Popular Baby Names for Boys and Girls 2013

The list of most popular baby names for 2013 is heavily influenced by Hollywood movies, favorite TV series and celebrity baby names. From Hunger Games to Glee and from Kim Kardashian / Kanye West baby to the 2-year-old Victoria and David Beckham’s baby, parents get inspiration from everything that is popular around us. What motivates them is that part of the popularity can be passed on to their babies in a magical way!

Popular baby names of 2013 are not hard to spot. They can be found in any aspect of our pop culture. Apart from the stardom of big and small screen, inspiration can be found on the track (baby names inspired by athletes) or certain days (4th of July baby names).

Popular baby names for girls in 2013

Katniss: the hearty and aggressive star of Hunger Games makes it a really popular baby name in 2013 as we are preparing for the second installmenet of the Hunger Games trilogy. The movie, which will come with the subtitle “Catching Fire“, is coming out in November 2013 and is already creating a LOT of buzz. The sci-fi adventure film is based on a novel written by Suzanne Collins and Jennifer Lawrence will star as the revolutionary heroine Katniss Everdeen.

baby names katniss hunger games
Imogen: a Shakespearean name that means innocent girl. Imogen was a popular baby name in England for many years but it’s recently becoming more popular due to British singer / song writer, Imogen Heap.

Seraphina and Violet: Ben Affleck‘s girls help to make these two unique baby names as popular as ever! When Jennifer Garner gave birth everyone knew that whatever the famous parents whould choose a baby names, they would be instantly transform them to trending names for this year. Seraphina means passionate and enthusiastic, coming from the Hebrew tradition and heritage. Violet comes from the flower.

Harper: speaking of celebrities babies, Harper is still on the list of most popular baby names in 2013 even though it’s not a new entry. Due to the immense popularity of her parents, David and Victoria Beckham, Harper is trending once again and even rising the charts!

Isla: a Spanish baby name that refers to a Scottish river. Isla is ne of the fastest rising baby names around mainly because of and the Sacha Baron Cohen’sred-haired wife, Isla Fisher. It can also be found on the Harry Potter universe, as the pure-blood witch Isla Black Hitchens. The actual meaning of Isla is island.

Popular baby names for boys 2013

Declan: a baby name of Irish origin which means full of goodness. Declan is inspired by TV series Revenge  where Declan Porter was lethaly hurt during the Grayson Global’s bombing and finally died in the season finale.

Ace: Jesicca’s Simpson, The Fashion Star mentor aged 32, and Eric Johnson, her fiancé, welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Ace Knute in June 2013. Ace is a totally strong and confident baby name that shows that Jesicca has high hopes for this tiny fashion star! The middle name Knut, which is a variant of Canute, was chosen as part of Jesicca’s Swedish heritage. So, Knut means knot and is a name that honors Jesicca’s Simpson grandfather.

popular baby names ace Jessica Simpson
Django: another popular baby name inspired by a movie character. Django was the slave who was made free and released hell in America, in Tarantino’s latest block buster movie! Jamie Foxx played Django in an unparallel performance and received critical acclaim for his role. Django means “I awake” and is currently trending as one of the msot popular baby names of 2013.  The  jazz guitarist from Belgium Jean Baptiste got the nick name Django during one of his tours.

Quinn: this year’s most popular unisex baby name! An Irish baby name that means descendent of Conn, Quinn became very popular due to the successful TV series Glee. The caracther is based on a former captain of a team called Cheerios and dated…

Finn: another hot baby name, based on the Glee character Finn Hudson. An Irish name which means fair, Finn was chosen by trendy couple Ed Burns and Christy Turlington for their son. Autumn Reeser and Jane Leeves also named their son Finn, giving it an extra popularity boost!

Have these popular baby names inspired you? Would you consider giving one of them to your baby bor or baby girl?

We hope you liked them…if you did, please share the love to more curious parents!

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12 responses to “Popular Baby Names for Boys and Girls 2013”

  1. Jaimee says:

    Jaimee foxx played Django. Not Denzel :)

  2. Bob B says:

    Superb blog!

  3. Kara says:

    I’m glad to see Isla on here (my baby girl’s name)–though the name is actually a traditional Scottish name (pronounced eye-lah). The Spanish word for island is isla as well, though it’s pronounced ees-la–however, when used as a name it is most likely Scottish (like Isla Fisher and Isla Phillips of the royal family). Just an FYI :)

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Kara,

      Thanks for your feedback, that’s great insight that you only get from people that have close links to the name itself. In many cases, various sources document name meaning and origin in a different way. They might both be right, as some names are multi-cultural and have different meanings for each country.

      Hope this helps, all the best!

  4. Kara says:

    Hi, thanks for your reply! Yes, you are right–there are certainly no rules for a name, especially like Isla, which is definitely multi-cultural. What I meant to say is that it is Scottish and Spanish. However, it is the Scottish version that is a traditional name referring to the Scottish River (and the more popular pronunciation eye-lah, among top 10 in Scotland and England) and the Spanish version which refers to island (although I’ve also heard it meant “devoted to God” in Spanish as well–I guess there are many ideas of origin out there). So both are right, just thought I’d offer the knowledge I gained in my name research in case you wanted to clarify. Hopefully I didn’t come off like a know-it-all in my comment! Love your site and used it when I was starting off looking for baby names for my kiddos! :)

    • BabyNames says:

      Exactly, both are right! Thanks for the feedback and the kind words :)
      By the way, have you made your decision on naming your babies? You got us all curious !!

  5. Twat says:

    You have to watch what you name your kids..My name is Twat,yes it is !!! Furthermore,odd names make your kids get teased err bullied in school and it may sound good to you to watch your favorite show and name your kid the name of a fictional tv star or cartoon character but use common sense people…These names listed above are just as dome as naming a boy Twat as in my case…Yes,it is my legal name until I was 18 when I changed it to Mark ! Now I have a normal name and am a professional ,not a burger jockey as what you will get with a idiotic err..unique name !

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Mark/Twat, I’m sorry you had this experience. However, there are people who have different experience and they really enjoy a unique and different name that make them stand out. Common sense is indeed needed, and you should do your homework before reaching your final decision on the names of your baby.

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