Rare Baby Boy Names 2015

From A to Z, we present you the exclusive list of rare baby boy names 2015. Find rare and unique names for your baby boy, inspired by history, religion, literature or add international flavor to existing names. Each year, we update the list of rare baby boy names because last year’s names might not be relevant any more. Some of the rare names for boys that we suggested in 2014 are now more popular, thus parents need to have the most recent information before they make up their mind. Doing your homework before making up your mind on your son’s name is vital because his name will accompany him for the rest of his life. Now, you don’t want to mess this up, do you?

Fortunately, our team of experienced baby name enthusiasts, are here to help you. Our ready made list of rare baby boy names 2015 consists of carefully selected names that are unique and unusual. We look everywhere for inspiration and we weigh a lot of different factors before we end up with the final list. References and potential is the most critical factors, while other criteria like ease of pronunciation and alternative nick names are also considered. These rare baby boy names 2015 are the ultimate collection of the most unique names for your future son and we are sure that will satisfy your hunger for finding something that has rarely been used or heard before.

Rare Baby Boy Names 2015

Amis: we start from the first letter of the alphabet with a Literary baby name that derives from the surname British writers Kingsley and Martin Amis. The fact that it’s short and straight forward, makes it a no nonsense choice for parents who want a soft and attractive name for their baby boy.

Rare Baby Boy Names 2015
Booker: let’s redefine cool and suggest an occupational name of English origin as one of the first rare baby boy names 2015. The meaning of Booker is scribe and as you can imagine, it’s perfect for future authors and writers. If you happen to love literature, poems or good old tales, Booker is a name that you might find interesting. It has been linked with libraries and knowledge, with science and research. Who knows, your son might be the next Einstein, a top scientist who invents the cure of cancer or something life changing formula that saves the world from global warming. There is one more reference to literature about Booker, the annual UK award for the best novel, called the Man Booker Prize.

Herbert: a name that was long forgotten, it’s time to bring it back from the 1900’s. Herbert is one of the rare baby boy names 2015 of German origin. The meaning of Herbert is famous army and it can be used by parents who have served the army or veterans. Also perfect if your baby boy was born on the 4th July (we have some more suggestion if that’s the case, see our special collection of 32 Patriotic Baby Names).

Igance: French variations can also be a great place to find inspiration for rare baby boy names 2015. France is a country with deep culture and years of history, but Ignace is actually a tribute to a religious name, Ignatius. This cool variation of an old Latin name that means fiery, makes it more sweet and cute. Some parents prefer tough and strong baby names, but most of you want suggestions that are sweet and cute. Ignace has the best of both worlds, combining the bold image of a fiery person with the softer and more elegant French pronunciation. We are experts when it comes to finding the perfect name, don’t you agree?

Kemuel: your little angel is so precious to you, why don’t you give him the gift of carrying an Angel name? Kemuel is one of the blessed rare baby boy names 2015 that come from the heavens and give a mystic aura to this earthy world. The meaning of Kemuel is helper of God and it represents one of the finest examples of a cool name with Hebrew origin that has an amazing meaning. Kemuel might sound like Samuel but it’s way more distinctive and unique. Your son will thank you when he grows up!

Leif: a name that is on the brink of discovery from the wide public which just broke the milestone of being placed within the 1,000 most popular baby names. Currently ranked at 998, Leif is a Scandinavian name for boys that reminds you of prosperity and wealth. The meaning of Leif is descendant and as your son will inevitably be your heir, then you might want to consider this rare name for boys, especially if you have a significant wealth to pass on to him. Apart from the rich and famous association, Leif is also linked with adventure and exploring the new frontiers. Thanks to Leif Erikson, the brave traveller who first set foot on the cold and remote island of Iceland, Leif has forever been associated with the fearless men who don’t back down, who push forward and set new records. Your son Leif will recognize no limits and will be a free spirit, willing to travel the world and constantly open new doors of opportunities.

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Rhett: a Dutch baby name that was later transferred to English, with an intellectual meaning. Rhett means advice, and it’s one of the rare baby boy names 2015 that are rationalizing the naming process. You want your son to be a good boy, to take your advice and listen to what you have to say. You want the best for him, and you are prepared to give the best advice to help him in this tough and sometimes difficult life. Rhett is an unusual and rare name that be a bit difficult to pronounce, but it has all the qualities of a great name. It’s highly recommended by our team of baby name experts!

Rare Baby Boy Names 2015
Severus: cool, unique and rare, this name has it all! Severus is a Latin name that means stern and it has been a hidden gem for years until it made an appearance on Harry Potter’s books. For sure, there are not so many boys called Severus, so your son will carry a unique name in school and it’s more than certain that it will help him make more friends along the way. Something that he will appreciate when he grows up.

Zed: sounds like Zelda, the beloved Nintendo game that so many boys in the 90’s grew up with. But Zed has nothing to do with video games. It’s actually a short form of Zedekiah, the Hebrew name that means the Lord is just. Zed is one of the most energetic rare baby boy names 2015 due to the Z- letter at the start. It provides the fuel for extra ordinary power and strength. Zed is a cool short name that just graduated from nick name lane and became a stand alone name on its own. It’s more fresh than Zac and it’s fancier than Ted or Ned. Be different and bet on the power of Z!

Did you like or list of rare baby boy names 2015? Do you have any feedback for your own rare boy names for this year? If you do, we would love to hear from you. Leave us a comment using the form below and tell us what you think is the best fit for this unique and rare names list.

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