September Baby Names

September baby names are a bit melacholic because they denote that summer is over. Autumn is here, school is about to start, holidays are gone. The cool thing about September baby names is that they also symbolize new things. As September is the month of change, a new season is opening and all options lay before us. It’s up to us to get more active this season and make a great come back from holidays now that we had the much deserved break from work and we return full of energy back to real life.

September baby names may not be as popular as April, May, or June. However they are unique and encompass the well known feeling of returning to one’s base. September is the first month of autumn (at least for the Western hemisphere) and babies that are born in September can be Virgo (born between 22 August – 22 September) or Libra (23 September – 22 October).

Babies born in September can be analytical and love to examine all possibilities and options before making a decision. They are also famous for being observant and precise in everything they do. Virgo babies are most of all reliable thus people around them value their friendship. Babies with Virgo sign are also known as very independent. Choosing a September baby name might as well pass these attributes to your baby boy or baby girl.

September baby names can also bring memories of 9/11 and the horrible terrorist attacks in New York City and the Pentagon. Most Americans remember September as one of the toughest months in the recent history of US because of these tragic events.

Other special days this month include Grandparents Day (Sunday 8th), the Autumn Equinox and Patriot Day (if you are a true Patriot, have a look in our 32 hand picked Patriotic baby names).

September Baby Names

September Baby Names

Aster: among the September baby names inspired by nature, Aster is the birth flower for September. Ready for a bit of trivia and history lessons about Aster? In 1918, protesters in Budapest started to wear the Aster flower, to symbolize the Hungarian revolution.

Medi: September baby names in different languages can provide an interesting alternative for parents who are looking for uncommon names. Medi is a girl name of Welsh origin that means September. Medi can be used both as a middle name and as a name of its own. It’s only four letters long, a great advantage that all short names have as they are more favorable than long names. A girl called Medi will have many friends and become very popular in school due to her unique name.

September: the obvious leader of the category of September baby names. This month name brings memories of the Greenday mega hit “Wake me Up when September Ends”. Here, band leader Armstrong sings about his emotions about his beloved father who passed away in September 1982. Armstrong was only 10 years old when he lost his father, so this had a great impact in his personal life. Many Americans who lost family members during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, connect with this song in a very melancholic way.

Sapphi: short for sapphire, a gem which happens to be September’s birthstone. Sapphire derives from the Greek word “sappheiros” which means blue stone. Sapphire is particularly rare and thus expensive. It can be found in exquisite jewelry and is considered one of the most precious stones.

Septima: September as a baby name derives from the Latin word “septima” which means seven. That’s because September was originally the 7th month of the early Roman calendar. March (Martius in Lating) was the first month of the year which had only 10 months until 153 BC.

Selima: a baby name of Arabic origin which means peace. It derives from “selim” and is also related to Salome. It’s an uncommon alternative for September baby names, as it also starts with Se- but has totally different meaning and roots. Selima is a perfect choice for parents who are looking for peaceful girl names, as  the tranquil nature of this name can spread positive vibes all around it.

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Gwyneth: you must start to wonder why this is found in the September baby names list. It’s mainly due to Hollywood super star Gwyneth Paltrow, born September 27. Gwyneth is one of the hottest movie star inspired baby names for girls. Another cool baby name inspired by famous people is Avril, after pop singer Avril Lavigne who shares the same birth day as Gwyneth Paltrow. If you prefer a bit of royalty, then you should know that Prince Harry was also born in September (15th). Did you know that Prince Harry’s relationship with Cressida Bonas is now official? Read all about it here.

Are you expecting beautiful baby girl or baby boy in September? We hope you found this post helpful. Did you like our list of September baby names? Let us know what you think, leave a comment and share the love!

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  1. jerome says:

    Please send christina Names starting with Da,Pa, Pu,Ta,Tha. This boy baby born in september month.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Jerome,

      Here’s some cool christian September Baby names that start with the letter combination you requested:

      Da – Damien, Darius, Dante, Damon, Dangelo,
      Pa – Paul, Pablo, Parker, Paxton
      Pu – n/a
      Ta – Talon, Taylor
      Tha – Thaddeus

      Hope you like them!

  2. iam hoping a baby girl and i required a name which has best for my baby. she is deliverded in september please give a islamic name

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