Popular Baby Names 2016 for Girls & Boys

Are you expecting a baby and looking for popular baby names 2016? Check dozens of unique girl names and cool boy names that are both trendy and rare! Naming your baby is a fun process that involves both partners. It requires a significant amount of research and sometimes compromise. The best way to decide on the name of your newborn baby is to do your homework and come up with a shortlist. That’s where we come in. We have built two exclusive lists of popular baby names 2016, one for girls and one for boys. That’s the best way to go through the most exciting new names for your prince or princess and com up with smart suggestions that will surprise your partner.

Our dedicated team of baby name experts has long experience in predicting the hottest trends in baby names. There is a lot of science behind the hunt of the perfect baby name. This year we stepped up to the challenge throwing a new team member. John is a data scientist from Amazon, the world’s biggest e-commerce website, which is best known for the ability to crunch huge amounts of data. His experience allowed us to dive in big data for the first time and discover trends that are hard to find without using algorithms and advanced mathematics. We then applied our own street experience to filter out the most popular baby names 2016 since humans are always going to be the ultimate signal that qualifies the best of the best.

Popular Baby Names 2016 for Girls

Adaline: let’s begin our hunt with a variation to an already super popular name, Adeline. To be honest, it’s almost the same name, as both are pronounced exactly the same, but devil is in the detail. By substituting only one letter, Adaline is the new kid on the block, and it’s here to stay. Thanks to the box office block buster “The Age of Adaline”, a wonderful romantic drama which storied the life of a woman who couldn’t age, the name was brought into the spotlight and into the hearts of million women. After all, who doesn’t want to remain young forever? Played by the gorgeous Blake Lively, the experienced and sophisticated Adaline became a role model for women in 2015 as she had style and character. Adaline derives from Adeline, which in turn has roots in the French name Adele. The true meaning of Adaline is noble and is based on the root names which it comes from.

Popular Baby Names 2016
Amelia: a nostalgic name from the Victorian era is bringing sexy back. Amelia is a German name that means work and has enjoyed an incredible rise in popularity the last few months. We can safely predict that Amelia will enter the hall of fame, the top 10 of baby girl names in 2016, based on the amazing performance it has documented so far. It jumped more than 150 spots the last few years and has landed the no.1 spot in other countries, such as Britain. Maybe it received some help from King George II who chose it for the name of his girl,  bringing Amelia to the elite royal baby names club. It’s already in the top 10 baby names in Australia. Amelia is something between Emily and Amanda (my own name), both lovely names but a bit overused. That’s why Amelia sounds so fresh, yet so familiar. It has all the qualities of already popular names combined with the vintage air, proving to be a killer combo. If you are looking for a name with a cool twist, you can also consider the slight variation of Aemilia which has roots in Shakespeare’s masterpiece “A Comedy of Errors”.

Charlotte: speaking of Royal baby names, we can’t possibly leave Charlotte out of our list of popular baby names 2016. She was an instant celebrity, as people were waiting outside the hospital where Kate Middleton was giving birth. Since the new Princess of of Cambridge was born, everyone hold their breath to find out what will be the name of the second child of Prince William. When the Duke announced that Charlotte was chosen, the name started trending globally. Charlotte almost broke the internet as international search queries on Google spiked. It was a matter of a couple of hours before it was officially one of the most popular baby names and not without a good reason. With so much exposure, it was almost certain that Charlotte will become a hit among parents around the world.

Eleanor: oh my God, where do I start with this one? I can’t describe how excited I get every time I meet a girl called Eleanor. Why? Because it reminds me that some things are better left undiscovered. The true meaning of this name is still unknown, casting a haunting layer of mystery around it. Your girl will surely grow up to be a seductive lady who attracts men but doesn’t fall for the first guy she meets. Eleanor is the French variation of Alienor, a striking name that has both style and substance. Also, you will easily guess that Eleanor has two really cool nicknames, Elly and Nellie, leaving your daughter free to decide which one to use. A more feminine version that might grab your attention is Eleanora, or simply Leonora which is still pretty.

Isla: we love short baby names because they are cute by default. Isla is leading the pack by providing a rare mix of unique letter combination while being straight forward and simple. It also benefits from the fact that it falls into the cool group of baby names that start and end with a vowel, just like Ada, Eva or Ivy. It sounds almost like this name was designed to be among the most popular baby names 2016 for girls. It has been a rising star since 2010 and nothing can stop its trajectory. Last year it recorded one of the highest positions in baby name charts ever (no.150) and our data scientists suggest that the trend will only get stronger. Onwards and upwards for Isla!

Popular Baby Names 2016 for Boys

Ezra: a unique Hebrew name is trending big time! Ezra currently enjoys a spike in popularity that brings the name all the way to #119. We predict that it can easily break into the top 100 popular baby names 2016, or go even higher into the exclusive top 50 club. The meaning of this award winning name, is help and it derives its strength from the Old Testament book of Ezra. According to the Bible, Ezra was an inspirational Hebrew leader who helped 1500 Israelites escape from Babylon and return as free men back to their home land in Jerusalem. In addition to being one of the most attractive biblical baby names for boys, the name has a great influence in the business world because of Ezra Cornell, the founder of the financial services company Western Union, used by millions of people to send money abroad.

Popular Baby Names 2016
Miles: the English form of Milo is buzzing like a bee! Miles Davis provided a jazzy celebrity endorsement and helped the name sky rocket in popularity. His breakthrough music was enough to turn Miles into a seek-after name for music loving parents across the country. The meaning of Miles is merciful or solider. And to make things even more interesting, Miles was also the first translator of the Holy Bible from ancient Greek to English. More recently, we have seen Miles featured in a number of movie blockbusters like Avatar and in some TV characters like 24. An overall safe bet for parents who don’t want a risky move for the name of their baby boy.

Ryker: we are serious about finding the most popular baby names 2016 even if that means we have to take a trip in Germany and explore interesting new name meanings. Ryker means rich, a luxurious and elegant choice for parents who would like to give an extra help to their kids in the pursuit of their happiness. Who doesn’t want a little bit of extra money? Prosperity is a state of mind as they say, so you can start by placing this idea deep inside your baby boy. He will grow up to be an affluent person because you become what you think most. The hip Ry- prefix is all you need to have a cool name that follows the same trend as Rylan and Ryder. The trend is confirmed by the recent jump of Ryker of 150 spots in only two years.

Popular Baby Names 2016 for Twins

You will never forget that day. The day you visited the doctor with your husband and he delivered the most amazing news. You are expecting twins! Two little angels in your belly, how cool is that? You were a bit shocked, but the joy was overwhelming. As a person who is well organized (don’t know why some people call you control freak), you feel the urge to sort out the logistics early on if are going to raise two kids at the same time. But first things first. Your angels need names and you are desperate because you can’t find any popular baby names 2016 that fit for twins. Well, that’s about to change because our team has not forgotten you. Here’s some of the most popular names for twins that are going to rule 2016:

Cassandra and Callista: these are amazing girl names for two reasons. They stick to a certain theme, based on ancient Greek mythology, and they start with the same letter “C”. Cassandra sounds so attractive and exotic at the same time, while Callista adds a mysterious tone in the equation.

Ethan and Evan: by far the most popular baby names 2016 for boy twins, the pair is ruling the charts without even trying. Ethan and Evan, or if you prefer Evan and Ethan, are the undisputed champions of boy twin names. The proximity creates a sweet bond that your boys will appreciate when they grow up.

Jason and Mason: another set of super popular baby names 2016. While they were not designed to be give to twins, parents seem to love the affinity of the -son ending, giving the pair an edge that cannot be easily missed.

Landon and London: inspired by the luxurious and cosmopolitan British mega-city, the capital of Western Europe and Great Britain, London contains so much history that it’s hard not to be impressed. Giving similar names to your twins is a clever way to highlight the fact that they are so close in life. Landon has only one letter difference from London, making them an amazing pair for any twins.

Taylor and Tyler: if your twins are one of a kind, a boy and a girl, then you can choose a pair of popular baby names 2016 that sound cute together.

Popular Baby Names 2016

Popular Baby Names 2016: Unisex

In case you just found out that you are pregnant, congratulations! If it’s your first baby, prepare for big surprises and sleepless nights. We certainly don’t want to scare you, it’s an amazing experience that you should enjoy to the fullest. In most cases, the gender of the baby shows after the 12th week of pregnancy. However, you probably are too eager to start hunting for the best baby name, so here you are. No problem at all! We found the most exquisite unisex names that can be given to both boys and girls. Even if you happen to know the name of your baby, you can still choose a gender neutral name since they are trendy and fashionable, representing the new era of liberated and open minded people. Here’s our best pick of unisex baby names 2016:

Everett: derives from the German name Eberhard and has a really strong meaning, brave as a boar. The recent trend of wild names are equally cool for bad ass boys and tough girls that want to make it in this not so rosy world. If you want to make a statement with the arrival of your baby, then Everett is a fantastic choice to show the world that your son or daughter will stand up and raise his or her voice. They will be independent and voice their opinion without second thoughts. A rare trait in our boring world where political correctness is aligning every one on the same line and identical attitude. But 2016 is all about change, normal is boring. If you fancy Eva but would like to find a not so common name, then give Everett a chance. You won’t regret it!

Ren: the thing about foreign names is that nobody really knows for a fact how to treat them. Is it a she or a he? Well, we like to think in a different way. Why do you even care? Both are fine! We prefer the uniting word “and” over the dividing “or”. As a Japanese name, Ren is a typical example of this story behind unisex baby names 2016. The meaning of Ren is lotus which is the symbol of purity in mind and body because of its ability to float on the water. Ren is a beautiful unisex name that some other name researchers suggest that comes from Rene, which isn’t based on any evidence but rather proximity of the sounding. Ren was also the hero of the classic musical Footloose (which was originally portrayed by Kevin Bacon in 1984).

Popular Baby Names 2016
Did you like our exclusive list of popular baby names 2016 for girls and boys? Leave a message with your own suggestions and let us know if you plan to give one of the above names to your newborn baby.

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