The Single Most Popular Baby Name for 2012

Social Security announces top 1000 for boys and girls

SSA, also known as the Social Security Administration, finally announced the official top 1000 for baby names, both for boys and girls. Their website is considered to be the ultimate evidence of popular names as it’s the government body that holds documents for children that were born in the USA.

Most popular Baby Boy Name for 2012

For 14 years in a row, Jacob tops the chart as  it remains the name of choice of most of the parents in America. Jacob is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is to persevere with God. According to the Bible, Jacob’s parents were Isaac and Rebekah and his grandfather was father Abraham himself.

Trivia: Did you know that Jacob had a twin brother called Esau? Yep, it’s true and the name Esau itself means hairy or metaphoricaly rough! Rebekah gave birth to the twins after 20 years of marriage with her god-given husband, Isaac, a birth that was considered a miracle as Rebekah was getting old and started to lose all hope. God gave them twins to make up for the lost years. Esau sold his birthright to his twin brother Jacob for a bowl of stew, just because he was too hungry! Thinking of starting a new diet? Think again!

Jacob is best known for his vision while he was asleep, where angels were climbing up and down heaven using a ladder (Jacob’s ladder).

baby names jacob

Celebrity name: Jacob Black from “Twilight”

Most popular Baby Girl Name for 2012

Sophia topped the charts for the second year in a row. The name continues to remain very popular among baby girls and parents seem to just love it! The origin of the name is Greek and its actual meaning is wisdom. According to the myth, Σοφία had three daughers: Pistis (faith), Elpis (hope), and Agape (love). With such a loving meaning, it’s no surprise why this name is so popular!

The French form of the name is Sophie and the German form is Sofie. In Turkey it is known as Safiye and in Russia as Sofiia.

Sophia was an early Christian martyr who was born in Italy and died violently (by torture) in 137 AD.

baby names sophia grace

Celebrity Name: Sophia Grace

Sophia entered the Top 10 chart back in 2006 and in only 5 years it grabbed the no.1 spot!

Do you like the name Jacob and Sophia? Whould you name your baby boy or baby girl Jacob or Sophia?

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