Most Popular Baby Names for Boys & Baby Name Meanings

The most popular baby names for boys in 2013 consist of baby boy names that are cool and unique at the same time. Check the respective name meanings now and get to know the meaning of names before you make any decision. You ought to do your homework and choose between unique baby names and popular baby names!

Finding baby name meanings is not always an easy job, as different sources cite alternative meaning of names. However, we feel very confident that the following list of most popular baby names for boys 2013 has odne a great deal of analysis and research in order to present you the most accurate name meanings.

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Most Popular Baby Names for Boys in 2013

Eli: one of the most popular baby names for boys found in the year 2013. Eli has Hebrew origin and the name meaning is to be uplifted,  to ascent high in the sky. Eli was a high priest of Shiloh according to the Books of Samuel. This firm Biblical name gained significant popularity thanks to the post-apocalyptic action movie “The Book of Eli”, released in January 2010 (watch the official trailer). Starring Denzel Washington and Garry Oldman, the film is about a very lonely, but dangerous, man who keeps fighting in the destroyed and wasted land of America. He carries a very special and unique book, the book of Eli, which holds some secrets that if used, could save mankind. Denzel Washington was so cool in this movie that helped Eli become one of the fastest rising popular baby names of the latest  years.

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Caleb: another popular boys name of Hebrew origin. The name meaning of Caleb is devotion and faith, so there’s no surprise why this is a popular name. With such a lovely name meaning, who wouldn’t love to have a whole hearted boy next to her? In the Old Tastament, , Caleb was the loyal companion of Moses along his long journey to the new land. Caleb and Joshua were actively helping Moses to lead the Jewish people away from the Egyptian slavery into freedom. Caleb was famous for his wisedom and intelligence. His well known observation skills and total lack of fear makes Caleb one of the most popular baby names, especially among Puritans who actually introduced the name in USA. Best suited for deeply religious parents who want to devote their baby boy to God.

Oscar: an Old English boys name that is extremely popular among parents. South African runner Oscar Pistorius, was the athlete that everyone was talking about in 2013 due to the legal action he faced. The accusations of murder of his ex girlfriend brought Pistorius in front of the jury and while he pleaded not guilty, the court investigated thoroughly the case in one of the most talked about cases in 2013. Oscar Pistorius is also known as the blade runner and has a huge fan base around the world that support him in this difficult time. Oscar’s name meaning is warrior, so we don’t suppose that Pistorius will go down without a fight. Other name meanings include “spear of the gods” and “friend of the deer” which is Gaellc. Oscar ranks among the most popular baby names for celebrity babies, as hot actress Gillian Anderson (known from the X-Files) and Australian actor Hugh Jackman chose this name for their baby boys.

Hugo: a popular boys name which is a trendy form of Hugh. The name meaning of Hugo is intellect or simply, mind. This cool name for boys raised as one of the most popular baby names because it has a solid history behind it and European appeal that intellectual parents love. Martin Scorsese’s movie in 2011 titled Hugo (watch the official trailer) helped the name raise even higher in the charts. The 3d cartoon-like drama film, starring Asa Butterfield, was based on “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” historical novel and became a huge box office success.

Arthur: the legendary British King that led his kingdom to victories, has earned a top spot in the most popular baby names of all times. It’s only natural that parents want to have a son with Arthur’s attributes. Fearless as a lion, brave as a tiger and mighty as a bear, Arthur is the epitomy of power. Though the origin of the name remains debatable, most researchers agree that it means bear (which explains the image of a powerful leader) in the obscure Etruscan language. Arthur is one of the most popular baby names in children literature. You can find dozens of Arthurs in children books as it’s a kids-friendly name. Speaking of kids stuff, Arthur Christmas was a huge 3D blockbuster based on a character played by James McAvoy, as the son of Mr and Mrs Santa.

Lucas: among the most popular baby names in USA, Europe, Latin America and many other Christian countries. Lucas origin is actually Greek, it derives from the name Λουκάς. The popularity of  this name is based on parents desire to move away from the common name Luke. Biblical Lucas (or Luke as most of us know it) was a top Evangelist who wrote one of the four canonical Gospels of the New Testament. Being among the inner circle of Jesus Christ, Lucas depicted the life of Christ with notable details that modern Christians use in order to understand better His life.

Callum: the meaning of the name Callum is dove, the white bird that symbolizes peace and purity in most civilizations around the world. The popular boys name has a Scottish origin and derives from the Latin name Columba (which also means dove). St Columba was a well known early Celtic saint and the name was among the most popular baby names of early Christians as it was linked to the Holy Spirit. Nowadays, it’s a cool alternative for the common names Colin.

Xavier: one of the top Spanish baby names for boys that became to be insanely popular in America too! The name meaning of Xavier is bright and the origin comes from the catholic Saint Francis Xavier. Xavier was one of the cofounders of the popular Jesuit order. Xavier was actually a small Spanish village where the Saint was born. For sci-fans, Doctor Xzavier offers a unique alternative spelling for the popular name and brings a lot of brain power as the leader of the good X-men.

Tobias: last but not least, we found yet another Hebrew name in the list of most popular baby names. The name meaning of Tobias is God is good, so you can immediately feel the positive vibes coming out of this one! Tobias appears as many different biblical characters. However the most known Biblical figure is linked with the narrative of Tobias and the Angel, a theme that became hot among painters. There are numerous artworks that depict the scene in which the son of Tobit, Tobias, has the unique opportunity to meet a guardian angel without even realising that he is a heavenly creature. Tobias Funke also helped the name to rise in popularity thanks to his amazing lines that everybody loves! He is in fact the the most quotable character on popular FOX tv series “Arrested Development”.

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