Rare Baby Names 2014 for Boys

Rare baby names are being discovered every day by celeberities and become popular within a few months. That’s why we need to constantly find new baby names that are still uncommon. BabyNamesLog.com is dedicated in presenting you with the most up-to-date list of rare baby names. 2014 will be the year that exotic names will remain a remarkable source of rare baby names for boys.

Our show-stopping list of rare baby names is a heritage to history and mythology. We had long research sessions in different libraries of the world and hand picked the most unusual, unique and rare baby names for 2014. Shaking up the traditional notion of the rare baby names that are too generic, we have split this somewhat vague category in three smaller groups of rare baby names.

See below for the full list of rare baby names along with name meanings and name origin.

Rare Baby Names 2014 – Beautiful

Cute boys grow up to be handsome men. Baby names can help them to gain a reputation of charming and attractive men.

Adonis: a combination of Greek mythology with contemporary experimentation. Adonis was the God of beauty and desire. He was worshiped in many different forms in a number of ancient mystery religions. Adonis represents the eternal youth, a dream that most women chase in their lives. Adonis was the deity that dies and resurects every year, remaining always strikingly fresh and seductively charming. These kind of rare baby names can apply a haunting aura of prettiness to your baby boy. Adonis derives from adon, a Semitic word that means lord and is associated to the Hebrew term Adonai, meaning God.

Rare Baby Names 2014 for Boys

Bello: beauty is not only for ladies, so Bella would not only stick to girls. The male version of this beautiful baby name is not so common in US, however is not unheard of in Italy. The trendy -o ending gives Bello a first class ticket to parents that wish to find a passionate name for their baby boys.

Keefe: rare baby names of Irish origin often have noble origin. Indeed, Keefe is a unique composition of high-born and handsome meaning. This qualifies it among the rare baby names that are not only attractive but also righteous and honourable. Keefe was used as a surname in Ireland, but some Irish immigrants in US started naming their sons Keefe in the early 20th century. This trend never really got heated, we wonder why not, but hey that’s not a problem for parents that are looking for rare baby names!

Rare Baby Names 2014 – History

Countless historic references serve as a rich source of rare baby names every year. In 2014, we have digged even further to uncover some of the best kept secrets that history holds for parents. See the list below!

Cato: we love rare baby names that keep it short and sweet. The meaning of Cato is all-knowing and it has a Latin origin. Cato the Elder was a storied Roman statesman known for his conservatism. Cato the Elder did not like the idea of Greek culture invading into the Roman empire and he actively opposed Hellenization. Rare baby names like Cato that have celebrated history characters behind them, known for being top at multiple fields such as soldier and author, are ideal for parents that have big dreams for their baby boys.

Linus: this one is interesting. The meaning of Linus is flax and it has a Greek origin. According to the myth, Linus was the super talented musician who invented rhythm. He is also credited with the invention of melody. Can you imagine how cool it would be to be the person behind music itself? Linus credentials don’t stop here. He was Hercule’s musical teacher, the Greek semi God known for his immense strength and his far-ranging adventures around the world. Linus Caldwell was featured in Ocean’s 11 (watch the official trailer on YouTube) starring Matt Damon, but for a strange reason it never got really popular.

Rare Baby Names 2014 – Arthurian Legend

The great almighty King Arthur inspired so many stories during the centuries. Arthur might not be a suitable baby name for moms and dads in search for rare baby names, as the King himself made this name immortal and forever popular. However, there are dozens of other hidden gems in the Arthurian legend, that remain widely unknown to most people. Let’s have a closer look and discover some amazing rare baby names for boys.

Kay: derives from the Welsh name Cai. Sir Kay was one of the Knights of the Round Table that was a brave companion of Arthur. Rare baby names that keep it short and straightforward have a certain advantage. They are cool and somehow mysteriously sexy. Kay in particular sounds exotic and is has a striking appeal with women. Some baby names experts suggest that Kay might also refer to the Latin name Caius which means rejoice.

Oberon: another form of Auberon. Oberon was the King of the Fairies. He was intorduced by Shakespeare in the masterpiece A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The meaning of Obern is noble, but it also known as bearlike. The second definition is more masculine and you can choose it if you are looking for strong and confident rare baby names for your son. Other sources suggest that Oberon has German origin and means royal bear. Last but not least, Oberon is known in astronomy as planet Uranus’ outermost major moon.

Rare Baby Names 2014 – Scandinavian

Norway, Sweden and Finland have great legends. Their heroes inspired one of the biggest block busters in 2013, Thor. Hold your horses, this name is not considered rare anymore. But as we told you before, we don’t stay on the surface. We have done extensive research to find the best rare baby names 2014. This section is dedicated to Scandinavian names.

Arvid: a simple, yet sophisticated choice. The meaning of Arvid is eagle tree and it has Norwegian origin. In fact, Arvid derives from two Old Norse words, arn which means eagle and viðr which means tree. It’s one of the rare baby names in US that are extremely popular in other countries. Arvid can be found on #22 in Sweden. Suitable for eco-friendly parents that want to teach their sons how to be closer to nature. The eagle part of Arvid makes it also a prime candidate for parents who served the army or they are looking for patriotic names.

Egil: a very masculine name that comes from the times of the mighty Vikings. Egil Skallagrimsson, the semi-legendary Icelandic warrior, who was also a celebrated poet. And that my friends, is a very rare combination, don’t you think? He wrote the famous Egil’s Saga which narrates epic stories from 850-1000 CE and is considered to be among the finest lyric poetry of that time. The meaning of Egil is edge of the sword and it derives from the Norse element agi which means awe. How awesome is that?

Hakon: simplified version of Haakon, which means chosen son. It derives from há, which means high or chosen, and konr which means son. If you wish to inject some royal blood in the family, then Hakon might be perfect for you as it was the name of seven kings of Norway. No wonder why Hakon is so popular in Norway, currently ranking at #44.

Rare Baby Names 2014 for Boys

Latham: the English version of an original Scandinavian surname. The meaning of Latham is the barn. Perfect for parents who love animals, and especially birds, thanks to the Latham Foundation which is known for its services in animal-assisted therapy. Latham is not only associated with animal cruelty prevention but also other human issues. Latham is also a hamlet in Albany County, New York.

Did you like our list of rare baby names 2014 for boys? We are confident that you haven’t seen these unique baby names before. If you have any other suggestions for rare baby names, please feel free to leave a comment and feed us back with your thoughts!

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