wise meaning is a killer combo that American parents find hard not to love.

Most Common Baby Names 2013 and 1993

Michael and Jessica were the most common baby names in 1993. It’s obvious that baby names are heavily influenced by pop culture. Twenty years ago, Michael Jackson was a pop idol, selling millions of records world wide and enjoying an enormous international fame many musicians can only dream of. By the way, have you came across Michael Jackson’s latest unreleased song? It’s called XSCAPE, it has 8 songs and it’s the second release after his death. Love Never Felt So Good was the lead single that created much of the buzz for the pop king, but all 8 songs are really amazing. You should really check it out if you are a fan of his music.

Most Common Baby Names of all times

In case you are wondering what was the most common baby name in one year, the record was set over sixty years ago and it’s still standing. In 1950, James was the mega hit boy name that over 86,000 parents selected for their sons. This is very impressive compared to the 18,000 figure that Noah secured in 2013. Almost 5x times more!

At the same time, Linda was setting her own record registering more than 80 thousand girls in 1950. We don’t really know what was so special about that year, but it surely left its mark on the history of baby name charts.

Most Common Baby Names 2013 by state

Business Insider did a great job with the following two infographics. They rendered the United States of America and put the most common baby names 2013 by area. Have a look on the two maps below and try to find which name was the most common for your state. You will notice that Emma appears in a lot of states, followed by Olivia. However, Sophia takes the lead in larger states like Texas and California were there are millions of inhabitants. Ava, Isabella and Charlotte can also be found on some states most common baby names 2013 as you can see below:

Most Common Baby Names 2013
It’s getting even more interesting for the most common baby names 2013 for boys map, where the fight between Noah, Jacob and Liam intensifies. You can also spot a few outsiders like Mason, William (thanks to the royal baby’s father) and Benjamin. Or even Michael, like it’s 1993 all over again! Jayden takes the top spot in Florida, an astonishing performance for one of our all time favorite names. Anyway, you can go through the map in more detail below:

Most Common Baby Names 2013
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