Top Baby Names in Canada 2014

Canada is heating up this year. Find out the most popular Canadian baby names for girls and boys in 2014 and choose the one that fits you best! Top choices for smart parents who don’t want to risk having a rare name. Unique baby names are not for everyone after all. You might want something more mainstream to play it safe. And that’s OK. These top baby names in Canada 2014 have earned their spot because they deserved it.

Top baby names in Canada 2014 are cool and attractive. They all have a great background story and their origin can be found in literature, mythology and the Bible. Biblical baby names are making a strong comeback around the world and Canada was not left out from the party. You fill find a lot of biblical references in both girls and boys lists. Popular choices also come from Hollywood box office block busters, successful TV series and celebrities. Stars play an important role in pop culture and this is reflected in how parents choose the names of their children.

Ready to go through the top baby names in Canada 2014? Alright, let’s start with the girls. Ladies first!

Top Baby Names in Canada 2014: Girls

Ariane: who would have thought that one of the most popular Canadian names would be inspired by Greek mythology? Alas, Ariane is a French variation of Ariadne often heard in Canada. A melodic girl name that stands for the Goddess of fertility.

Top Baby Names in Canada 2014
Hailey: the origin of this super popular girl’s name is English. The meaning of Hailey is from the hay clearing. Other variations that are not so common include Haile and Haley, but we prefer the original version. Thousands of parents can’t be wrong! Thanks to young hot actress Hailee Steinfeld, Hailee could be the only fashionable alternative that could prove more charming. Her role in the remake of the classic romantic tale of Romeo & Juliet in 2013 brought Hailee in the spotlight as her career is now booming.

Jada: a vibrant short female name of Spanish origin that means jade. A strong name for babies that can be used for confident girls the same way that Jax is used for tough little boys. The rise in popularity of this energetic name could be linked with the spouse of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett. Her strong personality in both business and the roles she takes in films, suits the active aura of this name perfectly.

Kaitlyn: top baby names in Canada 2014 are inspired by Irish culture. The meaning of Kaitlyn is pure and the name derives from Caitlin. The alternative spelling is seen by Canadian parents as a significant refresh to the old-fashioned name that dominated the baby name charts for so long.

Océane: a large part of Canada has soars into the Pacific ocean. That alone can inspire thousands of Canadian parents to pick a baby girl name associated with water. Océane is a wistful name that is rising in popularity from coast to coast. Its French touching air makes it a bit European too, an attribute that many parents welcome as an extra bonus for top baby names in Canada 2014. It makes it a bit more intellectual and sophisticated, don’t you think?

Paige: an occupational girl name of English origin that means page to a Lord. Thanks to actresss Paige Davis, hostess of the TV show Home and Family, the name begun to gain traction lately. If you aspire to see your daughter become a top architect or a high-profile journalist when she grows up, then you should also note that Paige Rense was the editor in chief of AD, the magazine which is also known as Architectural Digest.

Top Baby Names in Canada 2014: Boys

Etienne: the French speaking Canadians love this fashionable version of Steve. Etienne derives from Stephen and thus its meaning is crown, coming from the Greek word stephanos. If you want to honor your grandfather whose name was Steve but you also want a chic up-to-date name for your baby boy, your search is over. Etienne will be remembered by your son’s friends and will create a special image of unique for that boy with a great name. If your wife is having second thoughts, just buy her an Etienne Aigner designer bag and she will say yes!

Loic: top baby names in Canada 2014 are the ones that accommodate both English and French. As a bilingual country, Canada is uniquely positioned to have two official languages. Loic is a baby name that sounds French, but can also be accepted by great enthusiasm by English speaking parents. A short and sweet name for baby boys that will add a European spin in your family tree. For the record, Loic derives from Louis, so the meaning of this trendy name is protector of the people.

Mathis: Quebec is the French-Canadian province that have the most active French speaking population. Apparently, parents in Montreal and other big cities of Quebec are looking across the Atlantic to France in order to pick baby names for their sons. Mathis is extremely popular in France, so it’s only natural that it became a mega hit among French-Canadian moms and dads. The meaning of Mathis is gift of God and it derives from Matthew.

Top Baby Names in Canada 2014
Tristan: finally, let’s take a long trip to Eastern part of the country and meet some top baby names in Canada 2014 that represent the active maritime culture. Tristan is one of these boy names that has a Celtic origin. The true meaning of Tristan is noise, even though some baby name experts associate it suggest is means sorrowful. Tristan is a famous medieval legend of a dragon-slaying hero that was immortalized by Wagner in one of his superior operas, Tristan und Isolde. Tristan can be a cool alternative to the over used Christian and provide a shiny, unpretentious charm to your baby boy. Evidence of its rising popularity is the wide celebrity endorsement that this name enjoys. Travis Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky recently named their baby boy Tristan. The same goes with Wayne Gretzky, Travis Tritt and Natasha Henstridge. In case you would like to add a bit of a twist, here’s some cool variations: Triston, Tristin, Tristen or Tristian.

Did you like our unique list of top baby names in Canada 2014? Do you live in Canada and consider one of these popular choices for the name of your baby boy or girl? Leave us a comment and let us know which ones you like best, or feel free to add your own suggestions!

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