Popular Baby Names 2015 Poised for an Exponential Rise

Predicting the popular baby names 2015 for girls is no easy task. Our baby name experts have done a significant amount of research to present the most promising girl names for 2015 in terms of popularity. Thanks to big data analytics and science behind probabilities, our team of experienced researchers have identified the most popular baby names 2015 poised for an exponential rise. A lot of speculation is done each year to safely predict the trends, but not so many professionals get it right. We did it in 2014 and we’ll do it again in 2015. Using our no-nonsense scientific approach in data crunching and statistical analysis, we have concluded on the following popular baby names 2015.

Let’s have a look in popular baby names 2015 themes that group names in a more meaningful way. Here’s three distinct categories that you can choose from.

Popular Baby Names 2015

Popular Baby Names 2015  – Trending Girl Names

Ariana: if you haven’t heard the name Ariana lately, you probably live in a different planet. Thanks to the young singer Ariana Grande (born in 1993), the name has been all over the media and the press. Ariana Grande is so hot that she won so many MTV Awards this year, people just love her cute face and respect her talent in music. She is one of the most up and coming celebrities that everyone wants to partner for at least one song. She made a tremendous break through in 2013 when her hit single “Yours Truly” debuted at the no.1 spot of Billboard Hot 100. Since then, she has been touring alongside Justin Bieber as his opening act, something that gave her even more publicity. That’s why Ariana is on the top of our list of most popular baby names 2015. Girls admire her and boys love her. It’s a sweet name that represents a sweet girl. The true meaning of Ariana most holy. It derives from Ariadne which is an Italian name. You probably have heard it before if you are a regular on Huffington Post, since the founder’s name is Arianna Huffington. Ariana is currently holding the no.54 spot on the baby names charts but it will most definitely rise even further as one of the most popular baby names 2015.

Etta: it seems that nothing can stop the complete domination of the short form suffix of Henry. It was once used as a diminutive of Henrietta, but it quickly became so attractive that parents started falling in love with it as a name on its own. The true meaning of Etta is estate ruler and it has a Scottish origin. As baby names that start with “E” are typically favored in the charts, the delicate sound of Etta is going to be an upcoming name for beautiful girls.

Iggy: another hot name coming from the music industry. Thanks to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea the name has been on the the constant rise ever since she came to the spotlight. Even though her real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, every one knows Iggy Azalea by her stage name. It’s short and easy, with the double -gg in the middle adding a bit of a spice in the name. Iggy Azalea’s unique style with associate your daughter with the image of a strong and indipendant lady who is not afraid of any one. Iggy is outspoken and she stands up for what she believes. That’s probably the qualities that any parent would like to see in their baby. Choose one of the most popular baby names 2015 and you will grab your friend’s imagination with a truly inspiring name!

Vera: a name of Russian origin that will go gangbusters. The meaning of Vera is faith and a quick look on the SSA list reveals that it’s the fastest rising baby names for girls. In two years alone, Vera jumped 200 spots and it’s continuing its meteoric rise like a rocket.

North: some kids are destined to fame before they even come to this world. Such is the case of Kim Kardashian’s baby girl with talented rapper Kanye West. The name that the two super stars chose was all over the news and made headlines on every website, blog, newspaper and TV show in the world. One can easily anticipate that North will become one of the most popular baby names 2015 because of all that exposure. It’s one of these directional names that are always hot, like South or West, but in the case of North West, it’s a killer combo that only the star duo would think. The more we see of baby North, all dressed up like a cute princess in designer clothes hand picked by Kim Kardashian, the more popular this name will get in 2015. Our trend radar is picking up some serious heat on this one, so stay tuned!

Popular Baby Names 2015 – The “F” Names

There is something extra ordinary going on with baby names that start with the letter “F”. It seems that parents love them more and more. Our analysis show that the “F” names will be among the most popular baby names 2015. Some examples can be found below:

Felicity: an original virtue name that has a Latin origin. The meaning of Felicity is happy and represents girls with good fortune. This positive image of Felicity is enough to bring it forward and gain extra points in popularity. Now that Faith and Hope are going out of fashion, Felicity might be the best alternative as a virtue name. Actress Felicity Huffman, known from the Desperate Housewives, is currently the most famous name bearer who is leading the pack of happiness and joy among baby girls. Don’t you want to join the club?

Florence: another prosperous girl name that has Latin origin and starts with the letter “F”. According to the latest trends, Florence is going to enjoy a huge come back and become one of the most popular baby names 2015. The meaning of Florence is flourishing and though it has been neglected for decades, it’s time for a resurrection for two reasons. First, it’s associated with a beautiful flower and nature baby names will be huge in 2015. Second, it reminds people of Florence, the stunning Italian city that is home to so much history, art and mystery. With notable name bearers like Florence Nightingale, we are positive that Florence will rule the baby name charts in 2015! You can also benefit from its cool nicknames like the short and sweet Flo, the elegant Florrie or the lively Flossie.

Francis: our pick for the most popular baby names 2015 in the unisex category is a classic. Francis represents the idea of freedom, a universal right that all people can relate to. That’s why parents around the world find Francis an amazing name for their baby girl or boy. The origin of the name is Latin and since the current Pope chose it as his official papal name, Francis has rocketed to unimaginable heights of popularity. There’s no secret that the head of the Roman Catholic church is a role model to young people with his approachable style and friendly attitude. He has been one of the most likeable Popes in the history of the church. People are taking note and so do we. Trends in names show that Francis will be one of the most popular baby names 2015 especially among the religious parents.

Popular Baby Names 2015 – Names Based on Colors

Color names will be leading the baby names charts in 2015. Our experts have spotted an interesting spike in the popularity of names that are associated with deep colors. The ones that are linked to the color blue are going to be particularly popular baby names 2015. Here’s the top contenders of this colorful theme trend.

Azure: if you are having a baby girl in 2015 and you haven’t really made up your mind until it is actually born, watch her eyes. If you had a blue-eyed angel, then you can be sure that Azure is the name you were looking for all these months. During the 15th century, Azure was associated with a gemstone called lapis lazuli. The precious stone was then used to make the amazing material that transforms the color of the sunlight as the result of wave reflection. This method was extremely important in medieval art and you can spot it in all the prestigious Gothic churches built in Europe.

Indigo: if you are a young parent looking for the perfect name that represents the new generation of color baby names, then it’s time to meet Indigo. An evocative Greek name that means Indian dye, is destined to be one an appealing choice among the popular baby names 2015. A mix of jewel and flower names, Indigo sits comfortably on both worlds and strikes as a unique choice for both baby boys and baby girls. American actor Lou Diamond Phillips, famous for his 1987 movie La Bamba, named his daughter Indigo. There’s also a New Age theory that Indigo babies have special abilities that can sometimes be seen as supernatural. Even if this is just a superstition, it’s still awesome to have that as an asset on your shortlist of popular baby names 2015 as it will make a great story to your friends!

Maisie: the Scottish diminutive of Margaret is a colorful choice that can revive an old classic in modern families. The meaning of Maisie is pearl and it has been identified as a very promising name in terms of popularity thanks to being a cool alternative to overused Daisy. Maisie used to be just a short for Mary or Marissa, but parents loved it so much that it’s now a name on its own. Our experts found out that Maisie has reached the 21st spot in UK, so why not having the same success in US? We are sure that it will be among the popular baby names 2015 with a little help from the homonymous Harry Potter half-blood character.

Violet: when Hollywood superstars choose a name, the whole world takes notice. Ben Affleck named her sweet daughter Violet in 2005 and immediately the name was framed as cool and trendy. Thanks to such celebrity endorsment, Violet landed a nice position in the top 100. That alone makes it one of the best candidates for the most popular baby names 2015. Violet derives from the beautiful color which means purple in Latin. And in case you want to add a bit more history behind your baby girl’s name, you should note that Napoleon’s followers used to wear a violet to show their support to him when he was exiled. Either way you see it, it’s a strong statement of standing by your believes and supporting the people you care about as much as you can.

Popular Baby Names 2015 – TV & Movies Theme

Since we spend a few hours each day in front of the television, it’s only natural that we are going to be influenced at a certain degree by the characters that keep us company. Popular baby names 2015 draw inspiration from friendly movie or TV show characters that have lead roles in our favorite action or romantic films. The following picks are the ones that are ready for a break through in 2015.

Elsa: the blockbuster Disney movie Frozen was a huge hit in 2014. I’m sure that most of you have seen it and were touched by the magic story of Queen Elsa of Arendelle, the girl that had the curse of freezing everything around her. For that reason, she was also known as the queen of snow. Elsa is the 13th Disney Princess along with Anna and she represents the heroic character who struggles with her personality as she is trying to be accepted by everyone else. Thanks to the immense popularity of the song “Let it Go“, Elsa will be without any doubt one of the most popular baby names 2015. Don’t take our word for it, ask the 150,000,000+ viewers who have already seen it on YouTube!

Merida: as she was crowned the first Pixar princess, the sparkly looks of the red hair Merida received a complete make over. It’s also time to receive a rise from the dead and become one of the most popular baby names 2015 for girls! The wild image of Merida might appeal to parents who love athletic and independent type of girls. Our predictions confirm that Merida will be the next Ariel.

Rose: Downton Abbey fans should already get excited by the sound of Rose. The aristocratic character Lady Rose MacClare played by Lily James was the cousin and ward of the Granthams. The successful TV series first aired in UK. It was so well received that TV execs quickly issued its passport to America and premiered on PBS in 2011. Rose is a soft flower name that has such a deep symbolism that it cannot be easily forgotten. Its remarkable rival will be helped by its numerous alternative off springs such as Rosa, Roseanne, and Rosanna. There’s also Rosemary and Rosalind, the possibilities are endless!

Shea: Game of Thrones has been a major influence in 2014 baby names and there is no sign that the trend will stop. Shea was the exotic woman who fell in love with Tyrion Lannister. She is later appointed as the handmaiden of Sansa Stark, as Lord Tyrion struggles to keep her close to him in King’s Landing. Shea captures the mysterious beauty of an independent that knows what she wants. The meaning of Shea is dauntless and the origin of this haunting name is Irish. American actor Kevin James has a daughter named Shea and it’s in our radar of becoming one of the most popular baby names 2015 for girls.

Popular Baby Names 2015

Popular Baby Names 2015 for Cute and Pretty Girls

Darcy: a new entry in the popular baby names 2015 hall of fame, Darcy is here to stay. This beautiful newcomer has all the qualities of a great name. First of all, it has a nice soft sound. No one likes an aggresive tone in girls names. The origin of Darcy is Irish or French and its meaning is the dark one. Some baby name researchers suggest that it derives from Arcy, which gives it a slightly different meaning, from the fortress. Darcy became parents’ darling immediately after Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice was published. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the romantic hero who is full of charm and grace, won the hearts and minds of Americans for many years. Now it’s time for this affection to be reflected in the popular baby names 2015 and win some points in the league of names.

Lila: there are so many different variations to this cute family of baby names that we constantly see new entries. Lila joins the club of double –L popular baby names 2015, just like Leila, Laila and Layla did in the past few years. A simple chane in the order of letters is sufficient in most cases to give it a fresh look and update the odds of landing in the top 10 of all baby names. Of course that might be a bit difficult given the tough competition from all the rest pretty baby names presented on this post, but some of our baby names experts strongly believe that Lila has what it gets to make it there. It’s short, it’s rhythmic and it’s super cute. Lila is another color name that your daughter will love when she grows up, an all time classic that will never go out of fashion!

Willow: according to our predictions, Willow is going to make the biggest jump in the charts, raising all the way to the top 50 baby girl names in 2015. And why not? Willow is super cute and ultra pretty. It’s a serious contender for any family, Willow has an Old English origin and it means graceful or slender. It’s meaning derives from the welig (today known as willow tree) which has for slender branches and graceful leaves. The fact that it starts and ends with the letter “W” makes it rhyme in a clear and beautiful way. Your daughter will love it and your friends will congratulate you for picking one of the most popular baby names 2015 for your little angel. She deserves the best, and it all starts with a cool name. The first and most important gift you can give to your children as it’s something that they will carry for the rest of their lives!

Popular Baby Names 2015 – Statement Names

In this category, we explore popular baby names 2015 that make a huge statement. The impact of such words have tremendous meaning and they often leave a lasting impression. That’s the main reason these popular baby names 2015 can be haunting and thus deserve a special mention in this list. Let’s have a closer look and explore a few grant examples:

Royal: a unisex name that instantly brings in mind kings and queens, fairy tales and kingdoms with unprecedented wealth. If you decide to name your little princess Royal, you will go down the history as a bold parent who didn’t hesitate to choose a name that is different. Why different? Because Royal is traditionally a girl’s name. However, that has changed a lot since Lil Kim decided to give it to her beautiful daughter. It was maybe the first time a celebrity did it and since then, a lot of discussion has started around unisex popular baby names 2015 and if this is a primarily boy’s name or it could be also give to girls. The verdict? It’s perfectly fine to have Royal as a girl’s name, we live in a modern world where stereotypes are falling and you are free to give the gift of royalty to your angel daughter.

Sage: speaking of unisex baby names, it’s time to introduce another “big” name which makes an important statement. Sage is one of the popular baby names 2015 that have Latin origin. The true meaning of Sage is wise. The word derives from an evocative herb that spring herbal vibes around it. Sage used to be a symbol of wisdom, giving this short and sweet name a powerful combination. Sage recently broke into the top 500 baby names in US and has no signs of stopping. The rising trend is expected to carry on into 2015 making Sage on of the fastest rising names of the year. As for celebrity endorsement, Australian actress Toni Collette, whose career was shot with her role in the 1999 movie “The Sixth Sense” and was awarded an Academy Award for her amazing performance in Little Miss Sunshine (2006), named her cute girl Sage.

Mckenzie: on the other hand, we have some unisex baby names that are trying a bit too hard to convince parents that are OK to be given to both sexes. Take McKenzie for example, more than 95% of the times, it is given to a girl. Why do we have it in this list though? McKenzie deserves to be among the rest of the popular baby names 2015 because it climbed all the way up to no. 140 thanks to a simple variation. When parents started to take out the “A” from Mac, the name started an impressive track record that is signaling amazing popularity across the country. We love the way that only a simple letter can play such an important role in popular baby names 2015 and the way the public is favoring certain spelling variations. You know how it goes. The winner takes it all!

Popular Baby Names 2015 – Other Longshots

Cora: a Greek name that demands your attention the moment you hear it. Cora means maiden and it’s one of these vintage names that used to rule the charts back in the days. After a short break from the top 100, Cora is quickly becoming one of the most popular baby names 2015 and is heading to the top. With her contemporary style and simple style, Cora could break through and become mainstream again.

Maelys: our international partners report that this name is becoming a huge trend in France. We figured that it’s so elegant that it can be a star performer in the US if it’s given a chance. The meaning of Maelys is prince or prince and it derives from Mael, the name of an old saint.

Elowen: an unusual choice for parents who are looking for something different. The meaning of Elowen is elm and its origin is Cornish. The reason why we can’t help but include it in our predictions for the popular baby names 2015 is that it starts with the common El- prefix which proves to be super trendy. If you add the hipster -wen ending, you have a winning combo that can easily outperform competition.

Cerulean: exotic colors can make beautiful choices and break into the exclusive list of popular baby names 2015 if they get noticed by parents. Cerulean is a color that reminds you of sky blue or azure, but is’ slightly dimmer. In fact, it was given a certain push back in 1999 when Pantone nominated Cerulean as the “color of the millennium”. Unfortunately, it was not adequate to help it ride the baby name charts, but now it’s time to give it a second chance. The name Cerulean derives from the Latin word caeruleus. The meaning of Cerulean is blue-green, dark blue or just blue. Our research revealed that in fact the original version of this name goes back to Caelulum, a rare diminutive of caelum, which means sky or heaven. You see, language is so rich that has hidden connections which might not be so obvious in first. That’s why we love to dive into analysing baby names with much more enthusiasm rather than just scratching the surface. An alternative spelling can be Caerulean, but we rule that option out as it could complicate stuff and make it difficult to remember. Don’t forget, we are looking for easy, cute and sweet popular baby names 2015 that will be so adorable that they stick in people’s mind without any difficulty.

The most accurate predictions for popular baby names 2015 are not a secret anymore. We have shared the knowledge hidden behind trends, it’s now your turn to share this knowledge with your friends and family. Create your own short list of possible baby names according to your own style. The popular baby names 2015 themes will help you categorize suggestions in groups so that you make an informed decision based on our thorough analysis.

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