Rare Baby Names 2016 for Girls

The annual version of our rare baby names 2016 for girls is now out! Check out the latest suggestions in girl names that are not heard very often. Everybody loves rare stuff like diamonds or exclusive editions. The same logic applies to rare baby names. They are unique and represent an exquisite taste of the parents who chose it. We have looked into the official SSA database and identified those baby girl names that are super rare, meaning they appear less than 10 times a year. We then hand picked the most intriguing choices based on the history, meaning and beautiful sound of each name.

Are you ready to embark an exciting trip to the depths of rare baby names 2016 for girls? Read on and find out for yourself!

Rare Baby Names 2016 for Girls

Alithia: if you happen to give birth in Thanks Giving or around Christmas, then you should seriously consider choosing a cool virtue name like Alithia. This magnificent feminine name means truth in Greek and as you can imagine, it’s the best way to teach your baby girl how to be honest and avoid lies. Alithia will be a constant reminder of the virtue of truth that will guide your daughter throughout her entire life.

Rare Baby Names 2016 for Girls
Bae: a short and straight forward name that derives from Bay. Bae is the rare variation of a unisex name that has Latin origin and means berry. Bae will be one of the most pleasant baby names in 2016 that can also be used as a middle name. It follows the recently popular trend of water related names that of course belong to the overall family of nature baby names. If you are living in the San Francisco bay area, then it would be a cool variation for your female startup founder of the future!

Brinn: another sweet alternative of a cool unisex name, Brinn is a variation of Bryn. They might sound exactly the same but they have an entirely different spelling. Brinn is also a nature baby name as the true meaning of this ultra rare name is hill. It comes from Welsh language and proves to be a gentle choice for parents who are close to mother nature. Interestingly, in Wales, Brinn is given more often to boys rather than girls, but on this side of the Atlantic it’s the other way round. In terms of different spelling variations, Brynn outranked the original version back in 1999, so who knows? Maybe Brinn will outperforming all the previous versions by 2019.

Dari: some baby name researchers suggest that this is a Hebrew name while others insist that it’s Irish. However, both sides agree on the meaning of Dari which is pearl of wisdom. The ultimate stone that gives unlimited knowledge to its bearer. Think about it like “my precious”, the magic ring from Lord of the Rings, the one to rule them all. Or if you are more romantic, you can consider Dari as the lady who will steal the hearts of many men and will be highly desired.

Dezi: have you ever desired something so much that you just couldn’t resist? This name represents exactly that. The desire, as it derives from the Spanish name Desiderio which means the desired one. The letter -z can add a jazzy feeling to any name boosting the energy around it. And if you need celebrity endorsement, you will be surprised to see that TV persona Jaime Pressly chose it for her baby boy.

Gena: a diminutive that becomes more and more popular, yet it remains relatively uncommon. Gena derives from Angelina, Regina and so on. We love short baby names and we don’t hide it, so it’s only natural that you will find shorter versions of popular names in our rare baby names 2016 for girls. If you love Angelina Jolie (check her latest movie Maleficent where she plays the role of a cruel witch who is struggling with an ancient love spell) but you want an uncommon variation of that name, you can invest without any trouble on Gena. Your investment is guaranteed to give great returns in the future!

Gizel: dedicated to little fashionistas around the world, Gizel is a true representation of style and elegance. It derives from the uber hot Gisele Bundchen, the Brazilian super model that rocks the pret a porte for the past two decades. You already know her, but do you really know the origin of her name? Well, you will be surprised to know that Gizel means pledge. Though the origin of this sexy name is indeed German and is associated widely with Brazil, this version is more French and definitely sounds more balletic and graceful.

Lainie: Elaine is nice of course, but a bit over used. Thinking of a more unique way to honor your grandma by giving your baby girl her name? Choose Lainie and add a cool twist to an already successful name. The meaning of Lainie is shining bright.

Lucilla: one of the most wonderful rare baby names 2016 for girls which comes directly from heaven. Lucilla means light and it belongs to the celestial names with an ancient pedigree as it derives from the ancient Rome. The Latin origin of this name makes it more distinctive than Lucille. Elaborating on the simpler Lucy, it goes the extra mile and adds a layer of mystery. Lucilla is much more delicate and thus parents will surely find it more appealing than Lucinda.

Ondine: mythology can give you great inspiration if you are looking for rare baby girl names 2016. According to ancient Irish tales, Ondine was the spirit of the water. The deity is also known as selkie, a mythological creature that brings love and hope to humans, motivating them to become what they always wanted to be.The meaning of the name Ondine is little wave, and our guess is that your baby girl can play the role of a positive wave that can change the world into a better place. Even though only 10 girls were given this name last year, it was given its fair share of publicity through the 2009 love story with Syracuse “Circus” Colin Farrell and Alicja Bachleda.

Rare Baby Names 2016 for Girls
Tansy: did you know that flower baby names are super interesting when it comes to rare baby names 2016 for girls? Yes, that’s right, and there is a good reason for that. Plants have gazillions of different species, and guess what. Each one of them has a different name, so you can expect a wealth of unique names to grow straight from the earth. Tansy is a fantastic example that has a really strong meaning of endurance. It means immortality in Greek and it has bright golden yellow blossoms. The flower was used during the Middle Ages as a herb against all kinds of illness and diseases. Tansy is much more rare than Rosy and certainly not weird like Pansy.

Did you like our unique list of rare baby names 2016 for girls? Feel free to contribute by suggesting your own ideas on uncommon names like the ones presented above.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Tansy is actually a deadly poisonous plant!! LOL. My boyfriend picked me a bouquet of this poisonous plant after our first real fight, and I could not help but die laughing! Super poisonous to humans and animals. Not a good name for a pretty little girl!!

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