Rare Boy Names 2016

Rare boy names 2016 are full of references in history and ancient tales. These baby names for boys will shake things up and introduce new fascinating ideas for curious parents. Let’s be honest, everybody wants to be different, to be unique. Especially little boys who are struggling early in life to find their spot and assume their territory. Rare boy names 2016 are going to help them elevate to a status of being like no other, since names are the first impression when you meet someone.

Our rare boy names 2016 collection is built by looking in places that most people wouldn’t look. It takes certain amount of research skills to go in depth analysis and find rare baby names for boys that are not weird or sound awful. You can’t afford to have bullies telling your son how strange his name sounds every time they see him. On the other hand, what you really want is a name that will make him proud each and every day of his life. A name that you chose after carefully analyzing all your options.

Rare Boy Names 2016

Bellamy: let’s start our list of rare boy names 2016 with a unisex name. We couldn’t resist but presenting this one first as it has strike to the entire BabyNamesLog team as one of the most attractive baby names for boys these days. It has a certain charm that cannot be overlooked. The meaning of Bellamy is fine friend, thus teaching your baby boy the quality of friendship early in his life. The admirable meaning is complemented by an upbeat rhythm, thanks to the popular Belle names that parents currently love. If you can’t get your mind off Isabella or Mirabella, then Bellamy can be the rare boy name that you were looking for as it works for both genders.

Rare Boy Names 2016
Cordero: Spanish names are always attractive due to the fact that they are associated with the Mediterranean care-free lifestyle. Cordero belongs to the rare boy names 2016 that have a meaning of an animal, more specifically the lamb. The hipster -o ending makes it fashionable and brings an air of European flavor which is always cool for baby names.

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Dax: fueled by the all consuming power of the letter -x in the end of this short and sexy name, Dax is an ideal combination of looks and strength. If he was a chess pawn, it would definitely be the Black King, the most valuable piece on the chessboard. Dax has also a sci-fi vibe as it can be associated to a StarTrek character that made an appearance on Deep Space Nine. Fun fact: if you can’t get enough spa, then you might want to know that Dax is a popular French spa retreat that celebrities visit very often as it’s internationally known for the luxury facilities they offer.

Euan: a rare Gaelic name that recently came into the US radar, primarily thanks to Harry Potter’s Euan Abercrombie. The meaning of Euan is born of the yew tree and its unique spelling helps it to make it easily on the rare boy names 2016 and it’s in fact the anglicized form of Eoghann. It has the same pronunciation as Ewan, the name that became super popular thanks to the celebrity actor Ewan MacGregor. This time however, it returns with a twist to make it unique!

Frey: here’s a mythology-related name that comes straight from the cold countries of Scandinavia. According to the stories, Frey was the Nordic God of fertility, who was able to give life and love to his believers. He was a mighty God, capable of bringing happiness to people’s lives. That’s why Frey has also the meaning of the exalted one and is usually called Lord.

Hartigan: a typical example of rare boy names 2016 inspired by artists. Thanks to 20th century abstract painter Grace Hartigan, this über cool name of Irish origin is perfect for art enthusiasts. The upbeat nature of Hartigan makes it an interesting choice for parents who either have Irish roots or have an exquisite taste for fine painting. The meaning of Hartigan is descendant of legendary King of England Arthur.

Leofric: you really love Leonardo but you can’t stand it anymore because you see it everywhere, then it’s time for change. Keep the Leo- prefix and dumb the rest. Replace it with Leofric, one of the rare boy names 2016 that are a pure bliss for the child. Why? Well, they have an awesome meaning! Leof means beloved and ric derives from reign, so it represents the kingdom. Leofric is extremely rare but you can always fall back to the tried and tested Leo which is like a universal name that is accepted everywhere.

Roan: spelling variations can make lovely names. A fantastic example is Roan, the name that Sharon Stone chose for her own son. It derives from Rowan and in fact it makes it much more simple as it gets rid off the weird “w” in the middle of the name. Roan is a truly warm-hued spelling spin that is not very common, yet wins all the points from the competition. The meaning of Roan is little redhead, so it’s also perfect in case you or your hubby is a redhead!

Sterling: rare boy names 2016 can suddenly become popular, the question is: do you want to be the first who invested in this name before anyone else did? If that’s the case, then Sterling is a English name of the highest quality (yep, that’s actually the name meaning) and it can be linked to the British currency, the sterling pound. Together with the Euro and of course the US dollar, they are the world’s most trusted currency reserves for international investors. The power of the Sterling is much higher than the rest and signifies stability and reassurance based on a long culture of royalty and inheritance that cannot be easily broken. We believe that if any of our rare boy names 2016 suggestions ever make it to the top 500 baby names, then Sterling must be the one!

Thelonious: are you a Neflix fan? If you are, then you probably have already watched the post-apocalyptic sci-fi TV series “100”. It’s an epic story of humans who are trying to return to Earth after living for 100 years on an international space station called the Ark, after a devastating war that filled our planet with radiation. The chancellor of the Ark is named Thelonious Jaha, the charismatic leader who takes all the tough decisions in order to preserve the human species and save the lives of everyone on board. 100 of their people are sent to the earth to explore and that’s when strange things start to happen. You will see that Thelonious is strong, as he is sacrificing his own son for his people, but also has some weak moments where he is questioning his own set of believes. No one says that being a leader is easy, but choosing this name for your son, you will give him a head start and teach him that he has to be strong in order to survive.

Rare Boy Names 2016
Tor: we love short baby names because they are straight forward and easy to remember. Well, it can’t get shorter than Tor, the three letter Norse name that derives from Thor. The powerful God of thunder (think of it as a Scandinavian version of the Greek super-God, Zeus) who is widely known from Marvel’s comics. If you think that naming your son after a mythical God, then a spelling variation might make it more attractive and differentiate it from the rest of the weird comic book heroes.

Uhtred: a Saxon name inspired by The Last Kingdom, the successful TV series that has a wealth of fictional characters from the old English era. Now, let’s break Uhtred down to understand a little bit more of the name origin. Uht means “the time just before dawn” and read derives from the word “ræd” which stands for wisdom or advice. The authentic nature of this noble name brings it on our list of rare boy names 2016. We consider it a punchy historical name well-suited for any modern baby boy.

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  1. Melanie says:

    This list is refreshing. I especially like Dax and Frey.

  2. Prima Lux Mads'elle says:

    love this site and the wonderful work you put into it. Wish my name was on it… I had very creative parents… and I have yet to see my name on any list on any website

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