New Baby Name Ideas for Boys in 2014

Are you short of baby name ideas? Check out 20 unique suggestions for new baby names for boys that are going to rock 2014! We continue to update our website to bring you fresh baby name ideas based on new trends and up to the minute developments. Our team of baby names experts are scanning through the news for celebrities giving birth or announcements of brand new baby name ideas for celebrity children.

Out list of New baby name ideas for 2014 consist only the latest and most exquisite suggestions. Most of the new baby name ideas presented here are untried. While building this list, we had in mind contemporary parents who are looking for modern baby name ideas that go beyond the common and traditional boy and girl names. They might not be popular, but that doesn’t make them strange. On the contrary, these new baby name ideas are hip and cool.

10 New Baby Name Ideas for Boys in 2014

Cabe: brother of Gabe and cousin of Abe, this modern name for boys is going to be a major hit in 2014. Cabe is a diminutive that derives from many different boy names. For example Cable, Cabel or Cabot can either be shortened down to Cabe. Simple and straight forward, it belongs to the new baby name ideas that have an earthy feeling.

New Baby Name Ideas for Boys in 2014

Detroit: place names are not new, but Detroit can be considered as a new entry in the baby name ideas for boys in 2014 as very few babies were given this name the past few years. Also known as Motor City, the largest Michigan city is famous for being the world’s traditional automotive center. Thus, Detroit is a cool boys name for dads that love cars and appreciate speed, adrenaline and luxury. If you are a street racer who is looking for baby name ideas that will stunt your opponents, then Detroit is perfect for you! Detroit is also ideal for music lovers as it has a rich history in being the home of mega stars like Madonna and Eminem. After all D12, Eminem’s band, stands for Detroit. See how Eminem is planning a comeback with D12 according to Detroit Free Press.

Izak: alternative spellings are the most popular way to get new baby name ideas. Izak is the Polish variation of one of the most iconic biblical names for boys, Isaac. Z is definetely a huge differentiation and creates an instant wow factor. It adds an exotic and mystique image an old-fashioned name that remains hugely popular (Isaac can be found on #30 in baby names charts). The meaning of Izak is laughter and in case you haven’t figured it, its origin is Hebrew.

Kipling: you don’t get too many Kipling baby boys in United States. In fact, it’s one of the most uncommon choices among parents despite the elusive sound and exquisite character that it carries. New baby name ideas for boys in 2014 will focus on the unusual element with an emergency door of a cute short alternative, in case your little boy doesn’t like it. In this case, Kip is a lovely short form that can be a name of its own. Kipling is a place name of English origin and the most prominent famous person carrying the name was Rudyard Kipling, one of the best novelist and poet of his times (browse his works and download them for free).

Legacy: when tradition meets modern parents, you get new baby name ideas like Legacy. Suitable for both baby boys and girls, it’s a name that derives from the Latin word legatus which means person delegated. The French later inherited the word and changed it to legacie, which is where our contemporary version of legacy comes from. With more creative moms and dads having their imagination working harder, this kind of new baby name ideas that have a deep meaning are going to be more relevant in 2014. Hip art curator Legacy Russell is currently the new kid on the block who is making strides in galleries around the world.

Mackson: a surname turned into a given name. In the old days, it was common for people to identify each other as the son of someone. Thus, Mackson is the son of Mack. What started as an identifier, became a surname to distinguish one another. It now comes back as new baby name ideas are looking for fresh ways to express history and heritage. Mack can also make an irresistible cute short name for pretty boys!

Macsen: it might sound like our previous suggestion, Mackson, but they have totally different meanings. Macsen derives from the latin word maximus which means the greatest of all. This interesting Welsh variation of an ancient name qualifies among the best new baby name ideas as it provides a fresh twist to a name which is associated with glory and heroic deeds. If you are looking for a truly masculine baby boy name that doesn’t sound too old, Macsen will blow your mind! For die-hard Shakespeare fans, Macsen also makes an appearance in King Arthur’s legend, adding to the strong legacy of this strong and confident boy name.

Mykel: a unique variation of Mikel which derives from a Basque variation of Michael. If you love this popular baby name but you don’t want to pick an over used name for your baby boy, then Mykel is one of the new baby name ideas that you should consider. As a reminder, in case you haven’t heard of the might Archangel Michael, the meaning of Mykel is the answer to the deep religious and existential question who is like God? A european simplification of the classic Hebrew name remains uncommon in US, but not for long. So hurry up and choose wisely!

New Baby Name Ideas for Boys in 2014

Sender: occupational baby names are trendy and become more and more popular every year. Sender is leading the pack with its simple, yet attractive and charming sound. Geek alert: sender was the early 20th century circuit that sent telephone numbers from one electromechanical exchange to another. Nowadays, it’s a modern name that makes a difference. New baby name ideas like Sender will be huge in 2014 and we can safely predict that it will make a huge jump in baby name charts in the next few years. Just wait and see!

Zevon: we saved the best for the finish line. Zevon joins the brotherhood of new baby name ideas inspired by modern musicians that made a deep impact in rock music. Warren Zevon’s dark lyrics made him famous for his bizarre sense of humor. However, this made them unique and exclusive, just like his surname. Now its time for his legacy to come back into life. His fans and music lovers honor them with an energetic name that starts with a vibrant Z and ends with the cool ending -on. As you can see, the opportunities are endless. You just need to have an open mind and be creative with new baby name ideas. We guarantee that 2014 will be full of new modern boy names and Zevon is a worthy contender in the race for contemporary choices.

Have you found inspiration from our new baby name ideas? Are you expecting a baby boy in 2014 and consider giving him a fresh name that might have been invented instead of a classic one? Leave us a comment and give your own suggestions for new baby name ideas that you think will make great namesakes in 2014. We love feedback!

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