New Baby Name Ideas for Girls in 2014

Are you looking for new baby name ideas for your sweet girl due in 2014? Look no further, we have gathered the most up-to-date baby name ideas inspired by pop culture, history and literature. In our exclusive collection you will find amazing name meanings full of life and energy. Some of these names are brand new and fit perfectly into the contemporary lifestyle. Modern parents will appreciate how fresh these new baby name ideas for girls in 2014 really are.

Our modern society commands fast paced lifestyle. Old paradigms are quickly forgotten and technology is changing our daily lives. It’s only natural that people’s attitude begin to change in order to follow these changes. Tradition is respected but sometimes looked as a thing of the past. That’s why parents are constantly seeking new baby name ideas for their children. They want a brake from yesterday and wish to give a bright future for their kids. If you too have big dreams for your baby girl, you’ve reached your destination. Here at we strive to provide new baby name ideas all the time. Here’s the latest trends for modern names in 2014 focusing on girls.

New Baby Name Ideas for Girls in 2014

Astrid: we start exploring our new baby name ideas with a name of Old Norse origin. Astrid derives from the combination of two words: áss which means God and frídr which stands for beautiful. Thus the full meaning of this wonderful Scandinavian girl name is beautiful goddess. The love of your baby girl can make her shine like a true godess, but if you add this extra ordinary name meaning, she will truly glow like pure gold. Astrid also sounds like asteroid, which can satisfy dads who love to observe the night sky. On the other hand, Astrid Farnsworth was one of the main characters of the futuristic TV series Fringe.

New Baby Name Ideas for Girls 2014

Aylee: with origins in Old French and English languages, one might think that Aylee is not a good candidate for new baby name ideas for girls in 2014. But this is not true if you consider that historic names are usually brought back to life and become very popular within a day. It’s the power of heritage that fuels these modern names. Aylee derives form of the Turkish/Hebrew name Ayla. Since it is still very rare as a name, it can be considered by parents who are not interested in common names.

Baylee: we’ll give you another -lee ending name to match Aylee, just in case you are expecting twins! Baylee is a hot choice among parents these days. It qualifies as new baby name ideas for girls in 2014 but it can also be used for boys. This straight forward unisex name is perfect for future police officers since it has a very suitable meaning: law enforcer. Baylee derives from the Old English name Bailey which was previously used to denote city fortification. The name enjoyed a sharp rise in popularity as it jumped a lot of positions recently. Baylee can be found on the top 350 baby names in US.

Clarissa: Melissa is yesterday’s news, make way for Clarissa, a cool elaboration from the over used and not so attractive anymore Clara. New baby name ideas for girls in 2014 such as Clarissa provide a fresh breath into names that are long gone. The meaning of Clarissa is bright or clear. It can give an array of sexy diminutives such as Claris or Clarry.

Davina: love nature? Why don’t you have a look in our special post about baby girl names inspired by animals. Davina is one of them as it means little deer. The origin of this awesome name is Hebrew and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s nothing but the female version of David. Davina is huge in Scotland and we can definitely see it exported in US too, much easier than other less intriguing choices like Davida or Davidina.

Genesis: we have previously discussed that biblical names are among the hottest trends in popular baby names 2014. It’s time to go back to the roots and meet Genesis, the very first book of the Old Testament and at the same time of the Jewish Torah. Genesis is the book where God created the world in 7 days. The true meaning of Genesis is birth and comes from the greek word genisis. Moreover, it has special importance in the Catholic church associated with Virgin Mary of Turin. A great way to stay original while choosing a Christian girl name.

Ginelle: time to sweep out vintage girl names like Gina or Gene and come up with recently discovered suggestions like Ginelle. First of all, it has that super duper -elle ending that is giving an undeniable edge to any name. This haunting variation of Janelle is brand new and promises a unique offering to your family. The meaning of Ginelle is God is Gracious and its origin is Hebrew.

Kenna: Do you think Jenna is out of date? Forget about the old choices your parents used to make and turn into new baby name ideas for girls in 2014 with a simple twist. All you have to do is change one simple letter. Take Jenna and change the first letter J with K. Meet Kenna, your brand new name that is earning multiple kudos from parents across the nation.

Koreen: the meaning of Koreen is maiden. It derives from the Greek word kore which was used for daughters. Koreen is a French variation of Corinna which was more common in the past. So why don’t you give it a slight face lift and bring a fresh alternative?

Lisette: another example of the old turn into new baby name ideas for girls in 2014 is Lisette. As you can easily guess, the name derives from Lisa, an old time classic name that was very common in the ’60s. Thanks to the controversial TV series “Welcome to the Family” Lisette (surname Hernandez played by Justina Machado) is positioned to be a house hold name for Latina moms even though it’s not really a Hispanic name. Even though NBC cancelled the show amidst complaints from viewers, Welcome to the Family has migrated to Hulu. You can watch the first episodes online for free.

Oriane: we love inspirational baby names that have a motivating meaning. Oriane is one of these new baby name ideas for girls in 2014 that will radiate positive vibes. Armed with the beautiful meaning of sunrise, Oriane derives from the French name Orane. Both of them share the same root with the Latin name Oriana.

New Baby Name Ideas for Girls 2014

Samira: exotic and mysterious, Samira can be one of the most oriental new baby name ideas for girls in 2014. Originally spelled Sameera, this unique Arabic name is the female equivalent of the baby boy name Samir. The meaning of Samira is evening conversationalist in Sanskrit. A perfect fit for parents who are looking for a rare Muslim baby name for their daughter.

Did you like our new baby name ideas for girls in 2014? Are you expecting a baby this year and would like to pick something fresh for your daughter’s name? We hope that our list provided you with inspiration and some great choices. Please feel free to leave a comments with your own suggestions!

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