Top Baby Names 2013 So Far

Have you ever wondered which baby names are the hottest out of the oven for the year 2013? According to statisticians and name researchers, there are 10 rare and unexpected names drawing considerably greater attention in the firt four months of 2013 on a year to year comparison.

Inspiration for these baby names come from celebrity baby names, jazz musicians, TV characters and loving heroes from the literature. We picked these names that span from the pop age to the ancient world and include diminutives and surnames as well.

So let’s have a closer look in the top baby names 2013 so far!

top baby names 2013

Top Baby Names 2013

1. Finnegan: means fair in Irish. Eric McCormack from the popular TV series Will & Grace gave this name to his son.

2 Linnea: the flower which took its name from the scientist Carolus Linnaeus. The origin of this top baby name Swedish and its meaning is twinflower. Particularly popular name in Norway and Sweden.

3. Mingus: it is the surname of the classic jazz musician Charles Mingus. Helena Christensen was the first celebrity who gave this name to her baby. Norman Reedus also named his son Mingus (thank you Mia for the tip)!

4. Phaedra: ancient Greek name that comes from the tragic play of Euripides. According to the myth, she was the daughter of the Cretan king Minoas. She famously fell in love with Ipolitos, the son of Theseas who didn’t respond to her romance so she lied to everyone that he tried to rape her. Theseas then had to send his own son away from the city town creating a big love tragedy.

5. Wilder: no it doesn’t mean crazier, it comes from literature and apparently it’s getting more and more popular!

6. Bruce: so many celebrities named Bruce we lost count: Bruce Willis, Bruce Springsteen and many many more. The name appears again in the top baby names of 2013  after a small drop in popularity.

7. Severine: best known as the James Bond girl in his latest movie Skyfall, Severine is now one of the top baby names 2013 around the world!

8. Thor: have you watched The Avengers with Iron Man and Captain America fighting aliens? Oh yes, that blond demi-God from Norway, a role that Chris Hemsworth played in the original movie, was Thor, the guy with an electric hummer who brought hell upon the Earth. It’s now bringing new ideas to parents too!

9. Mavis: Selena Gomez in the movie Hotel Transylvania lent her beautiful voice to the delightful vampire heroine Mavis and suddenly the name is on the top 10 list!

10. Nelly: the Kardashian baby has a nickname, can you guess it? Yes, that’s right, Nelly! The name is a diminutive of Helen and although is not very strange or rare, got the last spot in the top 10 list, due to Nelly Furtado, the singer.

Have these top baby names 2013 inspired you? What do you think of them? Whould you consider any of them as a name for your baby?

Tell us what you think! Thanks for commenting and make sure you read through the rest of our fun baby names lists!

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