Popular Baby Names for Twin Boys

See everything double? No, you are not drunk, you just had twins and you absolutely love them! Twin boys can be one of the true blessings parents can ask for as they infuse life into your home. Double fun comes with two identical baby boys that no one can ignore. Super cute and ultra sweet, twin baby boys are a dream come true for many mothers who wish to have two children with one pregnancy. But how about their names? Luckily for you, popular baby names for twin boys have many cool themes you can choose from.

First, you can have the same letter theme. All you have to do is pick two names that start with the same letter. For example Matthew and Michael. This is a must trend for parents who are looking for popular baby names for twin boys. Then, you can have fun mix and match names that are almost identical bar one letter. In this case, the entire name is the same and only letter can make the difference. Jayden and Kayden is a prime example of this trick.

Carrying on with the letter play, some parents choose to have the same ending as a theme for the names of their twins. A good choice in this section is Andrew and Matthew. And since we started talking about the Old Testament, you can have a religious theme for the names of your twin boys too. Benjamin and Samuel are highly recommended for that matter.

So let’s have a closer look to the most popular baby names for twin boys according to the Social Security Administration (SSA) along with their origin and meaning.

Popular Baby Names for Twin Boys

Jacob & Joshua: you might already know that Jacob was the most popular baby names from 1999 to 2012 in US, a stunning feature that is hard to copy. Not many names have pulled this amazing record, and Jacob proved to be a favorite among American parents. Now it’s time to rule the popular baby names for twin boys charts along with Joshua. Jacob literally means to follow, but the most prominent meaning that we know today is to overreach. Joshua on the other hand means salvation. If you add Josh as a cool bonus for a trendy nickname, you have a killer twin names combination that is hard to beat.

Popular Baby Names for Twin Boys
Matthew & Michael: do you like M&M’s? You know, the colorful button-shaped candies that all children love and adults can’t resist? Yeah, that’s right, we know you are into M&M’s as much as we are. Now it’s time to bring this sweetness into your family by picking two names that start with M. Turn into the Bible and find dozens of references, with the most popular being Matthew and Michael. Everywhere your twin boys go, they will be remembered as the M&M duo that bring sweet memories especially to girls. I’m sure they will love you for that!

Daniel & David: another set of Hebrew names that can be found in the Old Testament. Since biblical baby names are so popular lately, why not follow the trend and pick two of the most important figures of the Israeli nation for your twin boys? Daniel was famous for interpreting dreams and visions of kings and his story with the den of lions is still an inspiration of how strong faith can help you even in the most difficult circumstances. 21st of July is the day that St. Daniel is commemorated as a martyr by the Roman Catholic Church. That’s a wonderful hint if you give birth on that day and are interested in July baby names. David was also an important biblical figure as he was an ancestor of Jesus Christ. He was the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel. David was known as a righteous king and a storied warrior. His musical skills and fame as a great poet credited David for composing most of the Book of Psalms. There you go, you know have more than you need if you are a music lover and instead of choosing a name after a pop or rock singer, you want to give a meaningful name full of history.

Jayden & Jordan: popular baby names for twin boys that both start with the letter “J” is often considered as a “Double Dragon” choice. The reason is that J is a very energetic letter that is associated with confidence. Thus, a double J combination for your lovely twins will bring an aura of power and respect around them. The son of a celebrity can always bring a name into the spotlight and help them climb the charts. That’s what happened with Jayden when multi-talented actor and rapper Will Smith picked it for his son. Jordan on the other hand is an old Aramaic name that comes from “Yarden” which means one who descends.

Jayden & Jaylen: you will appreciate the power of words when you find out that even a single letter can change the meaning of a name dramatically. That’s the story behind two of the most popular baby names for twin boys, Jayden and Jaylen. Trading D for L in the middle of each name is enough to bring you a whole new meaning. Jayden is means thankful and is often linked with a green semi precious stone. Jaylen on the other hand is means healer and is able to bring peace and tranquility at his surroundings. If you fancy virtue names that are not so obvious like Justice or Noble, you will love Jayden and Jaylen.

Elijah & Isaiah: how about popular baby names for twin boys that can rhyme? Elija and Isaiah share the same hip -ah ending, making them as hot as the summer sun. A true wonder worker (bringing fire from the sky), Elijah was a powerful prophet who was one of the very selected group of people who raised from the dead. I’m sure you would like to see your son living many many years, don’t you? Isaiah was yet another important biblical figure and his name means salvation. A pair of twins named Elijah and Isaiah will be easily remembered by anyone as they can flow as nice as a Kanye West rap song (make sure you check out all the latest pictures of Kanye and Kim on PerezHilton.com)

Julian & Aaron: do it like a celebrity and pick one of the most popular baby names for twin boys in Hollywood When news broke that Robert De Niro picked Julian and Aaron as the names of his twins, the world went crazy! If you want to be like an A-list celebrity who is reasonable enough not to pick super weird baby names, Julian and Aaron are perfect for you. Plus they are both not very common so you will make a difference with your choice.

Ethan & Evan: we love short names and there is no way we can hide it! Ethan and Evan are among our favorite popular baby names for twin boys mainly because they keep it simple and at the same time attractive. Ethan means strong and firm, bringing a sense of safety for all the girls around him. Evan is the Welsh form of John which has a double meaning depending on which baby name expert you ask. Some suggest that it means God Is Gracious while others will point to the young warrior interpretation. Both names live and breathe confidence, an attribute that is so much needed in today’s demanding world where strong men rule the world.

Popular Baby Names for Twin Boys
Alexander & Anthony: last but not least, here’s a pair of popular baby names for twin boys inspired by glorious leaders who won countless battles. Alexander the Great was the young Greek general who fought the Persians and brought glory to their nation enlarging the borders of the now-tiny Mediterranean¬†country from Italy to India. Anthony was a Roman general who achieved similar heroic status by leading the Empire in so many victories that brought him all the way to Egypt. There, he finally fell in love with Cleopatra, the seductive Queen of Egypt, immortalized by Elizabeth Tailor in the epic 1963 movie.

Did you like our list of popular baby names for twin boys? That’s only a short sample of the endless mix and match opportunities you have for your twins. You are double blessed with the gift of life and you should be thankful that your family grew by two. Now it’s time to pick one of the popular baby names for twin boys to make this event unique by choosing one of the fun themes presented above. All the best with your newborns!

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