Nature Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Nature baby names demonstrate how close you feel to nature and will give your baby girl or baby boy a reason to connect with nature from an early age. Our unique list of baby names inspired by nature will get you into the woods, deep into the forest, up in the sky or deep under the sea. These nature baby names are a true celebration of our beautiful planet. Earth is such an amazing place that you won’t believe your eyes with its secrets. Nature baby names are emphasizing all the reasons why we should pay attention to ecology and respect our planet.

Unfortunately, the last 50 years, mankind is not treating our planet as responsible as it should. But as long there are people like you who care about our environment, there is hope. Nature baby names is a strong testament of your feelings about ecology. They can teach your baby girl or baby boy a lesson about who we should love our planet because it’s our home. Earth is where we live and we can’t afford to forget that. There are simple things that we need to do in order to save our planet. All we have to do is take action today. Because if we don’t, our children might not be able to enjoy the same kind of amazing experience as we were lucky to have when we were young. The future is in our hands!

Nature Baby Names for Girls

Aether: the personification of the upper air, which suffers a lot these days from pollution. Aether belongs to the eight primordial deities in Greek mythology. The first historian, Hesiod, described in his early work of Theogony, that Aether was the son of Nyx (which means night) and Erebus (which means darkness). Aether had also a brother called Hemera (which stands for day). An ethereal choice that elevates nature baby names to the next level!

Gaia: nature baby names are often inspired by the Greek language since it was one of the most influential languages of the past. Gaia comes from the Greek word “ghea” which means Mother Earth. According to the ancient myth, Gaia was the great mother of all living creatures. Even the mighty Giants, the supreme Gods and the powerful Titans were born to her. The twelve classic Olympian Gods were born when Gaia united with Uranus (the sky). She belongs to the eight primordial deities. The equivalent female Goddess is Terra in the Roman pantheon (see below for more information about Terra/Tierra).

Nature Baby Names for Girls and Boys
Sunshine: often described as the most perfect or typical example of a class and quality in the 70’s. Sunshine gained significant popularity during that hippie decade and reached an all time high at No.536 in US. Today, vintage baby names are often linked to nature baby names and they are definitely back in fashion. Otherwise, the producers of Glee wouldn’t name one of their characters Sunshine, would they?

Tierra: a different version of Terra, which means earth in Latin. The addition of the letter “i” between T and e, gave birth to a modern girl name that is popular in Spain. Perfect for Latino parents, Tierra is earthy but at the same time extremely delicate and light. It’s also a great alternative of the more common name Sierra. A unique choice for parents who are looking for rare nature baby names for their daughter.

Nature Baby Names for Boys

Blaze: any name that has the letter “Z” is by default energetic and active. Blaze is one of these nature baby names for boys that are dynamic and are given by parents who love to see their son grow up to be an athlete. The origin of Blaze is Latin and its true meaning is the one who stutters. It can also be seen as a diminutive of the French name Blaise which means to stammer. Blaze is a hot word name that is becoming more and more popular. It can be found in the top 750 names in US.

Hawk: another surname that is now used more frequently as a birth name, Hawk is the bird with supreme hunting skills, second only to an Eagle. A bird of this calibre is emphasizing the heights that your son can go if he works hard in his life. It’s an awesome lesson you can give him while adding a badass image that all girls love. Thanks to Tony Hawk, the most successful skateboard professionals in the world, the name was super charged with kudos from the extreme sports community. His net worth is currently estimated at $120 million. Do you need more proof to live your kids live their life out of the ordinary and embrace different cultures?

Land: baby name experts have different views on this one. Some suggest that Land is a word name associated with Earth and ground. Other researchers give a different interpretation saying that Land derives from the popular English name Landon. If we accept the second view, the meaning of Land is long hill. Land belongs to the group of nature baby names that are both straight forward and down to earth while maintaining a sense of adventure.

Woody: an English boy name that means row of houses by a wood. It derives from the name Woodrow which is not very common. Most parents choose the more friendly diminutive Woody which is associated to one of the most famous actors, producers and directors in Hollywood: Woody Allen. The name is also linked to a funny kids cartoon called Woody Woodpecker. 

Unisex Nature Baby Names

Cloud: do you remember how cool it was to have a name like Sunshine or Sky back in the 70’s? Well, the hippie style is coming back in style. Cloud is one of the hipster nature baby names that sounds fluffy and is ready to float on the top of the baby name charts. If your husband is really into technology, then he will love this name since Cloud is one of the most promising internet developments we had for years. Thus, Cloud is uniquely positioned between new ideas brought by science and the roots of nature’s basic components.

Nature Baby Names for Girls and Boys
Leaf: the evergreen quality of Leaf is still evident in our modern days. Girls with such wonderful nature baby names usually make great impression to men. On the other hand, baby boys that are given the name Leaf can proudly claim that their name has its roots in Europe and more specifically in the proud Scandinavian nation of Norway. Leaf Phoenix is the real name of the talented American actor, Joaquín Rafael Bottom, the star of many block buster movies like The Gladiator and Johnny Cash. More recently, he was the star of the controversial sci-fi movie “Her” in which the hero fell in love with an operating system. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should get it now on DVD from Amazon!

Stone: our last unisex suggestion for parents who don’t know the gender of their baby yet, but they are eager to find a name as soon as possible. Stone belongs to the strong nature baby names, given to tough boys and confident girls. It gives durability and a sense of staying there no matter what, keeping it real. Holding on to your believes is vital and Stone is a symbol of that important attribute.

Did you like our unique list of nature baby names for boys and girls? Are you the eco conscious type of parent who is interested in passing by the values of respecting our planet to your children? Then these nature baby names are definitely for you! Pick the one that is closer to your personal taste and make a powerful statement to your friends and the society.

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