Rare Baby Names for Boys

Rare baby names can be bold but beautiful at the same time. They can give your baby a unique edge that will make him stand out of the crowd. Similar to unforgettable baby names, they will make sure that your son’s name will never be mistaken. The following list of rare baby names for boys has been carefuly selected to reflect this special sense of being exceptional.

Get fresh ideas for naming your beloved son and choose an unusual name that won’t be found on any other top baby names list!

The Best Rare Baby Names for Boys

Alban: from Alba, a name of Latin origin

Barnabas: the son of consolation, a rare baby name of Greek origin

Bartholomew: Hebrew name who was the son of Tolmai according to the christian Bible

Blade: are you a sci-fi fan? Then you will link this rare baby name to the classic dystopian film Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford and directed by legendary Ridley Scott. If not, then you opt in for a strong baby name that reminds the weapon sword or knife.

Blaise: a rare French name that means limping.

Clement: a baby name of English origin that represents the person who is gentle and merciful.

Dante: latin word that means eternal or everlasting, best known from the top poet Dante Alighieri who wrote the masterpiece Inferno that describes the path through the nine circles of hell.

Drachen: a German name that means Dragon or just a kite.

Drakkar: a rare Scandinavian baby name derived from the Viking longship Drekar.

Dunstan: the brown stone.

Edmund: the rich protector. Celebrity baby name for actor Edmund Gwenn. See? Some celebrities have rare baby names!

Elmo: a variation of Elmor which means the protector of people. Elmo is best known as the red muppet character from the famous kids TV show Sesame Street. Elmo was a real red dynamo with a positive character, why don’t you give these nice attributes to your baby boy?

Florian: a rare Latin baby name that means the person who is flowering, or the gardener.

Forrest: you watched the epic romantic hal-fcomedy half-drama film Forrest Gump and you cried when Tom Hanks was asking about his son, if he is going to be like him…well, this rare baby name is not anything like him in brains but all about Forrest in the hurt and values.

Grendel: a fearsome creature that comes from the story of Beowolf and was one his arch enemies along with a dragon and Grendel’s mother.

Ignatius: the fiery one, a rare baby name of Latin origin.

Januarius: dedicated to our lovely Capricorns, born in January! See more Baby Names by Month.

Jett: a rare baby name of English origin that mean jet black. Remember The teenage TV series “The Famous Jett Jackson”?

Lore: an American baby name that means history or story. It is an alternative form of the name Laura.

Lynk: a rare form of the name Link, which by the way means…you guessed it! Link!

Morrow: a dimunative of tomorrow which means the next day.

Parrish: originally a surname, this rare baby name of English origin means the noble. In 1961 Parrish the drama film was released in theaters telling the story of a young man who was in conflict with his stepfather, a cruel and brutal millionaire.

Payne: an alternate form of the word pain, which was given to the fictional dark character Max Payne in the 2001 video game by Rockstar Games that later became a film-noir movie in 2008. Max was an anti hero that was trying to revenge for the murder of his wife.

Peregrine: a unique baby name that comes from the Peregrine falcon. As all birds represent freedom because they can fly, the name Peregrine also means the wanderer, the adventurer.

Ragnor: an uncommon baby name that comes from Ragnar Lodbrok from who became a living menace for England and France and ruled the Nordic people in the Viking Age. He is also known as the father of Björn Ironside, the legendary king of Sweden.

Roch: this is a rare variant of the Italian name Rocco which means “rest”.

Sabre: an uncommon form of saber which means the sword.

Shayde: another form of Shade, best known from the fictional character of Doctor Who, a sci-fi TV series that became very popular in Britain during the 80’s. Shayde was something like a robot that the complex computer network called Matrix built from scratch. Shayde could travel through time and space without the help of any kind of machinery and could fire psychic bullets to his enemies, an interesting ability for your baby boy when he gets bullied in school!

Talon: a rare English name that means the claw of a bird.

Thorne: from the Thorn bush. Also a modern system of plant taxonomy and a TV series debuted in 2010 in UK starring David Morrissey as a police inspector.

Vail: apart from being a skiing town in Colorado, this rare baby name of English origin means the dweller in the valley.

Vitus: on of the rare baby names inspired by Christianity, Vitus was a saint from Sicily and died as a martyr. The name Vitus was also given to the 2006 drama film that tells the story of a young boy who has extra-ordinary talent in piano and music but his parents are pushing him a bit too much to achieve the most difficult goals they could ever think of. Please please please…never do that to your son, he deserves love and support from you!

Zephyr: the west wind derived from the ancient Greek word Zephyros.

rare baby names for boys

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