Pretty Boy Names with Awesome Name Meanings

Pretty boy names are sexy. Browse these pretty baby names for handsome boys and be sure that your son will be known for his cute looks! Being pretty is a concept, the image you project to others. Pretty boy names can help your beloved son boost this kind of pretty aura that will attract girls.

We have gathered the best pretty boy names that come from different cultural background (Irish, Scottish, Hebrew, Greek, etc). Baby names that go beyond the usual nature of prettiness and have clever associations with pretty icons. Subtle links to unique people that enahnce your children’s reputation as handsome boys that will grow to be attractive men.

Pretty Boy Names

Aaron: Any baby name that starts with AA scores a double hit, don’t you think? Besides being pretty, Aaron will guarantee that your baby boy will be first in any kind of alphabetical list. First in his class, first in the list of employees in his future job, first in everything! Aaron is a Hebrew baby name. Its literal meaning is high mountain but it’s used more often to describe the enlightened person, the one who has seen God. According to the Holy bible, Aaron was the brother of Moses, a significant character in Christianity. A timeless choice for pretty boys. If you don’t believe us, ask Elvis, whose middle name was Aron.

Galan: being pretty also means being calm. Noone likes anxious people full of stress. Galan comes from the Greek word “Galen” and means calm. In other traditions Galan means the healer, the person who listens to other people’s troubles and responds with kind words that have the ability to short out issues.

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Ian: we love short baby names with only three letters, we find them very pretty. Ian is a prime example of pretty boy names that are effortless and cool without being flashy or trying to much to impress. The Scottish version of John, Ian means “the Lord is gracious”. It became oh-so cool after Ian Fleming intoduced James Bond to the world, the Alpha male that can accomplish any mission, no matter how difficult it is. Any association with British special agent Double 0 7 will be a natural prettiness boost  for your baby boy!

Irvin: another example of pretty boy names with Scottish roots. It could not be left out of this hand picked list of pretty baby names as the meaning of Irvin is actually handsome! While it used to be much more popular, it’s now becoming an uncommon name so it’s perfect for parents who prefer unique baby names.

Josiah: you might wonder why Hebrew names tend to dominate the list of pretty boy names. Oh well, it’s not our fault that they are cute and have wonderful meanings. Take Josiah for example. It means God heals. You tell us know that this ain’t pretty! Old fashioned? Sure. But it’s also charming and never gets too old or rusted as a baby name for boys. Josiah was the upright king of Judah according to the Bible. In more recent times, the name appeared in a Charles Dickens character in the novel “Hard Times”.

Kenai: If you love to watch animated movies with your children, we are sure that you haven’t missed the fantastic 2003 Disney movie “Brother Bear” in which Kodah and Kenai were the 2 pretty bears that became best friends (watch the trailer). How cute is that? A cool nickname for Kenai could also be Kai.

Kian: we carry on the pretty boy names list with another short name that has only one syllable. Kian is the Anglicized version of Cian, who was a hero according to an ancient Celtic legend. Cian is still one of the Top Irish Names for boys but American parents prefer Kian to clarify spelling. Academy Award actress Geena Davis (known for her outstanding performance in Thelma & Louise) chose Kian as one of her twin’s name.

Lennon: one of the pretty boy names that instantly qualified in this list was Lennon thanks to the obvious association with the legendary Beatles singer that changed the world with his music. Timeless songs like Imagine and Mother (written for his parents who were never there for him) are haunting masterpieces with twisted lyrics that music loving parents tend to honor by naming their boys Lennon. A great example of a surname turning into a birth name, Lennon is an Irish baby name that actually means small cloak.

Maddox: we wanted to include a celebrity baby name in the pretty boy names list juts to highlight the fact that prettiness stems from high profile parents that glow stardom. No matter how hard we searched, we couldn’t find a better representative than Maddox, a name that was specially chosen by Hollywood superstar couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for their oldest boy. The name comes from Madoc (also spelled Madog) which is of Welsh origin and means fortunate boy or the benefactor’s son.

Micah: on the brick of the Top 100 baby names charts, one can find Micah. It belongs to pretty boy names with an attitude as it is a cool alternative to the old and tired Michael. The shiny fresh image of Micah makes it pretty and celebrity parents like Sarah Drew (best known from her roles in successful TV series Everwood and Grey’s Anatomy) opted for this cute baby name.

Reuben: certainly underused but elegant and classy without being too boring. Reuben has rich history behind it as refers to Jacob’s first born son by Leah. Reuben was one of founders of the 12 tribes of Israel. As Jacob is one of the most popular name in US, perhaps when these boys grow up and start their own family Reuben will be the no.1 top baby name as they follow their biblical line of heritage. So be proactive and choose it before everyone else!

Riley: true in our tradition to include unisex names and not strictly boy names in our carefully selected baby names lists, here’s Riley. It’s one of the few examples of modern androgynous names that ketp its masculine image as it became extremely popular for girls (there are currently 5,000 girls named Riley in USA every year and the name appears in no. 54 in the official charts). However, we do feel that pretty boy names have some feminine touch in them, so if you are OK with unisex names, Riley is a wonderful sweet choise!

Rowan: on the other hand, some pretty boy names need to maintain the strong and confident nature. Rowan is a Scottish name that does exactly that. It’s tough but also pretty as it was once used for girls, having a bit of feminine touch as well, this time going from the opposite way. Funny is always being considered as a pretty factor from the ladies, so British comedian Rowan Atkinson, better known as Mr. Bean, makes this name hillarious and will guarantee that will make women laugh. You know what they say: put a smile on a girl’s face and you have already won her.

Sanjay: belongs to Sanskrit pretty boy names as it reminds people of sun and positive ray, Sanjay means triumphant. Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, chose Sanjay as her baby boy name adding a bit of historic edge and eastern touch.

Shawnel: unique and rare, a modern made-up name that American parents invented in order to make a difference from the more common Shawn.

Warren: a French baby name that is an all time classic as it can be found in the top 200 consistenly since the early 20th century. It was lately associated with rapper Warren G. A true West Coast legend and a true representative of the G-Funk era, Warren G received worldwide acclaim thanks to his smash hit Regulate redefining what “pretty” means in the new urban era. Along with his west coast buddies, Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg (R.I.P.) they released many hits as the soulful funk super band known as 213.

Zac: diminutive of Zachariah, a Hebrew baby name that means the Lord has remembered. Zac is cool and fresh, the short nature of the name makes it the last (but not least) entry in the pretty boy names list. It’s even better in our humble opinion that Zach or Zack. Celebrity name holder Zac Efron, whose birth name was actually Zachary, is the most famous and attractive name bearer.

Do you like our pretty boy names suggestions? Do you have any feedback on them or would you like to add your own pretty boy names? Feel free to leave us a comment and help us make this post even more pretty!

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