Top Baby Names 2015 for Boys

What are the top baby names 2015 for boys that will rule the charts this year? Find out the latest trends based on safe predictions! It’s this time of the year when we sit down with out top baby names experts and craft the list of top baby names 2015 for boys. Our vast database is being reviewed on a regularly basis so that we spot trends and identify which boy names are heating more than usual. We then receive the feedback from baby name researchers who are very serious about naming a baby. With their deep knowledge of each baby name meaning and origin, we help parents who are expecting a newborn baby, find new baby names ideas and explore different possibilities.

Top baby names 2015 come from different areas of the world and are based on popular names that are trending for a reason. If you don’t want to name your baby after a weird or super rare name that no one will remember, check out the following list of beautiful and cute boy names. We have hand picked each and every one for a reason. Let us walk you through the complexities of naming a baby and break down all the options for you. Get a pen and paper so that you make your own short list. Ask yourself what is more important for you. Legacy, history, popularity, art or science, nature and inspirational message?

Top Baby Names 2015 for Boys

Alejandro: Birdman is one of the most iconic movies of 2015, set to rule the Oscars and the Golden Globe Awards. Director and screen writer Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu is already a winner in the eyes of millions of movie goers since his epic movie received international critical acclaim. What’s better way to celebrate your love for films rather than pick one of the top baby names 2015 for boys right now in Hollywood? Alejandro is the Spanish version of Alexander, which means protector of the people. It has an attractive and mysterious Latin aura around it. The letter -j in the middle of this wonderful boy name makes it energetic, while the -o ending gives it a hipster boost, suitable for modern parents.

Top Baby Names 2015 for Boys

Atticus: another Hollywood favorite makes a favorite choice for American parents this year. If you liked the intensity of Gone Girl, then you must have noticed the amazing score that Atticus Atticus Ross created for the action movie. Atticus is rising so fast in popularity that we predict that it will be found on the top 10 baby boy names at the end of the year. It’s not just Gone Girl though. We find Atticus in Harper Lee’s iconic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”, which is considered one of the most significant pieces of American literature in the 20th century. Thus, Atticus combines the pop culture of Hollywood movies with the elegant and intellectual world of books and writers. A winning combo that will make a difference!

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Benedict: the story of the famous mathematician Alan Turing was introduced to a wider audience for the first time this year through the “Imitation Games” film. When we saw Benedict Cumberbatch cracking the Nazi code during World War II and helping the allies reach the final victory over fascism, we fell in love with the name. Benedict has all the qualities that parents are looking for. It’s popular since Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the hottest movie stars right now. It’s rooted back to Shakespeare which adds to the historic importance and legacy of a artistic name from the world’s best theater. So if you had enough of Benjamin but you still like the sound of Ben- as a name suffix, then Benedict is ideal for you.

Clive: one of the top baby names 2015 for boys with an English origin. The meaning of Clive is the one who lives near a high cliff. Clive Owen has worked wonders in turning the image of this name into a real gem. Owen’s amazing performance in the popular TV series The Knick earned him a nominations to the Golden Globes and gave the name a fancy boost towards fame. There is also a famous writer named Clive Barker and we are sure that your handsome boy will love this British name when he expands in an international lifestyle of jet setting around the globe!

Dominic: speaking of international careers, Dominic has just issued a passport from France and is ready to take over America! Thanks to the enigmatic actor Dominic West (from the block buster series The Wire), the name has raised all the way up to number 68 and has no signs of stopping its quest to the top. We love the way Dominic sounds, without going too European like Dominique. Religious parents will also find interesting this choice since the meaning of Dominic is belonging to the Lord. In fact, there are many saints and important figures from the Roman Catholic Church who bear the name Dominic.

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Liev: unconventional and strong, this macho boy name is going to add a tough image on your baby boy. We live in a complex world where the strongest strive, so why not equipping your beloved baby boy with a powerful name? Thanks to the up and rising actor Liev Schreiber who played Ray Donovan, this name is trending in popularity and deserves a spot at the top baby names 2015 for boys. The true meaning of Liev is heart, which makes a nice contradiction to the tough image of Liev. It will remind your son that every thing in life has two sides. That even the strongest men can cry when their heart is broken. And that’s one of the most wonderful lessons you can give him in life. Expressing feelings, not holding them all inside. Our baby names experts suggest that the origin of Liev is Yiddish, as it’s one of the many variations of the name Lev which also means lion in Russian. Coincidence? I don’t think so! There is no such thing in life, especially when you study closer the associations and links of baby names.

Top Baby Names 2015 for Boys

Toby: Biblical baby names were on the spot light in 2014. But we wanted to go beyond that trend and offer some alternatives that add something new to the top baby names 2015 for boys. That’s how we came up with Toby. It derives from the popular biblical name Tobias, but it has a more laid back image. The origin of this amazing boy name is Hebrew and it means God is Good. And if you are looking for a celebrity endorsement, check out Tobey Maguire most known as his roles in Spiderman.

Did you like our list of top baby names 2015 for boys? Are you pregnant and expecting a baby in 2015? Let us know how do you feel about these baby boy names 2015 so that we can gather all feedback and restructure our list. We live in a dynamic environment where things change so fast and users have the power. Use it to make the entire experience better for other parents too!

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