Short Baby Names

Short baby names thrive in the current minimalistic environment. Less is more in the modern world and our list of short baby names is an ode to simplicity and beauty. Wonderful meanings are hidden behind three or four syllable names and unveil magnificent stories from the past, legends from ancient myths or stories that the history has forgotten. We bring short baby names into surface and highlight how equally cute they can be for baby girls and baby boys.

You will find different suggestions based on our short baby names list. Some religious and some based on pop culture, we have covered all tastes so that you pick the one that suits your own personal mindset. Modern and invented short baby names are also included so that we add a contemporary angle into the mix. The main theme of our short baby names list though is one and only. Let these short girl names be simple, yet wonderful. Let these short boy names be chic and easy to spell, so that they will be easily remembered.

Let’s have have a closer look into the best short baby names our experts have found after careful examination of the official names database and rediscover the minimal lifestyle that they bring along.

Short Baby Names for Girls

Ana: usually spelled with double -nn but we prefer the fresh and short version of Ana.

Eve: the mother of all human beings, Eve was the first woman on earth. A perfect name for your first baby girl.

Short baby names for girls
Jade: a real rock star, Jade is one of these short baby names that win you from the first impression. Jade is somewhat rebellious, a name that goes beyond the usual. It’s destined for girls who want to be something in their life, with big dreams and high targets.

Lea: some parents might make the link with Princess Lea of Star Wars, but if you are not a sci-fi fan, Lea is still one of the best short baby names on this planet!

Lina: a short version of Evangelia, which derives from the Greek word Evengelio, which means good news. Of course the arrival of a new baby is considered fantastic news for any family, so naming your baby girl Lina would re-emphasize your happiness and make a strong statement to every one that this baby will change your life!

Liv: are you thinking Liv Tyler as well? Yeah, the name is forever associated with the beautiful and talented actress, daughter of Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler. As the daughter of a true rock legend, Liv grew up in luxury and abundance, but kept down to earth and became an elegant and sophisticated lady. These are attributes that any baby girl should learn from an early stage in life. We loved her appearance in Armageddon with Bruce Willis, and we were amazed by her unique acting skills when we saw her as an elf in the Lord of The Rings saga. If you are a fan of short baby names and need celebrity endorsement, Liv will fit your needs like a glove!

Lou: short baby names are sweet by default because they are simple. Lou is a perfect example as it cuts straight to the point. Filled with love and affection, Lou is the type of cute girl names that has nothing to do with the true meaning of the name which is renowned warrior. In case you are wondering, that’s because Lou derives from Louise, a French favorite. Don’t forget that Heidi Klum and Seal named their adorable daughter Lou!

Luna: even when the dark side of the moon is upon you, Luna can bring light in your life and make your day. A short and simple name for pretty girls that have a hippie influence as it is connected with signs and stars, however it can also be given to parents who are into the occult and mystic life, since the moon is one of the most important signs according to various myths and legends.

Mia: three letter short baby names are the best examples that less is more. Mia is the Italian version of Maria and has the haunting meaning of mine. It has captured the hearts of thousands parents, bringing it as high as no.6 in the latest baby name charts. Thus, it’s by far the most popular short name in our list and is highly recommended if you want to go safe with a choice trusted by so many other parents before you.

Mila: a bit more exotic, Mila belongs to the European short baby names that migrated in US without any issue. Based on the fact that it’s straight forward without any difficulty in pronunciation¬†is winning ground compared to other ill spelled variations from Europe. Mila Kunis, the Ukranian actress that bedazzled critics around the world with her stellar performance in Black Swan, is one of the most famous name holders, helping Mila to jump many spots on the baby name charts reaching the top 100.

Maud: a unique version of Matilda, Maud is perfect for girls that are real fighters in this world. The true meaning of Maud is battle-mighty and is one of the vintage short baby names that enjoy a generous come back in the last few years.

Noa: short baby names of Hebrew origin are not so usual, mainly because they tend to be more complex and long than the rest. However, Noa is a brilliant exception to the rule, which brings a playful aura of intimacy. The meaning of Noa is movement and one can not help but agree that it certainly keeps you going! Noa belongs to the energetic short baby names that boost your motivation and make you want to get into motion. Thus, it is ideal for athletes and parents who love sports.

Noor: another exotic entry in our list. Noor is among the exclusive group of Arabic short baby names that hide behind a veil of mystery and adventure. The meaning of Noor is light which means that it can also be chosen if you are a big fan of inspirational baby names. Noor became known to the wider public thanks to the Queen of Jordan, an elegant American-born Queen that is known for her stylish appearances.

Vera: have you ever thought of Russian short baby names might give the answer to your name hunting? I bet not! Think again though, as Vera has proven to be not so rare as a name here in the US. It’s currently no.422 with a positive outlook to go even higher. The meaning of this no nonsense short girl name is faith. Our verdict is that it’s perfect for Orthodox-Christian American parents that are looking for a name which doesn’t sound too Russian like for example Olga.

Zoe: hippie short baby names are fun and alternative, perfect for free spirits and open minded parents. If you are already planning to sign-up your daughter to baby yoga, then you definitely need to consider this attractive name for your baby girl.

Short Baby Names for Boys

Bas: let’s start with a European name that comes from the Netherlands. Bas is a common Dutch name that derives from Sebastian. You can spice it up a little bit by exchanging the last letter with a jazzy ending, making it Baz. We are sure that this will create some buzz around family and friends, don’t you think?

Short baby names for boys
Lars: since we are in European territory, let’s explore another popular option for short baby names, Lars. The meaning of this Scandinavian name is crowned with laurel and it derives from the Latin name Laurentius. If you wish your baby boy to have multi cultural approach in our globalized community, then Lars might be ideal for you. Trivia: one of the hottest Hollywood stars right now, Ryan Gosling, played as Lars Lindstrom in the 2007 movie Lars and the Real Girl (watch the official trailer of the heartfelt comedy on YouTube).

Pim: if you think that Bill is too common for you, or if you don’t like the old fashioned Will, we have some really great news for you. There is another choice that sounds like them, it is short but also unique and not so common. Meet Pim, the cousin of William, that brings an easy going image to any cute little boy. The meaning of Pim is resolute protection so it can be given as a symbol to a person who is positive and bold enough to stand up for others in need.

Sem: short baby names are usually simplified version of other well known names. That’s exactly the case for Sem, which derives from the Hebrew name Shem. As such, the meaning of this three letter cute boy alternative is “name”. Sem was one of the sons of Noah, so it can be a fantastic match if your husband’s name is Noah. And according to the latest official database by SSA, Noah is one of the most popular baby names in US, so there is good chance that this might apply to your case as well!

Did you like our list of short baby names? Do you consider giving one of these short baby names to your baby girl? Does simple and straight forward play a critical role for you in terms of finding the perfect name for your baby boy? Leave us a message with your thoughts, we love to hear your feedback!

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