13 Superhero Baby Names for Boys

Kids love superheroes as much as adults do. They inspire us and make us feel a bit superhuman ourselves, in the sense of believing in ourselves and making the most of our skills and abilities. Choosing one of the superhero baby names of the list below will not make your baby fly, throw fire or transform into a giant green creature, but will give them a sense of awsomeness in their lives!

With so many superhero movies going out lately and the increasing popularity of superheroes like Batman, Ironman or any other gifted guy from the Anengers, these superhero baby names for boys are inspired by the birth names given to our favorite heroes when they were still like any other human being, before they discovered their super powers and changed their lives for ever.

superhero baby names boys
Barry: this baby name goes to true speed lovers or if you aspire to see your son driving one day a Ferrar Formula 1. The fastest man alive, The Flash, was Barry Allen.

Britt: does anyone know why green is so popular color among super heroes? I mean look at Hulk, Green Lantern and Green Hornet (the name is Britt Reid), don’t they have any other color to pick from? Or is it something super with this color and we don’t know it? Anyway, for more information about the baby name Britt, check our list of Baby Names for Girls and Boys of English Origin – B.

Bruce: after the late Batman trilogy, Bruce Wayne, the humanitarian billionaire made the name Bruce more popular than ever!

Dick: Robin, Batman’s friend, was Dick Grayson in real life.

Don: go on, be brave, choose a European baby name inspired by the man with the mask who rides his black horse and protects the poor Spanish people, Don Diego de la Vega, better known as Zorro!

Hal: taken from the Green Lantern, the hero’s birth name was Hal Jordan.

Kal-El: The Man of Steel is on theatres these days and everyone knows that we are talking about Superman here. But did you know that superman’s birth name is not really Clark Kent, but Kal-El. Another baby names trivia is that Nicolas Cage has named his son Kal-El inspired by the fictional character that saves Earth on a daily basis!

Kit: remember Phantom, the superhero who was invisible? His birth name was Kit Walker Jr.

superhero baby names for boysLogan: a true anti-hero, Wolverine is a tough macho guy who had a rough time but can heal himself from the woods, a wonderful metaphoric image for your baby boy. Logan Howlett was Wolverine’s birth name before he was kid napped and became a test subject, and eventually one of our favorite mutants from Marvel’s X-Men.

Peter: he was bitten by a spider and he turned into Spiderman, Peter Parker changed his life from a nerd to a kick ass superhero!

Reed: would you like to see your son be Mr. Fantastic? Even though he might not have super powers, it might give him a super line when he makes new friends and introduce himself as Reed Richards, also known as (aka) Mr Fantastic.

Steve: OK naming your son Captain might be a bit over the top, so how about Steve Rogers which was the first name of Captain America?

Tony: last but not least, Ironman, the ultra popular and famous superhero from the Marvel’s comic books and lately a blockbuster movie franchise that made millions and got the no.1 spot of the box office for many weeks. Tony Stark was the name in case you forgot!

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