Original Baby Names for Girls

Original baby names will draw you closer into the unknown. Meet rare girl names and their unique meanings that will distinguish your daughter’s image. They set free the imagination and give an aura of mystery that creates an entire new experience of senses. When people hear these original baby names, they immediately start to think their origin and meaning, trying to guess where do they come from. This mental process is critical for a baby name, since it creates all the prerequisites of a fine name that will stick in people’s mind. Choosing such unforgettable names is not easy but our team of experts did an extensive research to come up with the best original baby names for girls that pull the trick without any doubt. From Cuba to France, and from vampire stories to the Old Testament, our extensive list of references will surprise you!

Original baby names for girls might sit uneasily with other more popular choices, but our list combines powerful and attractive names that come from different sources of history and fantasy. You will find royal girl names you haven’t heard before, names that come from exotic places, sophisticated alternatives of better known baby names and even biblical names that you don’t hear too often.

Original Baby Names for Girls

Alaia: we start our quest for original baby names from the first letter of the alphabet. Alaia is an exotic name that came to our attention as soon as we saw it. The meaning of this evocative girl name is sublime. The origin of Alaia is Arabic and it has a long history that spans across centuries. It brings images of ancient tales of mystic beauty and mythic women that could seduce even the strongest kings. Certainly an attractive name for your baby girl that will not pass unnoticed.

Original Baby Names for Girls

Bijou: now let us make a trip from the Arabic countries to Western Europe and land in the sophisticated land of France. Bijou is all about French culture, it even sounds like it was born in Paris. Romantic and melodic, Bijou is among the original baby names that any girl would love since it stands for jewelery. Every woman’s best friend is diamonds, the most precious of all jewels. If you choose to name your daughter Bijou, you will help her make friends easier and be known as a delicate lady with an appetite for luxury. The name earned an international passport and became known in America thanks to model turned actress Bijou Phillips. She is known for her amazing looks and roles in movies like Hostel: Part II and Almost Famous (watch the official trailer on YouTube).

Chastelyn: we have previously reported that names -lyn ending names are going to be insanely popular in 2014. Chastelyn is one of the original baby names for girls that fall into this trending category while it remains novel and unique choice for your daughter’s name. The name became popular thanks to Chastelyn Rodriguez, the beauty queen from Puerto Rico.

Esme: celebrities are loving this mesmerizing name and we can see why. Esme has a rare mix of Persian and French history with one of the most amazing name meanings ever! Esme is the beloved girl the emerald who is esteemed by everyone. With a meaning to die for and a unique combo of the letters s and m that create that zazzle sound, it’s an energetic choice that would create a buzz in the classroom. Michael J. Fox and Samantha Morton are among the few celebs who picked it for their beautiful baby girls. Esme recently became even more popular thanks to the Twilight character Esme Cullen, the matriarch of all vampires of the Olympic coven.

Greidys: when Greidys Gil won the grand prize of $200,000 on the beauty contest Nuestra Belleza Latina she became a star overnight. Her title, Nuestra Belleza Latina 2009, opened the door to countless TV show appearances that brought the gorgeous Cuban lady in the spotlight. Thus, her name Greidys became familiar not only with parents of Latin origin, but with American moms and dads who are interested in original baby names for girls. There are several variants of this exotic Cuban name, Greydys, Greidis and Graidys to name a few. A more simplified version could also be Gradys.

Imani: another Arabic name that qualifies in our list of original baby names for girls. Imani is a haunting name that means faith. It comes from the Arabic word Iman which stands for belief. Imani is a sweet name that can be used by religious Muslim parents who wish to devote their daughter in God. Virtue names are making a strong come back. Believe it or not, Imani has climbed all the way up to the 386th spot in the baby names charts. You just have to keep the faith! Actress Jasmine Guy picked it for her adorable baby girl’s name.

Marcia: no, this isn’t the March baby names list. You are in the right spot, the most unique collection of original baby names. Marcia is a strong girl name that has its roots in the Roman empire. The meaning of Marcia in Latin is warlike, thus it can be given to girls who are destined to be successful in running their own business. As a true fighter, your baby girl will carry the name Marcia with pride and will grow up to be fearless when it comes to arguments. She will never hesitate to speak up her mind and her voice will be noticed everywhere. Marcella would be a more vintage choice and Marsha could be a simpler version of this original baby name.

Nesta: original baby names can also be found in Welsh language. Nesta means pure and is best known as the middle name of Bob Marley. The reggae legend’s full name was Robert Nesta Marley, however this is little known to his fans who just call him Bob. Nesta is primarily used as a girl’s name as a popular Welsh variation of the name Agnes, which first became Annest, and finally cut short into Nesta. If you are looking for a cartoon-based name that doesn’t sound too obvious or popular, then you can choose Nesta derived from the cute little girl Agnes in Despicable Me (yeah, you know what I’m talking about, Minions!)

Sonja: if you wish to add a bit of royalty in your family mix, but don’t want to pick the traditional royal names, then we have a cool alternative for you. Sonja is one of the most original baby names for a Queen, and it was give to Queen Sonja of Norway (born 1937). She is the wife of King Harald V and following his death in 1991 Sonja became the first queen of Norway in 53 years. Original baby names like Sonja are delicate and exquisite, attributes that your daughter will appreciate when she grows up. The meaning of Sonja is wisdom and comes from the Greek word sofia. Yes, you guessed it right, Sonja is one of these original baby names that offer a unique variation to the most popular girl name in the US, Sophia. You didn’t guess that from the beginning, did you?

Original Baby Names for Girls

Tzipora: the Bible and the Old Testament can be a great source of original baby names for girls. Tzipora was the wife of the powerful prophet Moses, one of the great men that changed the fate of the Israeli nation. Tzipora was an important female figure that stood by Moses for the entire course of his life, remaining faithful and loyal. The meaning of Tzipora is bird and has a Hebrew origin. Other lesser known forms of this original name in Yiddish are Tzertel or Tzeitl.

Did you like our list of original baby names for girls? Have we inspired you in your search of names that are unique and rare? If you got any suggestions for original baby names, please feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts. We love feedback from our readers!

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