October Baby Names

October baby names are not very usual and that’s what makes them unique. Get ideas for pretty October girl names and cool October boy names from our exclusive list! October is when the leaves of the trees start to fall. It’s when you realize that Autumn is really upon us. During October it gets even more colder and summer is by now a distant memory. As it is still far from Christmas, it’s a month that not much is going on in terms of public holidays and vacations. The only notable public holiday in US is Columbus Day which is celebrated the second Monday of October every year.

October baby names are usually associated with cuddling. Thus they became perfect candidates for pretty girl names. October is the tenth month of the Western calendar however it’s was not always the case. In the times of the Roman Empire, people were using a different kind of calendar also known as the Roman calendar. The word October itself derives from the Latin word “octo” which means eight. The month later got its final name as we know it today after the two first months of the year (January and February) were introduced into the original Roman calendar.

October baby names symbolize the month of getting together, of staying in and preparing for the cold winter to come. Either you are having a baby boy or a baby girl, we have you covered!

October Baby Names

Octavius: the name belongs to the Roman Emperor Gaius Octavius and is one of the rare Latin baby names as this Roman Emperor was not particuarly known compared to his colleagues Julius Caesar (see July Baby Names).

October baby names
Octavia: the feminine version of Octavius who was the sister of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus (what’s up with these guys and their month names?). Octavia the younger as she was widely known, later became the fourth wife of Mark Antony. It’s one of the most prominent October baby names as Octavia was admired and respected by historians for her loyalty and humanity. If you want your baby girl to grow up with genuine feminine virtues and nobility, Octavia would make a great fit for your daughter.

Octaviana: a rare version of Octavian. As it comes from the same root, Octaviana means “eighth” as well. It belongs to the unique October baby names as it has a certain vintage feeling that can be elusive. Parents who are a fan of old school names that remain cool at the same time will love Octaviana..

Octavienne: the French variation of Octavien, it adds a bit more European flavor into the mix and qualifies as a hipster baby name. October baby names are known for having the Oct- prefix but this one has a distinct ending that nobody can compete with!

October: even though it’s considered one of the most unusual baby names out there, writers Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida made a breakthrough and decided to name their baby girl October. Their latest screenplay “Away We Go”, a sweet movie about love that received critical acclaim. Make sure you check their interesting interview here. Trivia: did you know that there is a Canadian rock band that goes by the name October Sky? They are actually pretty good!

Ottavio: as most October baby names have Latin origin, we couldn’t leave out the Italian equivalent variations. Ottavio is purely Mediterranean and adds a sexy mystery veil. Ottavio Missoni is the most famous namesaker as he was the designer who ensured that Italian fashion remained successful during the 1950’s with the introduction of the ready-to-wear clothes.

Ottavia: the female version of Ottavio. A strong and confident baby name, thanks to Ottavia Bourdain, the mixed martial arts (MMA) athlete. Ottavia is widely respected in the field of martial arts as she is a dedicated Brazilian jiu-jitsu student (see her in action).

Tavy: a cute nickname for baby boys whose name is Ottavio. Tavy is quickly becoming a name on its own right. We are suckers for short and sweet October baby names like this one, because they are easy to remember and have a haunting effect that your baby boy will appreciate when he grows up. Tavy is a friendly name that will also help him get closer to girls!

Tavia: a pretty nickname for baby girls born in October and named Ottavia. Tavia is a a sweet, beautiful and talented lady who is untamed by any man’s comments. Naming your baby girl Tavia will give her an independent image who sets trends and is always the leader. In our modern fast pace environment where women need to be seen as tough doers capable of overcoming any difficulty, Tavia is the name that will prove to be among the strongest October baby names of them all. It’s elegant and exclusive while giving you this sense of luxury that not many names can match.

October baby names
Opal: rare October baby names like these are so unique that most people would never heard of this name before! Opal is the birth gemstone for October babies, and has a Sanskrit origin. It can be used as a girls name giving a rare and uncommon option to parents that are bold enough to go out of the mainstream. Gemstones like Opal can very attractive, they have an inner power that sends positive vibes to the person who holds it. Likewise, Opal is a name that is positive by nature and can bring happiness and joy to the person who bears it.

Did you like our list of October baby names? Are you due in October and looking for a suitable name for your baby boy or baby girl? Let us know what you think and if you found the perfect baby name for your son or daughter!

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