Popular Baby Names 2015 for Boys

Choosing a name for your baby boy is not an easy task. As a parent, you have a great responsibility to do your homework and come up with a name that will fit your baby boy perfectly. A wrong decision will mark your son for the rest of your life. But let’s think positive and look at the bright side. You are not alone in this journey, you have us! So please don’t freak out, and let us help you with the big decision of naming your newborn baby boy.

Our baby names experts have split the popular baby names 2015 for boys into three main categories. Each theme has a special angle which gives a different direction. Our popular baby names 2015 for boys are grouped into meaningful categories so that you can easily find which one you like the most. They cover broad flavors and tastes, so that all parents can find a choice that is close to what they are looking for.

Popular Baby Names 2015 for Boys: Names that Define You

One of the biggest trends for 2015, are defining names that give a clear message. Names without hidden agenda or complicated ancient stories that few people know. Popular baby names 2015 for boys demand a no nonsense approach that create a powerful identity to men that make big statements to the world. See a few example of such names and find out if this theme is cut out for you.

Popular Baby Names 2015 for Boys
Atticus: forget about Spartacus, it’s time for something more fresh. If you like the dynamic nature of a Roman name that reminds you of gladiators and mighty warriors, you can opt-in for Atticus. It’s the new beloved name of parents in 2015 as it’s the name that has gathered more queries on search engines than any other name out there. Atticus is a place name that stands for someone who comes from Attica, the province where Athens can be found. History tells us that Athens and Sparta had a big time war between them, even though they were both Greek cities, they had their differences. Athens was more liberal, home of democracy and philosophy, while Sparta was the place where fearless warriors were born and raised. Atticus is a strong name that captures this struggle for the top while being super popular, enjoying a meteoric rise since it first entered the top 1000 baby names chart in 2004.

Breaker: badass names for boys are always cool and demand your attention. Breaker can’t just go unnoticed as it’s a tough name that makes a strong first

Titan: a recent choice of celebrities that are trying to make a big statement. And they are right, you can’t go bigger than Titan! This special Greek name means “enormous” and it was used to describe the defenders of the earth. According to the myth, the Titans were sons of Gaia and Uranus, children of Mother Earth and Father Heaven respectively. Titans were giants of amazing power and were among the first Greek deities ever described in books. Titans were later overthrown by their own children, the new Gods that lived in mount Olympus, in an epic fight also known as Titanomachy (that means “War of the Giants”). If you are a rugby fan, there is one more reason why you should choose this name, as there is a team called Gold Coast Titans in the Australian professional league. This is as big as it gets!

Popular Baby Names 2015 for Boys inspired by Celebrities

Celebrities are pop idols that define modern culture in so many ways. Whether you like to admit it or not, their star power is enough to attract thousands of people and define new trends. When it comes to popular baby names 2015, parents look up to celebrities and try to go with the flow, because they are cool and usually think out of the box. They bring a sense of stardom into play, something that can help a little boy set apart from the crowd, and lent him the much needed celebrity endorsement he needs to rule the school class! Let’s have a closer look at the latest trends for celebrity baby names in 2015.

Buzz: a prime example that celebrities think differently than normal people when it comes to baby names. At first sight, you might think that Buzz is too much for your son. But think again, as it will be one of the most popular baby names 2015 for boys, since parents seem to love it! Buzz is energetic and full of dynamism, attributes that are highly valued in our highly competitive world. Buzz also strives in Millenial’s slang as buzz words like buzz marketing are making a real impact on the every day vocabulary. Young songwriter Tom Fletcher has named his son Buzz, creating a real buzz in both England and US.

Eric: a French name that might sound classic, but it can easily have a spot in any popular baby names 2015 list since Simon Cowell chose it for his son. Eric is a classy name that means eternal ruler and its origin lies in Scandinavian countries. In fact, Eric the Red was one of the most respected Viking warlord, who was brave enough to set sail to the North Pole and was the first explorer of Greenland in the 10th century. The next generation of our children are already characterized by high levels of adventure seeking. They are natural born risk takers who love to explore new options and won’t back down unless they find what they are looking for. Eric suits this demographic naturally and thus makes a perfect choice for boys born in 2015. Erik is a unique spelling variation that proves to be super popular in Sweden and Germany these days.

Jaxon: this name combines both themes. First you have the powerful J- start and the funky X in the middle that can easily add Jaxon in the strong names category. Then you have the celebrity part of it, as star of country music Keith Anderson, chose Jaxon for his son last year. We love names that bring the best of both worlds without any compromise, that’s why we believe that Jaxon is an awesome choice for parents who are looking for popular baby names 2015. Their boy will carry the streamlined spelling variation of Jackson, which can be found in the top 50 baby names according to the official data base from SSA.

Popular Baby Names 2015 for Boys: Unisex names

All baby name experts agree that 2015 will be the year of the unisex names. Gender-neutral baby names are so fashionable these days. You will find numerous boy names that can also be given to girls. It’s not a taboo anymore and it certainly gives an excellent option to parents who wish to keep the gender of their baby secret until the birthday. We had a look in the most popular baby names 2015 from the unisex domain and present you the most fabulous choices here.

Amari: a beautiful Hebrew name that carries an amazing meaning. Amari means eternal and is one of the most haunting popular baby names 2015. It has been used originally for girls and it can be found in many cultures around the world, all having positive meanings. The soft sound of Amari qualifies it as a gender-neutral name that goes beyond stereotypes and sets young parents free of restrictive choices that put unrealistic barriers in tastes and style. If you are an open-minded person, Amari is the best way to demonstrate that you are leading the culture shift towards a more liberal community of world citizens.

Popular Baby Names 2015 for Boys

Quinn: a classic unisex name that enjoys a rise in popularity is now sitting comfortably at no. 363 at baby name charts. Quinn represents the intelligence of a chief leader and it derives from an old Celtic name that means descendant of Conn. Quinn is an interesting gender-neutral case as it has been swinging both ways. It started as a primarily muscular name thanks to Bob Dylan’s “Mighty Quinn” song which also became a movie and later even a stand-alone band. Then came Glee and presented a cheerleader named Quinn, adding a girly image to the name. It took a celebrity to clear the space, with Sharon Stone choosing Quinn for her son. Other alternatives include Quincy and Finn.

Rhys: instead of the more common Reese or Reece, which is conquered by girls anyway, there is a really cool alternative that will go big in 2015. Rhys is a spelling variation of the Welsh name that means ardor and it currently enjoys a rise in popularity thanks to both Tudor’s Rhys Meyers and actor Rhys Ifans who also happens to be Welsh. This particular spelling is rooted in Welsh history and tradition, making Rhys unique and somehow more elegant than the original itself. Obviously the name is a huge trend in Great Britain, ie. England, Ireland and Scotland. In 2015 Rhys prepares his luggage for an unforgettable trip to US. And guess what. It’s here to stay for a long time!

Did you like our list of popular baby names 2015 for boys? We gathered the best of the best, the names that will rule the charts and will define the trends for the next generation. Do you agree with our suggestions? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think. Your feedback is more than welcome!

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