Rare Girl Names 2014

Rare girl names in 2014 are selected by our expert team to create the most unique and uncommon set of baby names with distinctive meaning. We have looked everywhere, from Hawaii to Japan. In Europe and elsewhere. In ancient history books and modern invented names. We have gathered the most exceptional rare girl names for 2014 and we are proud to present them to curious parents like you! You will be astonished with their outstanding meaning and their unusual origin. Off-beat choices like that are not very often grouped in one page, but we’ve built it just for you!

Rare girl names don’t have to be quirky or weird. Most people never heard of them, but that doesn’t mean that they are bad names. It’s just like music. Just think of all the talented musicians that you haven’t heard of, because of the fierce competition. Baby names can have the same kind of rivalry. Just look into the fight among the popular baby names and what it takes to get into the baby names charts. It doesn’t have to be like that. There are dozens of rare girl names that are amazing and need your attention in order to get noticed. They are the hidden gems of the baby names world that deserve much more credit. We pay tribute to these rare girl names and we bring them into the surface with this epic post.

Be unconventional, dare to be different and choose one of the following rare girl names for 2014. As unusual and uncommon they are, the more beautiful and extra ordinary they can be!

Rare Girl Names 2014

Aquilina: female form of the Latin name Aquilo. The meaning of Aquilina is eagle and it can be considered as a patriotic name due to the obvious links with the mighty bird that can be found on so many official US documents and logos. The crisply attractive sound of Aquilina makes it ideal for parents who wish to find a different name for their daughter. Aquilina might be rare these days, but not so much in the times of the Roman Empire when it was popular among parents. Maybe, it’s going to have a come back, who knows? But until then, it’s a one of the best choices among the rare girls names.

Rare Girl Names 2014
Araminta: rare girl names are not necessarily a thing of the past. Take Araminta for example. It’s a modern invented name that derives from the composition of two common names, Arabella and Aminta. The meaning of Araminta is defender. In 1987, auhtor Jack Vance published a science fiction novel called Araminta Station (get it now from Amazon). The story is about planet Cadwal which needs protection from extreme industrialization. The planet described in the book is oh-so beautiful and breath taking and so is the name Araminta. An amazing choice for parents who are looking for rare girl names inspired by literature.

Eliora: a Hebrew name that means God is my light. Apart from its enlighting meaning, Eliora is particularly melodic as it makes perfect use of its vowel letters. This attractive girl name is ideal for religious parents that are looking into rare girl names inspired by the Bible. Very few girls carry this name, so your daughter will have a unique advantage of exclusivity in her class!

Hebe: you never missed an episode of Friends and you just love Phoebe. She represents the alternative life style that you follow as well. You thought of naming your baby girl Phoebe but you have second thoughts as Phoebe became too common thanks to the successful TV series over the last ten years. Don’t stress about it. We have the perfect solution! Here’s to Hebe, the Greek baby name that means youth. Daughter of the god of the gods Zeus and his powerful wife Hera, Hebe was serving nectar and ambrosia to the twelve mythical Olympian gods. Nectar was the mysterious elixir of life that gave them immortality and ambrosia was a strong herb that gave them immense power. Hebe later married Hercules, the semi god Greek hero known for his brave quests. With such rich mythological origin, rare girl names like Hebe get extra points on individuality and character.

Maud: a rare variation of vintage girl name Matilda. The meaning of Maud is battle-mighty and its origin is German. Does the royal family inspire some kind of magestic feeling inside you? Then Maud might be one of the rare girl names for you, as it was the name of King Edward’s daughter. Maud of Wales was the grand daughter of Queen Victoria who became Queen of Norway when she married King Haakon VII in 1896. Royal baby names at its finest, most uncommon way, breaking the traditional names that have been widely known to the ordinary people.

Melisande: this name will blow your mind! Melisande is another form of Millicent, which in turn derives from the obsolete German name Amalswinth. This old high name was made up from two words, amal which means work and swinth which meant strength. Thus, the meaning of Melisande is the person who shows great strength in work. Rare girl names can also have cute nicknames, and in this case Meli could be a short alternative that can make a real difference.

Midori: an amazing source of rare girl names is the Japanese culture. One can find really cool ideas in their history and books. Midori means green in Japanese. However, it’s not just another color name. It has rich symbolism behind it and represents a certain human quality that most people chase these days. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s fame. So, if you want your daughter to be famous in school and have this aura of success, Midori is among the rare girl names that will do just fine! Midori Goto is the most famous holder of the name, the talented Japanese American violinist who made her debut at the tender age of 11.

Neema: from the far East, all the way to the West coast and even further. The meaning of Neema is born during good times in Swahili language. Exotic rare girl names are always attractive and mysterious. Neema is particularly positive and radiates affirmative vibes to everyone around it. A name that is a blessed gift of joy and delight to your beautiful and lovely baby girl!

Sorrell: doulbe dot is always a sign of luxury. The two r’s and two l’s found in Sorrell reinforce this concept. The actual meaning of Sorrell is reddish brown. French rare girl names like Sorrell are often soft and sensitive. They make a distinctive choice as herbal names that have a pleasant or sweet sound. They bring into mind delicate fragrance and sweet-scented memories. Your daughter will undoubtedly fall in love with Paris if you give her this name. Make sure you are prepared for this!

Tavi: never ever publish an article without having at least one unisex baby name on it. Tavi is our choice for the rare girl names 2014 that can be either for pretty boys as well as cute girls. If you look at it from the boys perspective, Tavi is a diminutive of David, the famous Biblical King. On the other hand, if you approach it from its feminine side, Tavi can be a short form of Octavia. Mouth-watering names like that are hard to find, so make sure you include Tavi on your short list. You can thank us later!

Rare Girl Names 2014
Uta: short but rich. The meaning of Uta is prosperity. A German name that is not often heard on this part of the Atlantic, apart from actress Uta Hagen. Best known for her role as Martha in Edward Albe’s block baster show Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf that premiered in Broadway in 1963. If you enjoy a good play in theaters, Uta is among the rare girl names that can rock your world and fascinate boys and girls alike.

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Did you like our special list of rare girl names for 2014? Are you prepared to join the club of those parents who opt-in for rare girl names for their daughters? Then welcome in the stylish and elegant group! Be one of us and share your own thoughts on rare girl names, we would love to hear your feedback and factor it in our research. Leave us a comment with suggestions for rare girl names that are not common in 2014 and be part of the non mainstream movement!

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  3. Beth says:

    Araminta isn’t a modern made up name. I have two Aramintas in my family tree from different branches. One was born in 1839 and one in 1882.

  4. nail says:

    love these names

  5. Gigi says:

    Araminta was actually Harriet Tubman’s real name. #funfact

  6. Billy binkerson says:

    Who names their child after a bottle of water

  7. Paige says:

    Very pretty and unusual most of them ive never even heard of although ive never spelt Maud like this ive always spelt it with an e like Maude

  8. kelly says:

    My daughters name is Izra, she is lebanese

  9. P says:

    Phoebe is NOT common, believe me

  10. Roos says:

    I named my daughter Saoirse,(pronounce seersha) after an Irish fairytale. My oldest is called MayBelle. I really liked these, but I never hear them anywhere else.

  11. ann says:

    You want to hear rare?!? My name is Dorlisa. Pronounced with a short I, like, lissa. Wish I could find another one on this planet

  12. Erlys Lein says:

    Fun read but how about the name Erlys? That’s me!

  13. Valencia says:

    Phoebe Buffay? Phoebe Tonkin, Phoebe Tomlinson, Phoebe Ryan, Phoebe Cates? Phoebe’s NOT that uncommon. Valencia kind of is though..

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