Rare Girl Names 2015

Having a rare name helps you to be unique. Find dozens of rare girl names 2015 and get inspiration for your daughter’s name. We understand that your baby girl is the most precious thing you have in life right now. It’s absolutely critical you find a matching name that will stand out and make her happy. Rare girl names 2015 are an exclusive list that our baby names experts built in order to satisfy even the most curious and adventurous parents. Keep an open mind and you will get blown by our cool suggestions.

Going through our rare girl names 2015 collection, you will be impressed by the rich meanings and deep history behind each and every one of them. From pop culture and TV female characters that have rare names, to historic references that not a lot of people know, we present the most special girl names you could think of.

Rare Girl Names 2015

Corisande: com’on let’s be honest. You never heard this name before, have you? Corisande is a badass princess name that can easily steal the crown from all the other rare girl names 2015. It’s a combination of two Greek words, Coris which stands for chorus and Ande which means singer. Remarkably unusual and at the same time evocative name, that carries a sense of romance from the medieval times. It can be found in Spanish legends of romance that go back in time. It was later transformed into an English name in the 19th century and since then it remains one of the best kept secrets of girl names. Well, until today, thanks to BabyNamesLog.com that brings you the best of the best, the crème de la crème of rare girl names 2015!

Rare Girl Names 2015

Corliss: following the lead of Corisande, here’s another name with the Corl- prefix. This time a purely English originated idea that has a relaxed meaning: carefree person. Corliss is the symbol of freedom and will give your daughter the image of a person who chases her dreams without second thoughts. An eccentric choice for parents who are looking for really rare girl names 2015 and wish to see their kids grow up as independent human beings.

Guthrie: if you happen to have Scottish roots and would like to honor your ancestors, then Guthrie is a fine choice for your daughter. Rare girl names 2015 like this have the ability to connect the past with the present in a marvelous way. They act as a bridge for the modern and the retro, by creating a contemporary path. The meaning of Guthrie is windy spot, so it can also be used by parents who care about the environment and would like to pass the eco-friendly attitude to their children. Last but not least Guthrie, is an amazing choice if you are a fan of folk music, since it is the last name of singer Woody Guthrie.

Lainey: a unique alternative spelling for Laney, which turned out to be more popular than the original. The diminutive of Elaine is one of the most haunting rare girl names 2015 since it has a very powerful meaning: bright shining one. Have you ever dreamed of raising a star? Have you ever wished that your baby girl will grow up to be a sun of love that sparkles positive vibes to everyone around her? Then Lainey can be a perfect match for you and your daughter. It also sounds like Lana, which is related to the amazing hot singer Lana Del Ray. Suddenly, this vintage nickname turned into a name of itself and it’s now enjoying a cool breeze of popularity. If you are looking for an even more rare alternative, you could opt-in for Lainie which is definitely more old-school.

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Monet: dedicated to art lovers, Monet is one of the most delicate rare girl names 2015. Thanks to the international acclaimed painter Oscar-Claude Monet, founder of French Impressionist painting, the name is strongly related to the philosophy of expressing your perceptions before nature. Naming your baby girl Monet, will give her an aura of prolific person who is creative and ready to lead. She will be known for her awesome charisma and her consistent ambition to reinvent everything around her. Monet derives from Simon, an originally Hebrew name that means listener. Monet is quickly become a favorite among bohemian type of people primarily because of talented new actress Monet Mazur. Quick trivia, her father designed the instantly recognized mouth and tongue logo for Rolling Stones.

Petal: a sweet and soft choice that reminds us the novel turned film in 2001, The Shipping News, starring Kevin Spacey and Cate Blanchett as Petal Quoyle. An exotic name that remains down-to-earth, Petal is taking advantage of the rising popularity of similar flower names for baby girls. If you think that our rare girl names 2015 are not cool enough, think again. Jamie Oliver, the fantastic celebrity chef from Britain, gave his girl the triple name Petal Blossom Rainbow when she was born in 2009. As you can see, Petal was the first choice!

Pilar: this one goes to the Latin-American community. Pilar is a Spanish classic that is rarely used else where. Now it’s time to bring this beautiful name into the surface as part of our rare girl names 2015 list. The meaning of Pilar is … well, pillar! The magic behind it is that it symbolizes Virgin Mary. How come? The story behind it is that the image of Virgin Mary miraculously appeared over a marble pillar. Some other baby name experts suggest that Pilar is an reference to Virgin Mary being the pillar of the modern Christian church. It represents both elegance and strength, bringing style that makes it a fascinating choice. Pilar is a name that all religious Catholic parents should consider, even if they don’t belong to the Latin-American community.

Rare Girl Names 2015

Piper: are you a big fan of streaming TV service Netflix? Then we are sure you already binge watched Orange is the new Black. The bold new drama-comedy series features an inmate that is doing time because of an old mistake. Piper Eressea Kerman was the real person behind the story. Her experience in the pen because of money-laundering charges in her youth, was the main inspiration behind the successful Netflix show. It was in fact so popular, that Piper entered the baby names charts for the first time. It is one of the rare girl names 2015 that are spicy enough to get attention without being weird.

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Xanthe: the letter X defines any name that includes it as special. When you have it in the front of the name, it’s even more unique. Xanthe is one of these rare girl names 2015 that benefit from the remarkably strong letter which is combined by an even better meaning. Xanthe derives from the Greek word xanthe which means golden blond. As with any rare name, you might find it hard to pronounce and it can get people confused as it’s actually ZAN-thee. If you are looking for similar X- starting names, you can also consider Xenia (also Greek) which derives from the Greek word ‘filoxenia’ and means hospitality. Not to be confused with fierce Amazon warrior Xena from the homonymous TV 90’s series!

Did you like our rare girl names 2015 list? Would you like to add some of your name suggestions? Don’t be shy! Use the comments form below and leave us your feedback. The community of mothers will thank you for your valuable input!

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25 responses to “Rare Girl Names 2015”

  1. Betty says:

    My daughters name is Nolyn (pronounced like Nolan).

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Betty, God bless your daughter, Nolyn is a really cool name. Thanks for the feedback we’ll make sure to add it in our list of rare girl names! Love Amanda xx

  2. Kandra says:

    My daughter’s name is Serenity. We call her by her name but we also call her Ren or Reni.

  3. ashley says:

    my daughters name is Trysta (Trista) and I’m pregnant. If I have another girl I’m going to name her Hadley

  4. Julia says:

    My Daughter’s name is Theia (commonly spelled “Thea”)
    I’ve yet to meet anyone else with the name! ^_^

  5. Amanda says:

    My son’s name is Kasyn! I have had the name picked out since I was a teenager in highschool because I read it in a book my Sophomore, but it was spelled Cason. I now have 4 friends that I have met after having my son that also have kids named the same name but all of them spelled differently. & 2 different friends who are pregnant having kids naming them the same thing. lol
    There is Kasyn, Kcyn, Cason, Casen, Kason, Casyn, and there is one girl and her name is spelled Kaisyn
    I thought it was very strange.

  6. Neoma says:

    Jahnavi for a girl and Indra for a boy.

    • BabyNames says:

      Thanks for your feedback Neoma! Indra becomes more and more popular these days. I love Jahnavi even though it can be a bit tricky to pronounce. All the best, Amanda xx

  7. cindy e says:

    i have ledgyn and legacie

  8. cindy e says:

    i don not know how i could have forgotten journey with ledgyn and legacie. just 3 of my 7 granddaughters. i have a daughter that was born a flower child.

  9. Hannah says:

    We had a miscarriage almost a year ago and have started trying again. the girls name we’ve picked out is Roanan. I have never heard the name before.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hannah, I’m so sorry for your loss, I wish this time everything goes well and you welcome your little angel in your family. It’s a true blessing.

  10. Rhonda says:

    All of my children have unisex names and have never been in school with anyone else having the same name. My 23yo daughter, Averi Lyric, my 20yo son William “Reid” and my 8yo son, Walter “Tate.” Both my boys are named after their grandfathers and go by their middle names. It just flowed better with our last name. I love Reid or Tate for a girl too.

  11. Yunique says:

    I wanted my daughters name to be unique without it being the same as mine…considering that my name is Yunique lol….I named her Liberty!

  12. Sam says:

    My First daughters name was Tempest Belladonna, due in june with our rainbow girl and not sure what we are gonna name her.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Sam, God bless your family! There are so many awesome names to chose from, just browse around and I’m sure you’ll find exactly what you are looking for. All the best :)

  13. Linda says:

    My daughter’s name is Taffy & yes it is her real name not a nickname. Most of her life she has never had to use her last name because she was always the only Taffy.

  14. Charissa says:

    My name is Charissa (pronounced Sha-rissa). It gets people sometimes on how to pronounce but I have always gotten compliments on how unique it is. My daughter is Morgan and my son is Wyatt! Wyatt is becoming more popular but when I picked it I hadn’t heard it for a long time. Morgan was a name that came to me as I was praying for a name for my daughter on the way home from the hospital. She was infant female on paper work! 😀.

  15. Lena Rosita Vines says:

    My kids names are Natasha Sol. Dax Thomas. Yanni Josiah, Aenaya Tagan and Kiowa Eon. I love the unique names it makes them unique.

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