Stylish Baby Names 2014 for Boys

Stylish baby names 2014 for boys give us a dose of shining optimism while rethinking elegance and vogue elements in boy names. Delicate and exquisite, these names are an ode to contemporary style for sleek parents. Stylish baby names 2014 are smooth and manage to sparkle in any given opportunity. They flourish in our fast paced modern world and boys bearing these names will undoubtedly have a kick start in life. Names as you know can define who you are. Style can do that too, so why don’t you mix them to maximize results?

Italian names were no doubt keen to reassert their credentials as holders of finesse and high fashion. After all, Italy combines history with commercial might. Our exclusive pick of stylish baby names 2014 for boys is an intimate collection of gems you won’t find elsewhere. Some top designers add their own star power in this glittery project while rare and unique choice of common diminutives complete the fine picture.

Check out the latest trends in stylish baby names 2014 for boys and find an unapologetic celebration of excess. What’s crystal clear is that baby names competition is heating up and these lot will no doubt change the game.

Stylish Baby Names 2014 for Boys

Dov: a Hebrew name that means bear. Inspired by the fierce animal, it has a much more gentle image that is fresh and modern. Dov is among the most popular baby names 2014 in Israel. Thus it’s perfect for parents who have Jewish roots and want to honor their long tradition by naming their baby boy Dov.

Stylish Baby Names 2014 for Boys
Emilio: inspired by the eccentric Florentine fashion designer Emilio Pucci, this is one of our favorite stylish baby names 2014 for boys. Emilio is synonymous of a unique style associated with geometry. He was a designer who really loved vivid colours. As a result, Emilio as a name is considered to be energetic and sophisticated at the same time. If you aspire to see your baby boy grow up to get involved in politics, Emilio is the best fit for you since Emilio Pucci was also a politician who ran for the elections with the Italian Liberal Party in 1963. An unbeatable combination of class and intelligence that will always follow your baby boy!

Francisco: place names are becoming hotter and hotter these days. London was huge in the late 90’s and the past few years Brooklyn ruled the hipster community. Now it’s time to bring Franciso in the spotlight as one of the most stylish baby names 2014 for boys. It’s a latinized name that has a double meaning. Some baby name experts suggest Frenchman as its meaning. Other experts insist Francisco means free man. We tend to believe the latter interpretation since San Francisco is the land of free men where anything is possible. People living there are open minded and lead the change in many fronts, for example technology. Thus, Francisco sits comfortably between style and startups, since the home of so many tech mammoths like Apple have their head quarters in Silicon Valley.

Giancarlo: when John met Charles. That could be the title of one of the most stylish baby names 2014 for boys that come from Italy, where it’s a very common name. Gian is the Italian version of John and Carlo is the Italian equivalent of Charles. The attractive combination is suitable for parents who wish to give some serious swag to their baby boys. And what’s more attractive than a top Formula 1 driver? Fisichella, the driver of Ferrari for many years who could be found frequently at the podium, is one of the most famous Giancarlos out there. If you are a fan of speed, you should definitely look at this sweet baby name.

Griffin: ancient legends and mythology often inspire the world of fashion to push their boundaries and conquer new frontiers. Griffin is one of these uniquely stylish baby names 2014 for boys that bring a suitcase full of history along with him. It derives from the Greek word gryphon which stands for the strange creature which had the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. Can you see the deep symbolism here? Two kings united, the king of the jungle (lion) and the king of the sky (eagle) join forces to form the ultimate king of the world. Griffin represents a particularly powerful and majestic image that will add strength and confidence to your baby boy. It’s also stylish because more and more celebrities like Teri Polo, Brendan Fraser and Joey McIntyre, all chose Griffin as the name of their baby boys.

Hart: a true English boy name that literally means stag. It’s listed on our stylish baby names 2014 for boys because it could easily be the main character of your favorite romantic comedy. It sounds like heart which immediately makes it suitable for softer and more lovely name choices. If you are a fan of poetry, you will remember Hart Crane’s poems. If on the other hand you are more of a music lover, you might want to honor the legendary song writer Lorenz Hart. This unique name could also been used as a middle name that warms any first and last name.

Horatio: any name containing the hipster ending -io is bound for a success in the near future. Horatio is one of these stylish baby names 2014 for boys that combine style and freshness without even trying. This rare Spanish variation of Horace. Originally a Latin clan name, the meaning of Horacio is timekeeper. Die hard fans of CSI Miami will recognize the name on the face of Hartio Caine, the charismatic officer played by David Caruso. If you want to add a playful spin, you can replace t for c and get Horacio, a modern take in this clever boy name.

Kacper: the Polish for of Jasper is making a great first impression and ticks all the right boxes. Ranked as the second most popular baby name for boys in Polnad, it’s popularity has spread across Europe. It’s just made it to the top 100 names in Ireland and is enjoying a meteoric rise in England as well. Who knows, maybe USA is next. Why don’t you invest in a name that has a bright future in front of it, just like your handsome son? The meaning of Kacper is treasurer and its origin is Persian.

Kiernan: an extremely rare name for boys that means little dark one. Irish references feed the stylish baby names 2014 for boys in many ways, as they have a rich history and heritage while their names remain widely undiscovered. Style is all about finding the new trends and Kiernan will definitely leave its own distinctive mark in US. It started as a family name which was associated to 33 ancient chieftains, however it can be used as a first name.

Lapo: another Italian name that bring in elegance and style. Lapo is a short and sweet name that derives from Jacopo, which in turn comes Jacob. A cool way to take a common name and elevate it in one of the most stylish baby names 2014 for boys. People will be surprised when they hear about the story behind the name. Lapo is a haunting name linked with beauty and power.

Monte: take the most iconic coat and try to remember its name. It’s the legendary Montgomery, not the Duffle coat as it was initially named. Monte is modernizing a legend as a diminutive of Montgomery. It’s association with the famous coat makes Monte one of the most stylish baby names 2014 for boys. Do you know why the coat was named after Montgomery? The duffle coat became very popular thanks to the British Royal Navy during World War I. When field Marshal Montgomery earned international fame as an important wearer of the coat in order to identify himself with his troops, his name became identical to this all-time classic piece which can be found in the most fashionable men wardrobes.

Riccardo: every parent dream to see their children grow up to be powerful leaders. You can help them achieve this higher goal by giving them a suitable name. Riccardo does the trick while remaining on top of our preferences for stylish baby names 2014 for boys. It derives from Richard, an English name that means brave power, inspired by the fearsome King Richard I, also known as Lionheart. During the 12th century, he led the 3rd crusade to Jerusalem. Riccardo can be found in the top 10 baby names in Italy and is a fabulous choice for American parents too.

Stylish Baby Names 2014 for Boys
Stefano: some of our stylish baby names 2014 for boys have a certain seductive charm in them. Who can resist the beauty of Stefano versus the over-used Steve? If you are fashion conscious and want to be different, then Stefano is ideal for you as a name for your baby boy. The actual meaning of Stefano is crown, as it comes from the Greek word “stefano” which means crown.

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