November Baby Names

November baby names are not so difficult to come across as November is a month full of celebrations and national holidays. First of all, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day the 4th Thursday in November, a special day of giving the blessing to all the goods that our families enjoy. It is considered one of the biggest festivities in the year and second only to Christmas which is just around the corner. Thanksgiving Day has its roots in the British tradition of prayer that goes back in the history at the times of the Protestant Reformation.

Now, how can we connect this to November baby names? Don’t you worry, we got you covered! We have been doing all the research so you can sit back and enjoy our findings. Our experts have done a considerable amount of research to gather the best options for you. As parents, you have the responsibility to choose wisely, but that doesn’t mean you have to stress out. Picking a baby name for your boy or girl should be first of all fun! It’s a bonding experience that will bring you, the parents, closer. See the list of November baby names described below and make your choice based on your own taste and feelings.

November Baby Names

November: the eleventh month of the calendar year, November is one of the four months that have only 30 days. The meaning of November is “nine” and it comes from the Latin word novem. Before January and February where added to the original Roman calendar, November was indeed the ninth month, but it retained its name keeping its strong links to the old Empire.

november baby names
Nona: a unique baby name that has the same root as November, the Latin word novem. It’s meaning is again “nine” and back in the days when people used to have many children, it was specially reserved as the baby name of the 9th child. Nowadays though, as you can imagine, this purpose has diminished. People are usually very busy with everyday life and work that cannot afford to have so many children, even though some would like to! Anyway, Nona is a cool baby name if you have some kind of Italian roots and in some languages it means “Godmother”. See where this is going, don’t you?

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Non: you probably know it by now that we love short baby names and Non is one of them! Sometimes used as a nickname for November baby names, it started to be used as a name of its own more and more in the past few decades. It also suits well religious parents as Non was the mother of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, and considered to be the cousin of the legendary King Arthur.

Nonus: another alternative to the Latin word novem with a slightly different pronunciation that makes it more historical and sophisticated.

November Baby Names: The Black Month

Blake: it’s time to surprise you with our findings! Let’s see how this popular unisex baby name (currently sitting comfortably at the top 100 baby names according to official data). In the old times, when heating was sparse and a privilege of the rich and wealthy people, November was the month that brought the first really cold weather from which most of the kettles would not survive. Thus, villagers would sacrifice them to the gods before they were found dead, as a sign of gratitude. This process made sure that there was enough winter grazing for the animals that would survive. A good supply of meat was also in hand for the cold winter months. That’s why November was also known as the “blood month” (Blotmonað). Welsh people gave it another nickname, the “Black Month” (y mis du) from which the popular unisex baby name Blake comes from. There are also some other November baby names that have the same meaning (black), however they are not so common: Sable, Raven, Ebony and Jet.

Melanie: as we explore the Black origin a little bit more, we can find Melanie which comes from the Greek word “melani” meaning black ink. OK we don’t want to give you depression with all that black-ness, it’s time to think positive! Think of the Academy nominated actress Melanie Griffith (born 1957) and American model Melanie Iglesias (born 1985). Make sure you check Melanie’s Instagram to get some much-needed work out inspiration on how to lose that pregnancy extra weight.

Duffy: another unlikely way to link November baby names with a popular girl’s name that was brought to mainstream thanks to smash hit British singer Duffy. However, the association does exist as Duffy comes from the Gaelic word dubh which means “black”. How can you forget Duffy’s distinctive voice in her unparalleled performance of the mega hit Mercy (watch the official video clip). Now you have more alternatives when it comes to November baby names than the usual Nov- starting choices.

Topaz: one of the rare baby names that is inspired by precious gems. Topaz is November’s birthstones and is shinny with golden colors that spur good luck. Topaz is said to have healing powers, making it a really handy and powerful gem that has incredible attributes. A truly elegant baby names for girls that are born in November. The “z” ending makes it a bit exotic and adds to the mystery of the girl name, something that every woman is ultimately seeking in order to be more attractive! Speaking of mystery, in 1969 Alfred Hitchcock directed the film “Topaz”, another masterpiece of his great work, a genuine thriller based on the 1967 Cold War. Watch the trailer here!

Chrysanthemum: staying on the path of rare baby names, we present you one of the most uncommon flower names found anywhere! Though a bit difficult to spell, Chrysanthemum has an extraordinary luminous effect since it represents the beautiful gold flower that happens to be November’s very own birth flower. It derives from two Greek words, “chrysos” which means gold and  “anthemo” which means flower. Eastern civilizations like Japanese, have been historically depicting Chrysanthemum as a symbol of the sun and using it during meditation. This link ranks Chrysanthemum among the inspirational November baby names that radiate positive vibes and

Scorpio: the astrological sign of November can also be used as a baby name. It derives from the Greek word “skorpios” which means…scorpion. According to the myth, Orion threatened to destroy all the animals of the planet, provoking the immediate response of the Goddess of Earth Gaia, who sent a giant scorpion called Skorpios, to attack Orion and defend the animals. After the battle, Scorpion  and Orion were magically placed on the sky amongst the stars. They odd pair is now considered one Constellation, Scorpio which is easily visible throughout the Northern hemisphere during summer time. We must admit that it takes considerable amount of craziness to name your baby boy Scorpio as it’s not very friendly. On the contrary Scorpio could have been better described as a burdensome baby name that would create some kind of negative aura to your baby. Proceed with caution!

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As you can see, has it all. The good, the bad, and the ugly! But hey, we don’t judge. Nobody should mock other parents for picking strange names for their babies. It’s really hard to imagine what each parent has gone through, the background of their lives and personal drama that made them take this decision. Being responsible is of course any parent’s prerequisite, however the ultimate decision lies only to the mother and father of the child.

November baby names are great because of their links to Thanksgiving. Do you have any other suggestions for cool and unique November baby names? We would love to have them featured! Just leave us a comment and we’ll make sure that your voice is heard around the world!

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