Royal Baby Name: It’s a Boy! But what about his name?

What’s in a royal baby name? A lot of money for the one who get’s it right! The royal baby boy is finally here, so we will soon know the final verdict. Kate Middleton gave birth on Monday 22th July 2013 to a beautiful healthy baby boy that will one day be the king of UK. The news of the happy moment took over the internet, and the social media were full of wishes for the birth of the royal baby boy.

The future monarch baby was born at 4.24pm (UK time, GMT) weighing 8lbs 6oz. Prince William was present during the entire process staying close to his wife at a private wing of St Mary’s Hospital. Hundreds of reporters gathered in Paddington, west London to cover the birth of the royal baby boy along with thousands of British people (and some tourists) that were out in the streets to celebrate the birth of their future King.

Kensington Palace announced the results minutes after 20:00 ending a day of progressively feverish media coverage after we learned that Kate Middleton has been transfered to St Mary’s Hospital early in the morning. The decision to move Kate so early has been taken in order to escape from the cameras that have been patently waiting for the Dutchess to arrive.

royal baby name mystery

The official announcment according to the long British tradition was posted by a royal footman. He confirmed that Princess Catherine, aged 31, and her still un-named baby boy were fine and will stay in hospital for the night.

The royal family started the public statements. First came the royal baby’s gradfather, Prince Charles who said that he was super happy to be a grandfather, adding that his second wife Camila (Charles remarried after the tragic death of Princess Diana in Paris) was also full of joy.

Later on, the government continued the public announcements and the windfall of wishes to the royal baby. First of all, David Cameron, the Prime Minister of UK used Twitter to state that Prince William and Kate Middleton will  be “wonderful parents”, adding: “The whole country will celebrate”. Second in command politician, the Labor party leader Ed Milliband, added: “I wish them and their son all happiness and good health.”

Royal Baby Name Myster, Speculation & Betting!

The royal baby name remains a deep mystery, as the speculation over the sex has ended. We might know that it’s a boy, so we can rule Alexandra out of the equation. But what about George? Is it too boring, or too common for a royal name? Or this is exactly what the throne needs, a heir with all the legacy of a real royal name behind him?

Another serious conetender for the royal baby name is James. Third on the line is Edward. Booking companies have stated that the royal baby name hunting has been the non-sporting event that raised more money than any other event this year (and possibly many other years to come). The bookies have been placing their bets over the royal baby name for weeks now, along with any other small detail you could possibly think of, like the weight and height of the royal baby. Some bookies have gone even further allowing bets on the color of the dress that Pipa Middleton (the Princess’ sister).

Do you think you can predict the royal baby name? Leave us a comment or place your own bet now, you only have a week before the royal baby name is announced!

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