Top Baby Names 2015 for Girls

Top baby names 2015 for girls define the new trends of tomorrow. Get on board and be inspired now with the coolest girl names for this year! No matter where you are coming from, we guarantee that you will find the perfect name for your baby girl. Our baby name experts have looked everywhere to discover the most up to date, fresh and modern names that are popular and unique. You will not need any other top baby names 2015 for girls list, because you are going to find everything you need in our comprehensive guide. Don’t wait until these baby girl names become popular, because then it will be too late. You are a leader, so lead the pack and give your beautiful daughter a name that everyone will admire.

Our top baby names 2015 for girls have unique meanings. They are cute and can be easily spelled so that they don’t create confusion. A name should be as simple and straightforward as possible. The meaning behind it is what really counts. That’s what gives each and every one of these top baby names 2015 for girls a sense of belonging to a wider family of cool people. We are sure that you are already a part of the family, and you are about to welcome a new member in it: your adorable little girl, the angel that God gave you. Bless her with the most precious gift, a name that she will proudly carry for the rest of her life.

Are you ready to dive into our awesome list of top baby names 2015 for girls? Let’s go!

Top Baby Names 2015 for Girls

Addy: forget Adeline or Adelaide, they are so 2010. Enter the world of Addy, the fresh and stylish Addy. Not any more a nickname, Addy comes out as a name of its own, creating a lot of buzz to American parents. Addy is also the name of an American Girls doll, something that makes it even more attractive as a cute girl name. Who doesn’t like dolls anyway?

Bellerose: we start our top baby names 2015 for girls list with a scent of flowers. Bellerose means beautiful rose (belle means beautiful in Italian). A felicitous choice that can be given to beautiful baby girls like yours! If you are from New York, you should also be familiar with the Bellerose neighborhood in Queens.

Top Baby Names 2015 for Girls
Brisa: a lot of top baby names 2015 for Girls have Spanish origin these days, and there is a good reason for that. They are fresh and cool, providing some kind of exotic aura to the privileged baby girls that get those names. Take Brisa for example. The meaning of Brisa is cool breeze. It’s very popular with Latino families and it’s now starting to be noticed by a wider audience. As we value diversity more and more as a society, Brisa will gain even greater traction.

Cicely: a quintessentially, lovely, English variation of Cecilia. The meaning of Cicely is blind, and you can think of blind love or blind trust. The most famous bearer of the name is Cicely Tyson, the distinguished African-American actress nominated for a number of awards. As the name is still rare in America, it might be worthy of importation to join the rest of the top baby names 2015 for girls.

Corinne: top baby names 2015 for girls are also inspired by French variations. In this case, Corinne derives from the Greek name Korinna which means maiden. Vintage baby names for girls are coming back to fashion, and Corinne is leading the pack with an amazing 1930s aura that brings you back to the good old days. The name is rising in popularity month by month, it currently sits on the top 750 baby names, but our trend predictor shows that it can go as high as top 100. Better check this one before it’s too late!

Elodie: a musical choice for parents who appreciate the arts or want to give their children an artistic background. As Elodie rhymes with melody (it just misses the letter M- in the front of the word), it makes a really rhythmic name for elegant and stylish girls. However, the true origin of this name is Greek, since it derives from Alodia. Sophisticated parents who are looking for a religious name but want to have more up-to-date suggestions for their short list, can bet on Elodie, a medieval saint’s name. Melodious and lyrical, we are sure that Elodie will win you over and get you on the same page with the sky-rocketing popularity that Elodie is currently enjoying (no.32 and rising). With the current rate of growth, we could see Elodie going all the way up to top 10 by 2020.

Fauna: a name of Latin origin that sounds so nice that any parent will instantly fall in love with it. Fauna is a trendy choice that resonates with those who are refusing to grow up, who continue to dream and work every day to realize their dreams. Thanks to Walt Disney, the eternal symbol of fairies came to life in the his “Sleeping Beauty” movie under the name of Fauna. The meaning of this mystic name is the animals of a specific area, but it’s all about bringing magic into people’s lives and transforming them for the better. Never stop dreaming, that’s the real message behind the name Fauna.

Isolde: rare, unique and haunting, this name is going to be one of the top baby names 2015 for girls without a doubt. Isolde has Welsh origin and a meaning that refers to an ice ruler. It is both romantic and artistic, bringing the best of both sides. Isolde relives as the legendary heroine that symbolizes the eternal love. The kind of love that fears nothing, doesn’t care what other people think, the pure and enduring love that you encounter in fairy tales. Isn’t this the kind of love you wish your baby girl to find when she grows up? By giving her the name Isolde, you dramatically increase her chances to make this happen. We wish you all the best with this noble cause and we are sure you will give everything you can to your baby girl. Why not an exquisite and elegant name like Isolde? If you liked the concept but not very fond of the sound, you can also consider a bunch of different variations, that go from Isolda all the way to Yseult and from Isoud to the most intriguing Iseult. The choice is yours!

Jordyn: we love unisex baby names, they are perfect for parents who don’t want to reveal the gender of their baby until it’s finally born. Jordyn is one of the top baby names 2015 for girls and for boys, which gives the freedom of choice to mommy and daddy. Jordyn is really popular, it ranks among the top 150 baby names in US. It derives from Jordan, a name of Hebrew roots that means flowing down. Historically, the name was used for children that were baptized in holy waters from Jordan river (yes, that was a thing once). Jordyn is one of the shinning examples where the spelling variation of a name can get more popular than the original. We find this fascinating because it reveals the evolution of popularity through time as parents love to explore new frontiers in baby naming.

Larissa: top baby names 2015 for girls are those that present an amazing alternative to the over used and tired names that you want to get over with. Larissa for example can be a marvellous alternative to Alyssa or Melissa, two names that have had their fair share in baby name charts the last decade. The meaning of Larissa is citadel and it is actually a spelling variation of the more simplified Larisa. Originally a Greek name, Larissa was according to the myth, the daughter of Pegasus. She was a nymph that later saw her name given to a Neptune moon. An attractive choice for parents who want their daintily pretty baby girls to be different.

Top Baby Names 2015 for Girls
Noor: more exotic flavour from the mysterious Arabic world. Noor is illuminating the top baby names 2015 for girls list by bringing light as the meaning of this name. A symbol of higher understanding and consciousness, light has always been associated with wisdom and compassion. Naming your baby girl Noor will help her to plant these attributes and develop her character as she grows up to be a fine lady.

Rosamund: top baby names 2015 for girls are heavily influenced by movies. When Rosamund Pike was nominated for the Oscars in 2015, the entire world noticed just how wonderful her name was. Rosamund is a combination of Rosa (from the flower rose) and the ending -Mund which is German. The meaning of Rosamund is horse protection and of course it is symbolic, representing the guardian angel that your baby girl should have with her throughout her entire life. Not that she will need him with such a name, but in any case it’s a marvellous choice that is currently hip and stylish thanks to the young actress that left everyone speechless in Gone Girl. Rosamund Pike was also a Bond girl and in case you are wondering, she has a beautiful son named Solo.

Did you like our cool list of top baby names 2015 for girls? We are sure that you have your own suggestions. Why don’t you leave us a comment and contribute in building the most amazing collection of top baby names 2015 for girls. You have the right to be part of this international story of cute and pretty girl names, this is your moment, take it!

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  1. Kate Anderson says:

    Where is the list for top baby names for boys 2015?

  2. Meghan says:

    I died laughing at the description of Isolde. While I do think the name is beautiful, Isolde is the woman in one of the most tragic love stories ever told. She dies in the arms of her dead lover in ever version of the story. Not the kind of love I want for my daughters.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Meghan, as you probably know, names can have different meanings. It depends which source you are looking at each time, you will be surprised to see how diverse some cultures can be with multiple interpretation of the same name. Hope you find our names useful, love Amanda xx

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