Rare Baby Names for Girls

Rare baby names are unique alternatives to the more popular names that monopolize the interest of parents. We have looked into libraries, on-line publications, journals and encyclopedias to bring you the most exceptional rare bay names for girls. If you are looking for uncommon girl names, then you will be excited to read this list.

Having rare baby names in your family is refreshing! It makes a huge difference when it comes to memory and remembering one’s name. Girl names in particular derive their extraordinary nature from ulikely sources that most people would never imagine! Thus, they have the unique ability to stir fantasy and inspiration.

Rare girl names are unusual but cool at the same time. Being out of the ordinary does not mean that a girl name will be isolated. On the contrary, having an unfrequent name will only help your baby girl to be distinct and value the notion of diversity.

Rare Baby Names for Girls with Unique Name Meanings

Amity: one of the Latin rare bay names with the lovely meaning of friendship. Is there anything better than to teach your baby girl to be a true friend, one that will always be by the side of her girlfriends? Amity has a real virtue in it and is much more melodic than other girl names that have positive meanings like Grace or Hope.

rare baby names for- girls
Celestine: a neglected gem which might be just what you were looking for when staring the sky! Celestine derives from Celeste. It has Latin origin and means heavenly

Dita: belongs to the European rare baby names. Dita comes from Czech Republic and has the fancy meaning of  rich gift. Another attractive version could be Ditte which has Scandinavian origin.

Dusana: a delicate choise for spiritual parents that seek unique inspirational baby names! This rare Slavi girl name has the meaning of the soul or the immortal human spirit.

Ginessa: a pretty girl name with some obvious pronunciation challenges. Ginessa means white as foam and has Celtic origin. Equally rare baby names with the same meaning are Ginerba and Ginerva.

Ione: the distinctive Greek name for the violet-colored flower. According to the Greek mythology, Ione was one of the ancient sea nymphs (also known as Nereids). The uncommon name was made known to the wider public thanks to the daughter of 60’s folksinger Donovan, the actress Ione Skye. Follow her on Twitter!

Inger: a rare diminutive of names that start with Ing-, for example Ingrid and Ingegerd. It later became a given name of its own meaning the hero’s daughter. It has Danish origin and is considered to be among the strongest and bravest girl names.

Isidora: an uncommon girl name that comes from the Christian nun Isidora who became a saint of the 4th century AD. Isidora grew up and lived her entire life in the Egyptian area of Tabennisi. She was known for veiling her head and was not particularly popular in the nuns community. However, God saw her virtue and told Saint Pitirim to visit her after he had a vision of an angel. A deeply choice for devotional parents.

Mavis: we love French baby names, so we couldn’t leave Mavis out of the list of rare baby names. The awesome meaning of songbird makes this girl name unique and pleasant.  Charlize Theron played the role of Mavis Gary in the movie Young Adult, an amazing drama about a troubled woman. Also, Mavis Staples the RnB singer and member of the group called “Staple Singers” has some chances of making this cute girl name a bit more popular. If you are a single mum, you might want to give this name to your daughter after the feminist activist Mavis Leno.

Odette : a lovely musical baby name that is just too sweet to ignore. Another French girl name (that originaly derives from German roots) that means wealthy. Natalie Portman’s role in won an Oscar for her unparallel performance as Odette, the good swan in Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake. Odette is a smooth and optimist choice for parents that have a background in music and arts.

Rowena: an upbeat yet sophisticated and rare baby name that means famous friend. Rowena was the heroine of Ivanhoe, the brave fool who was fighting crime in his own twisted mind. Rowena has a vintage touch and most parents turn to Rowan as a more popular alternative. Be bold and go against mainstream choosing the original version!

Sagira: an ancient Egyptian girl name that means the little one. Not to be confused with pop star Shakira! Other uncommon variants of this name include Sahirah which has a different meaning: being clean.

Vibeke: reminds of Vikings, but it’s actually not that masculine as this Danish  rare baby name means little woman.

Zenaida: belongs to the rare baby names of Greek origin. Zenaida means the life of Zeus, so please don’t confuse it with the eastern concept of Zen culture! 

Zipporah: a unique girl name tha has an intriguing air of antiquity. It has Hebrew roots and it was documented in the Bible as the wife of top prophet Moses. Zipporah means bird and is a rare variation of Tzipora.

Did you find interesting our list of rare baby names? Do you have other uncommon and unusualy rare baby names to suggest? We are all ears! Leave us a comment and we will make sure to include your suggestion to our list.

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18 responses to “Rare Baby Names for Girls”

  1. ixia says:

    My daughters name is ixia

  2. Crimson Wife says:

    Isidora is a name that we considered for our oldest after my grandma’s name (Isaballa) became too popular.

  3. Genna says:

    Why would a single mom want to name her baby after a famous women’s rights activists? Because she was wronged by men? That is soooo not how femenism works. Does someone give up their right to equality when they get married? I am so disgusted.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Genna, thanks for stopping by. Single moms feel the need to empower themselves and their babies. This is only one way to do it, not the only one. What might apply for them, might not be appealing to you. Feminism is an idea that can be interpreted in so many different ways. All the best, Amanda xx

  4. Kathy says:

    Tanisha is my daughters name.

  5. Margene says:

    My name, Margene was popular in 1929 and 1935. It is an English nickname for Margaret. Margene was the name of a girl on the Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950s, and also a cartoon character on the Fat Albert Show, and one of the wives on the show Big Love.

  6. Imagestudio says:


  7. Robin says:

    You’re confusing Ivanhoe and Don Quixote. Very different plots!

    Lovely list, though.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hey Robin, how so? Thanks for your feedback, we too believe that is a lovely list because it was made by pure love for baby names and babies in general! Cu around, Amanda xx

  8. Celine says:

    I love unique and rare baby names. My name is Celine, my daughters are Senaye, Kadeja and Maiara. My son is named Talis. Love them still!

  9. Camille says:

    Rowena is the name of a powerful witch in the “Supernatural” television series, glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks its a pretty name! Celestine is also the sister of Analise a main character on a show called “How To Get Away With Murder”.

  10. Donna Edwards says:

    My beautiful granddaughters name is Eglantine.

  11. Radeana Ziller says:

    Hi my name isn’t popular at all, but that’s okay with me :)Pronounced Rah Dee Nah

  12. Kelsey McMonagle says:

    When I’m older, I want to have a baby girl named either Eretria (air-eh-tray-ah) or Emberly

  13. Donna R Bryant says:

    in the later 80s & early 90s my children’s names were not common (they are now), Logan & Hannah. they wanted more exotic names for their children. here are a few of my grandchildren’s names..Liberty Dawn, Justice Jeannine, Riska Renee Alexander, Ragnar Vinvent Vaden (Riska has 2 middle names & Ragnar has 2 middle & 2 last names). btw–this is only some of my babies!

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