Stylish Baby Names 2016

Are you into fashion and care about new trends? Check out our exclusive list of stylish baby names 2016 for sweet girls and cute boys. Inspired by the most intriguing fashion statements, these baby boy and baby girl names are leading the pact by being original. If you are looking for names that are extra ordinary, you absolutely need to consider at least one of them since they all bring something special into the mix.

Our baby name experts looked not only in the latest trendy choices, but dug deeper into the distant past to reveal some true hidden gems for your attention. Are you ready to discover them all?

Let’s go!

Stylish baby names 2016 for Girls and Boys

Abbot: even though it has been traditionally linked to the church as an occupational name, Abbot is among the stylish baby names 2016 which are vintage without being out of date. A cool nickname for any name is always nice, so Abby is adding cute points to this old fashion name.

Stylish Baby Names 2016
Adair: with roots to Scotland, Adair is associated with Edgar. An all time favorite for parents who value legends, knights and fairy tails, Adair is a bold statement that has the power to surprise.

Anniston: OK you might think Jennifer is stealing all the credibility of this name, but think again. Celebrities can lend their surnames to the stylish baby names 2016 effortlessly and make them popular without even trying. Such is the star power of A-class celebrities that your baby will enjoy unlimited attention and will be the center of the attention in school and beyond!

Ashby: it’s not exactly Ashley, nor Beatrice. Ashby has a new aura of swag and is being promoted to one of the most stylish baby names 2016. We are finding this name even sexier when it comes to opening up to new horizons and exploring avenues that you didn’t know existed. Moms and dads with a spirit of adventure should seriously consider this amazing name for their kids.

Bellamy: who doesn’t like the ending -bella in girl names? In fact, any stylish baby name in 2016 that respects itself should have some kind of association with this pretty suffix. However, we are not going to suggest Isabella as something fresh as it has been over used by parents for many years. Let’s try something different. Bellamy is a stylish choice with a twist since it takes the French word Bella to a whole new level when you add Amy (which means “friend”) next to it. Your daughter Bellamy will be known as the best friend anyone can have!

Catesby: this name is not very usual making it perfect for parents who don’t want to deal with over-used stylish baby names 2016. The famous English family of Catesbys were known as the aristocrats related to the Wars of the Roses. They were involved in the Gunpowder plot and their legacy is bright in the British history. The name itself resembles Kate, which gives a very close link to a super popular name, but with a twist. It also differentiates from Kaitlyn, providing a fresh look that we all seek in baby names.

Collier: an occupational name that has evolved in so much more than that. The people who used to work in a coal mine were also known as colliers, a profession that one might not be so proud of. However, Collier has moved away from this and took a cool direction towards style and fashion. It combines Colette with the hip ending -r which can be found on baby name superstars like Piper and Harper.

Collins: yet another name that starts with the prefix Coll- which looks like a major trend for stylish baby names 2016. Collins was brought into the spotlight primarily because of the 2009 movie The Blind Side. The heroine in the Academy Award-nominated picture was a girl named Collins Tuohy, a role played by Lilly Collins. What a coincidence, to have the same surname of an actress and the name of the role she took! The name of your baby will not be left in chance though, as I’m sure you will do all the necessary homework to come up with the most suitable name for your beautiful daughter.

Ellery: one of the most rare in our exclusive list of stylish baby names 2016. Ellery has nothing to do with Ellison, except from the fact that has the same three letters, Ell- as a prefix. It does have a distant relationship with Hillary, a name that Americans are very used to thanks to the ex-First Lady and US President Candidate Hillary Clinton (check out her official campaign website and see how she wants to be the champion of every American woman). Ellery is more sophisticated choice as it dwells from the nick name of the writers who created the famous female detective character Ellery Queen.

Ellington: it’s not just -Ella which is cool and fashionable as a popular name ending. You have to admit that we get more and more Ell- prefixes for stylish baby names 2016, a trend that we see growing next year. It’s so elegant that most parents do not have seconds thoughts on using them. Ellison is on fire, and Ellery has been already featured above, so Ellington completes the top 3 names with this beautiful prefix. The legend of jazz music Duke Ellington will forever remind us the power of creativity. You can honor him by choosing this name and give your kids a fine lesson about real music!

Embry: a place name that comes from England, Embry is short and attractive in many ways. A combination of Ember and Emily, is the true example of new stylish baby names 2016 that constantly come into play. Parents just can’t have enough choices, so we do come up with jamming sessions were you mix and match popular names to create a new trendy name out of the blue. Embry is a typical example of such an exercise that you just can’t ignore.

Gibson: did you know that Gibson used to be a common name for girls in the early years of last century? Even though this might sounds strange today, the concept of the Gibson Girl was haunting fashion and style trends of the 1890’s and 1900’s. It could be found everywhere, just like today’s Beyonce or yesterday’s Madonna. You can think of Gibson as a bold unisex name that breaks the rules and sends out a powerful message of staying true to your roots.

Stylish Baby Names 2016

Halston: we couldn’t resist the temptation to include the famous 70’s designer Halston in our stylish baby names 2016. A tribute to the glorious days of the golden era, Halston is a retro choice that is not as flashy as Chanel. A cute shorter alternative is Hallie, or if you want to get even more creative, you can drop the first letter H- and stick with just Alston. Cool idea, isn’t it?

Haviland: let’s finish our list of stylish baby names 2016 in a true Hollywood fashion. Olivia de Haviland was a talented actress that rose to the top of the film industry during the 40’s and was widely respected by the community of directors, producers and film lovers. Today, Haviland is a unique choice that doesn’t sound weird or out-of-date. Instead, it brings a romantic memory of the sweet past.

Did you like our fantastic choices for the most stylish baby names 2016? Let’s discuss! Leave a comment below and we are happy to provide more feedback or add your suggestion to our vast database of baby names.

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