Stylish Baby Names 2014 for Girls

Are you a fashion lover who can’t live without style in your life? Then choose one of the following stylish baby names 2014 for girls and let the world know how much you appreciate elegance and finesse. Driven by our dedication to following the latest trends in popular baby names 2014 we’ve built an exclusive list of the most sophisticated girl names that you can find online. If you have good taste and appreciate contemporary art, you will love the gracefulness that these stylish baby names 2014 carry with them.

Dive into the prestigious world of style and elegance, and give the gift of an upper class name to your baby girl. She will grow up to be one of the most popular girls in school, as everyone will remember her unique name. She will be a symbol of the most up to date trends and she will represent everything fresh and chic. That’s one of the most important things in any teen’s life, so as a parent you will do her a huge favor towards winning a lot of friends.

Discover dozens of stylish baby names 2014 for girls along with their meaning and origin. Let us take you a trip to the most exclusive land of beauty and vogue.

Stylish Baby Names 2014 for Girls

Stylish Baby Names 2014 for Girls

Consuelo: a Spanish name that comes from Latin. Consuelo as you might have already guessed means she who brings consolation. That’s a reference to Nuestra Senora del Consuelo which means our lady of consolation and is one of Virgin Mary’s names. It’s a highly sophisticated girl name that can be a perfect companion for surnames in USA. The highest rank that Consuelo reached on the baby name charts was in 1930 when it was found on the 339th spot. Are you still wondering why this is the first stop in our stylish baby names 2014 list? It’s a tribute to the Italian-American countess Consuelo Crespi, the powerful and well connected editor of the Italian Vogue, also known as the “bible” in the fashion world.

Cordis: an uncommon name that comes from the Latin word heart. Cordis is one of the Stylish baby names 2014 for girls that could also be used for a boy, making it perfect for parents who prefer unisex baby names.

Delphi: we appreciate that most stylish baby names 2014 should come from the exciting world of fashion. But there are some really cool choices that could be found in history too. Delphi is a prime example, as it has its roots in ancient Greece. Delphi used to be the home of one of the most gifted fortune tellers, famous for her riddles and her power to foresee the future. The female oracle based in Delpi was so powerful that King Leonidas visited her before he marched to face the Persian Army, a scene that was brought to the spotlight by the block buster movie 300 (watch the offical trailer).

Doon: a Scottish surname that recently became one of the most stylish baby names 2014 for girls. Why? Because of the talented photographer Diane Arbus, known for her square no color photos of deviant people who look a bit surreal. Diane Arbus chose Doon as the name of her beautiful baby girl. The name was inspired by the sand dunes that Diane used to wear while she was pregnant, having relaxing beach walks next to the ocean.

Enid: let’s stay in the UK for a bit longer and discover a vintage baby name that comes back in style. Enid is a short and sweet girl name that already shows a lot of potential in 2014. The meaning of Enid is spirit or soul. It contains the concept of vital life force that is present everywhere. An inspirational meaning that can lighten up your day and give your baby girl the much needed inner strength to overcome any kind of problem in her life.

Feodora: stylish baby names 2014 include variations to well known names that prove to be genius alternatives with just a simple spelling twist. Take Theodora for example and change the first letter from T to F. You instantly get a brand new girl name that is both fresh and chic. The meaning of Feodora is God’s gift and as a bonus you get an awesome nick name for your daughter, Feo.

Freesia: who says that flower names are not in fashion any more? Freesia is one of the most stylish baby names 2014 as it combines the notion of freedom with a truly exotic flower. Forget about Daisy and Rose, step into the future of baby names and give your girl a name that will be easily remembered with admiration. Who doesn’t want to be a free soul anyway?

Kassiani: if you are the type of person who thinks of style as something unique, then you are going to love Kassiani. A rare choice that is not often heard, this unusual Greek name will turn heads. The meaning of Kassiani is cinnamon, but the name was immortalized by a saint associated with smart ladies. Kassiani lived during the 9th century and fell in love with King Theophilos. According to the story, the Emperor was intimidated by her superior intelligence. He just couldn’t stand the fact that he had such a smart woman next to him, so he rejected her love. There are plenty of variations to this genius name, such as Cassiane or the simpler Kasia.

Leontine: stylish baby names 2014 are better, faster, stronger than all the rest. So let’s more from smart names to strong names and meet Leontine. The Leo- prefix links the name immediately with the king of the jungle, the animal which is feared by the entire animal kingdom, the lion. Leontine is the French form of Leontios, a Greek name that was inspired by the power and agility of this magnificent animal. Ideal for parents who would like to give their baby girl a confident name that radiates strength and can-do attitude. Great skills for business, don’t you think?

Lettie: the English diminutive of Letitia, which is a Latin name that means gladness. Stylish baby names 2014 will bring joy in your daughter’s life and Lettice is a colorful name that is capable of delivering unparalleled amount of happiness. Lettie is one of those names that are like treasured antiques. It’s one of the hidden gems waiting for fashionable parents to rediscover and let them shine!

Stylish Baby Names 2014 for Girls

Sheba: biblical baby names are on a constant rise the last few years. We take the opportunity to ride this horse and provide you with a fashionable alternative to Bathsheba, a Hebrew name that means daughter of an oath. Sheba is a sweet diminutive that comes from today’s Yemen. It used to be a royal name that the Queen of Sheba, a powerful ancient kingdom, used to have. Cate Blanchett made this name even more popular when she played Sheba in Notes on a Scandal, a movie based on Zoe Heller‘s famous novel.

Viveca: a vibrant Scandinavian name that comes Teutonic language. The meaning of Viveca is alive and it’s one of the most exotic stylish baby names 2014 you can find in our list. As the entire group of Viv- names are getting more and more popular, Viveca is without any doubt going to be a star in her class. Will Ferrell’s wife who is also an actress is named Viveca Paulin, honouring her Swedish roots.

Did you like our stylish baby names 2014 list? Do you see your little fashionista carrying one of these names? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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