Penelope Cruz baby girl name revealed: Luna (moon)

Penelope Cruz baby girl came to this world and was given the name Luna Encinas Cruz. It’s the second child for the famous actress and her husband Javier Bardem. Penelope Cruz gave birth in Madrid, Spain, on June 22 but she registered her daughter’s name only yesterday.

But what does Luna mean? It’s the moon in Spanish, and it has a deep metaphorical meaning. Ancient Romans had a special Goddess devoted to the moon, and her name was Luna. If we go a bit deeper in history, we will find out that ancient Greeks also had a Goddess named Luna, for the Goddess of hunting (though she is best known as Artemis).

Other variants of Luna consist: Luneth,Lunette, Lunetta and Lunneta, all very close to each other in spelling and pronunciation.

Penelope Cruz baby middle name, Encinas, derives from her husband’s paternal surname. Its meaning is live oak.

penelope cruz baby girl name luna

The actress that stole our hearts in the amazing Woody Allen movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona, delivered her new baby girl at the Ruber Internacional hospital with her family by her side. Parents Eduardo and Monica Cruz couldn’t be absent on this special event for Penelope. The sexy actress had her 44-year-old husband, also an actor, Javier Bardem, besides her during the whole time.

The lovely couple are extremely happy to welcome Luna in their family which is now a family of four. Penelope and Javier are blessed with a two-year-old son, Leonardo. From the start, Penelope Cruz baby changed her life completely, according to reports from her close friends. Leonardo was the first time Penelope felt the strong power of motherhood and she wanted to have another baby soon. One year later she got pregnant again and in June 2013 she delivered baby Luna into this beautiful world.

We wish Penelope Cruz baby to grow up to be as creative as her mother!

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