New Royal Baby Pictures Leaked

Kate Middleton and Prince William appear in new royal baby pictures holding Prince George. It’s the first official portrait of Prince George. The new royal baby pictures were not supposed to be published until 20th September. Yeah right, like this has stopped hackers and bootleggers before! Have a look, as they are out now!

Kensington Palace agreed that the two new royal baby pictures are 100% real and confirmed that Prince George is indeed the royal baby that Kate Middleton and Prince William hold in the beautiful (but a bit amateuer) picture.

In the first royal baby picture leaked on Monday 19th August around afternoon, Princess Kate is looking stunning and appear to hold Prince George in her arms, wrapped in a sweet white blanket. Even though the royal baby pictures are not very clear, you can see that the baby looks as beautiful as his parents. Little Prince George is destined to be one day the King of the United Kingdom, so this is a really important moment for the British people as they meet their future monarch for the first time in an official way!

royal baby pictures leaked

Kate Middleton looks so happy with that purple dress and her son in her arms while Prince William is posing with a wide smile as a very proud daddy.

We congratulate the couple and we wish the royal baby all the best in his future life!

royal baby pictures leaked dog lupo

The Dog in Royal Baby Pictures

You can also meet the royal dog, Lupo, that appears in one of royal baby pictures above. Lupo is a cocker spaniel. He is an adorable isnt’ he?

Kate Middleton will make her first appearance in the public at the Tusk Conservation Awards on September 12. We are wondering how will she look like after giving birth!

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