Popular Baby Names 2014: Best Predictions Based On Trends

Popular baby names 2014 predictions are out! If you are pregnant and expecting a baby in 2014, we have some popular names suggestions for you! Looking the trends that have come into play in baby names charts, we have analysed big chunk of data from the official US names registry. Using sophisticated tools available from the SSA (Social Security Administration), we have identified spikes in baby names popularity from previous years. Knowing your past gives you the most useful insights into the future. Thus we proudly present you the popular baby names 2014 list!

Going further than your usual prediction sites that don’t document their recommendations, here at BabyNamesLog.com we have taken a different approach. Thorough analysis and careful synthesis is our scientific method that we use before we issue any kind of results for the popular baby names 2014 list. Looking only at a top 100 baby names list is not sufficient in order to spot themes of rising popularity of a name in the future.

If you are going to be a new parent in the coming year, or if you are expecting a second or third child in your lovely family, we are confident that the popular baby names 2014 list below will help you to be ahead of the game and pick a name that will prove to become hot before everyone else!

Popular Baby Names 2014 – Themes for Boy Names

One of the common themes that we spotted looking at data is the continuous rise of names that start with a K. Here’s some really cool examples for popular boy names in 2014:

Kaius: derives from the classical Latin name Caius which means rejoice. The name comes back with an polished urban image that the K- start offers. Thanks to the popular Twilight saga, where Kaius appears as a vampire, the name is predicted to get a lot of attention from young parents. Rachel Zoe, the famous fashion stylist that worked with so many celebrities, was the first who introduced this cute spelling variation to the name, when she gave it to her second son, Kaius Jagger Berman. Born a few days before 2014 arrived, Rachel’s baby boy has caused a nation wide rejoice in the fashion world!

Karter: alternative spelling for Old English boy name Carter which means the one who transports goods. The trend here is obvious as it’s one of the most popular occupational names. It currently holds the 347th spot in the top 1000 but it’s one of the fastest rising boy names out there! Midwest states states like Nebraska and Iowa are among the first to love this spelling variation as Carter is enjoying the no.2 and no.3 spot respectively. According to the latest baby names charts the popularity of Karter is going to rise in Canada too, with Saskatchewan (currently no.2) and Manitoba (5th place) leading the race.

Kendrick: this name will have a blast in 2014 thanks to the tremendous success of artist Kendrick Lamar (follow him on Twitter and check out his unique style). The actual meaning of Kendrick is royal ruler and has Scottish origin. Some other baby names experts suggest that the name has in fact Old English roots and means champion. In any case, popular baby names 2014 like Kendrick are a noble and magnificent choice for cool and fashionable parents.

King: let’s have a closer look at the numbers. King initially got into the top 1000 baby names list in 2006 grabbing the 898th spot, however in 2013 the name made a huge jump to 256, climbing 642 spots. With its strong message and rich associations to famous people like Martin Luther King or even Elvis (aka the King), this name is set to rule 2014!

popular baby names 2014

Popular Baby Names 2014 – Sci Fi Trends for Girl Names

Another obvious trend is the come back of the sci-fi trend which makes as fairly sure that it will play a major role in the popular baby names 2014 charts. Let’s have a look in some specific examples:

Arya: we carry on our analysis where we left it, at the Kings level. So right back at the Game of Thrones where it’s all about who is going to rule the new kingdom. The throne has spot for only one, so be ware! The popular Arya Stark, the third child of the dynasty from the North, helps to rocket this name’s popularity up to the sky! Girls named Arya will be linked with the brave little girl that doesn’t hesitate to pull a sword towards grown-up men and fight against murderers and bandits.

Khaleesi: how can we not mention one of the hottest characters from Game of Thrones when we are talking about popular baby names 2014? The mother of dragons, the queen of fire, warrior princess Khaleesi has become so popular that in the minds of most American viewers, she has literally taken the throne already! We are sure that Khaleesi will use her dragons to dominate the popular baby names 2014 charts without any second thought. In fact, it’s so sexy as a name that many parents are now starting to use Daenerys as a name of its own, which is the real first name of princess Khaleesi (Daenerys Targaryen). In this case, Dany can be a sweet short alternative, even though this is just a diminutive of Danielle. Check out the -elle ending girl names below for more ideas on this theme.

Haven: it may not be down to earth but this girl name has the holy grail of popularity! Haven is pleasant and positive baby name with obvious link to Christianity. Apart from being a perfect fit for religious parents, it’s going to be one of the most popular baby names 2014 for both boys and girls, though it’s more common in females. That’s probably because American model turned actress Jessica Alba chose it for her second baby girl, giving Haven a decisive boost to its popularity. Haven can now be found in the all-time high of #372, the best spot documented for this name since it’s first inception into the database. If this isn’t a good enough signal for a safe popular baby names 2014 prediction, then what is?

Talia: if you haven’t heard of internet wonder Talia Castellano, the amazing little girl who has gone from battling a neuroblastoma (a nasty disease) to become a YouTube celebrity, then you need to catch up with the latest news. Talia was an expert on make-up and through her YouTube account she provided advice not only advice about fashion but also about cancer. She was a role model to thousands of other children who are in a similar diffulty and an inspiration to millions of us that admire her inner strength and tremendous love for life. Talia derives from Natalia and is a Hebrew name that means gentle dew from heaven.

Popular Baby Names 2014 – Back to Nature

As we get more and more eco-conscious, baby names inspired by nature will be more and more popular. This is evident in all data that we have analysed, and you can place a safe bet to one of the following names:

Ivy: celebrities have traditionally been a major influence in the popularity of baby names. When you have a celebrity couple like Jay-Z and Beyonce, you have a joint stardom force that can be a killer combo. When Beyonce gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, everyone was holding their breath in order to know the name that the two superstars will pick. Finally, when the famous couple announced that Blue Ivy was chosen, Ivy became an instant hit. The name itself derives from the evergreen climbing plant, so it has its “roots” deep in nature.

Luna: yet another name which is located high, up in the sky. Luna means moon in Latin was also a Goddess in the ancient Roman mythology that personified in a divine way the only satellite of the planet earth. Thanks to Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood, the name is set to be one of the most promising in terms of popular baby names 2014. Uma Thurman has also contributed to the meteoric rise of this name since she picked Luna for her daughter’s nick name while Penelope Cruz was the first celebrity to endorse it in her family as the name of her adorable little girl. With so much celebrity endorsement, there is no surprise that Luna has rocketed all the way up to no. 185. Are you ready to join the club and prepare for a ride to the top 100 baby names?

Rosalie: an elegant French variation of the Latin name Rosalia which represents the beautiful and deeply symbolic rose flower. Rosalie was long forgotten until 2009, when the Twilight saga introduced Rosalie to the wide public, causing a frenzy on parents who were expecting baby girls. The sympathetic vampire Rosalie Hale has given a fresh touch to a vintage baby name giving it the painful but sweet bite of eternal life!

Rowan: a popular unisex baby name that has roots both in Scottish and Irish tradition where it means little redhead. Rowan enjoys growing popularity, as the tree is growing its red berries every year and provides a tasteful option to nature loving parents. Celebrities like Brooke Shields and Sharon Stone chose this name for their baby boy. Rowan is more popular for baby boys (#295) rather than girls (#426) and it’s widely used in Scotland. If you are redhead yourself and have good reason that your little one is also going to have red hair, then Rowan might be perfect for you!

Skylar: for some strange reason, this Dutch girl name appears consistently in the top 100 charts of popular baby names. The actual meaning of Skylar is scholar and derives from the Dutch surname Schuyler. Celebrities like Joely Fisher and Sheena Easton have picked Skylar for the name of their baby. An authentic choice that lately has started to be cool for both girls and boys, making it a prime candidate for unisex popular baby names 2014 with a twist.

Popular Baby Names 2014 – themes for a name to start or to end

“-lyn” seems to be one of the ending combination of letters that start to be more and more trendy these days. As “-ayden” is decreasing in popularity, it’s making a way to new variants. The suffix “-lyn” is one of them. It means waterfall or lake in old English and some popular baby names 2014 examples can be:

Adelynn: a cute alternative to Adeline, it means means “noble” in French. As of September, Adelynn is one of the most popular baby names 2014, ranking at #367 at the official US charts. Parents seem to love the old-fashioned aura of Adelynn, which gives it a vintage sound without being out of date. The special balance that this name strikes is what every one is looking for when it comes to girl names. An alternative spelling could be Adeline, but we prefer the original as it is lovely and sweet!

Raelynn: one of the pretty girl names that has made a huge jump in popularity in the past two years. Only in 2011 and 2012, Raelynn has moved up by 155 spots in popularity. Why is it among the most popular baby names 2014? One reason might be that it’s a relatively new name, invented by modern parents who were looking for something different. Unique girl names like that are not so hard to get traction, as they offer an interesting variation that the rest of the common names lack. For similar unique boy names 2014, you should check out our special post that covers male names for your handsome son. Other cool alternatives include Raelyn and Braelyn.

Check out these “el-” names destined to be smash hit as popular baby names 2014:

Eloise: a sophisticated, yet not snobby version of the old fashioned name Louise. Eloise has a kind aura that strikes a fine balance between being gentle and tough. The meaning of Eloise in French is “renowned in battle” so it makes a perfect candidate for women who will have a long corporate career where you need to fight your own battles all the way to the top. The origin of this popular girl name is  in fact German as it derives from the ancient Heloise which means wide or healthy.

Briella: if you take the all time favorite Ella and add the prefix “Bri-” you get an oh-so-fresh girl name that means exalted beauty. A wonderful and sweet name for any baby girl, Briella has jumped 123 spots in the last couple of years making it one of the most popular baby names 2014. It derives from Gabriella and it represents its short and attractive diminutive that opens a new window of opportunity in the future. Thus, the meaning of this haunting girl name is “God is my Strength”. So, if you like Gabriella but you find it too common for your beautiful daughter, if you can’t settle with Gabbi or Gabby either because you find them too kitsch, then Briella might be the ultimate weapon in your hands.

So there you have it. The best and most accurate predictions for popular baby names 2014 are in front of you. Do you agree with our suggestions? Do you have other ideas of what name could make it to the popular baby names 2014 list? If so, leave us a comment below! Make sure you press that “share” button so that other parents who expect their baby boy or baby girl get the news as early as you had.

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