Musical Baby Names for Girls

Let these musical baby names be music to your heart! Dedicated to music loving parents who want to pass on the music legacy to their daughters, the following list of musical baby names will make you sing. Instead of looking into popular singers, composers or producers, we looked at music itself. Words that musicians use in their language to describe tempo, tone and other musical terms. These words became over the centuries baby names since they are melodic and soft.

Top Musical Baby Names

Aria: a feminine musical baby name that has the meaning of “solo melody”. It’s origin is Italian and is widely found in opera where the artist has a solo part that sings and shows-off his or her voice with a beautiful Aria.

Bella: derived from the word bell, an English baby name that simply means the ringer of the bell. Also popular is the French version of this musical baby name, Belle (best known from Disney’s heroine of the Beauty and the Beast).

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Dreama: a musical baby name of American origin, it means  “joyous music”. Celebrity baby name for actress Dreama Walker, best known for being part of the successful TV series Gossip Girl.

Harmony: a synchonization of chords in a melodic accord. The absolute coordination of an orchestra produces this sense of harmony and the listener enjoys a peaceful result. Harmony also has deep symbolism in spirituality as it represents inner peace in one’s life.

Harper: the “harp player” was a musical baby name given to one of the most talked about celebrity children: Victoria and David Beckham’s daughter.

Kaydence: sounds like dance to the key of music, but this original American name actually means joyful rhythm. One of the most unique musical baby names for girls you can find!

Lyric: almost every song has words that the singer sings. These words are called lyrics. However, lyric comes from  from Middle French word “lyrique” which represented a short but emotional poem. The latin equivalent is lyricus and before that the original source of the word is actually Greek. Lyrikos used to denote the artist (only men were allowed in ancient Greek thaters) who was skillful enough to follow the rythm of the lyre.

Malagueña: a musical baby name of Spanish origin that comes from the rythmic tempo. A rare and unique name which can be switched for Fandago if you wish to go more mainstream.

Mandolin: the musical instrument featured in John Madden’s movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2001), starring Nicolas Cage and Penélope Cruz. The movie tells the story of the Italian commander who fell in love with a Greek girl during World War II. In the movie, Cage plays Captain Corelli who has a special love for his mandolin, in which he has mastered.

Melody: the tune of any song is based in great melody. Without this element, any song is a failure. Naming your baby girl Melody will bring in mind a sense of coherence, harmony and peace. A very popular diminutive of this musical baby name is Mel, a simplification that also leads to unisex baby names (for example Award winning actor Mel Gibson).

Piper: one the most popular musical baby names which means the flute player. Piper Halliwell was the lead character of the famous TV series “Charmed” which aired in 1998 shoting this baby name into the mainstream. Piper climbed the baby names charts in the early 00’s as sexy Holly Marie Combs played Piper as one of the three sisters (The Charmed Ones) that battled evil forces with their witchcraft.

Tamber: sounds like the popular name Amber but it’s a bit different adding a musical twist into the equation. An American baby name that means musical tone.

Rona: considered as one of the most uncommon musical baby names, Rona means song in Hebrew.

Serenade: a melodic and peaceful musical baby name that can also be a bit pretentious.

Symphony: among the top musical baby names, Symphony has a Greek origin as it comes from the Greek word “symphonia” which means sounds put together. It later got the meaning of rich and elegant orchestral composition that only great composers like Mozart, Beethoven or Bach could write. If you wish to give an elaborate and unique name to your baby girl, this might be the best choice you have!

If you love music, then these musical baby names will give you plenty of ideas on naming your baby girl. Please feel free to contribute and leave a comment with your suggestions on unique musical baby names!

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    Lyric March
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