Top 10 Baby Names for Boys in US for 2013

What are the most popular baby names for boys in the US in 2013? The answer is: it depends who you ask! Different databases give different set of results confusing parents about the actual popular names.

We have scattered the internet and have cross checked the popularity of baby names for boys so that we can present here the findings with confidence that these are 100% true. The list below shows both the baby name for boys and the name meaning so that you are sure you understand what’s hidden behind each name.

Top 10 Baby Names for Boys

1. Liam: the name Liam tops the list of popular baby names for boys for 2013. It’s actually a short name for William which is of Irish Origin, originally spelled Uilliam. In the Holy Bible, Liam has a different meaning which in Hebrew stands for my people. Abraham used this to state that he has a nation under his command.

top 10 baby names for boys

2. Noah: another true Hebrew name can be found on the no.2 spot of our top 10. Noah was the biblical character who saved all animals species from God’s rage, putting all of them inside an arc. The arc was floating for many days into the sea before it finally settled on the mountain Ararat. Thus, the baby name can get a meaning of the protector or saviour or even long years, as Noah lived according to the bible 950 years!

top 10 baby names for boys

3. Ethan: high in the ranks of the top 10, Ethan is a name that means strong, enduring and solid. In biblical terms, it means the gift of an island and it appears many times in the book of Kings. Other forms of Ethan are known as Eitan, Etan or Eytan and they all mean confident and impetuous.

4. Mason: the actual meaning of the name is somebody who is working with the stone. It is a name of English origin which gained popularity the last few years.

top 10 baby names for boys

5. Jacob: yet another biblcial name, it means to be behind a leader and it symbolizes the faithful follower. Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebecca who became a Hebrew patriarch, the name derives from the latin Iacobus. It used to hold the no.1 spot for twelve years in a row for the most popular baby name for boys in the US between 1999 and 2011. A simpler form of this name is James which can be found in the New Testament as on the 12 apostles.

top 10 baby names for boys

6. Jack: it used to be a dimunative of John, but it got so popular among the US citizens that it is nowadays a male given name of its own. Jack was an archetypical English hero that appears often in fairy tales and acnient legends. Some more recent forms of the name were given to Jack the Ripper, the serial killer who was hunting women in London during the 19th century and Jack Frost, the old winter himself.

top 10 baby names for boys

7. Jackson: the son of Jack (see name meaning above). It also a very popular surname, better known because of pop legend Michael Jackson.

8. Lucas: more and more biblical names take their spot in the top 10 for boys as Lucas one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ and has wrote a book in the New Testament.

top 10 baby names for boys

9. Aiden: a name that we are particularly fond of (for our own personal aesthetic reasons) which means little fire. It is of Irish origin and can be also found as Aayden or Aaden.

top 10 baby names for boys

10. Logan: last but not least, Logan is also Irish or Scottish and means a person from the hollow. Celebrity name for Logan Lerman, a young American actor born in 1992 whose latest film The Perks of Being a Wallflower in 2012 received great feedback from critics.

top 10 baby names for boys

Which baby name from the list above is your favorite one? Would you give your baby any of these popular names? Tell us what you think and hit “Like” if you actually found this article helpful!

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    liam actually a shorter version of william, william is an extension of liam

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    Omg I can’t think of any cuter name than Logan! It’s so adorable. I also found some lovely names for baby girls here guys

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