Top Muslim Baby Names

Salaam! Find out the most popular Muslim baby names for your cute baby boy or pretty baby girl along with the Islamic origin and meaning. If you are Muslim or have Islamic roots and you want to honor your tradition, there are countless beautiful Muslim baby names that you can give to your children. We did our homework and tried to gather the best of the best Muslim baby names, based on various factors. First we had a look at the popularity of Muslim baby names and captured the ones that have a massive appeal within Muslims. Then we had a deeper look into the meaning of Muslim baby names and picked those with a compelling story behind them.

Most of Muslim baby names have their roots in the Islamic sacred book, the Quran. They have wonderful and unique meanings associated with Allah, the Arabic word for God. Muslim :baby names are perfect for religious parents of Islamic faith. We didn’t want to include stereotypic Muslim baby names like Ali, even though they are very popular among the Islamic community. We wanted to give a fresh approach, while honoring the tradition and rich cultural background of Muslim baby names.

Popular Muslim Baby Names for Girls

1. Aishah: one of Muḥammad’s wives. According to Islamic sources, Aishah was married to Muḥammad at the age of six. However, she didn’t move in with Muhmmad until she turned nine. Their wedding took place in Medina. Aishah is also mentioned as the Mother of the Believers as she gave birth to the sons of the prophet. Sunnis believe Aishah to be Muhammad’s favorite wife while the Shi‘ah view of her is more likely negative.

Muslim Baby Names

2. Aleesya: other alternative spellings can be the E- starting version Elysia, the simpler version Alisya or the more sophisticated Allysha.

3. Alya: devine Muslim baby names are a favorite among parents. The meaning of Alya is heaven. Some baby name experts suggest it can also mean divinity and loftiness. In some countries like Russia, Alya can also be used as a colloquial name for colloquial name for Alisa or Alina. The fact that it sounds like Aaliyah, name of the famous RnB singer and actress that found tragic death in 2001, makes it one of the most popular Muslim baby names for girls. Check Aaliyah’s story and decide if you want to contribute in The Aaliyah Memorial Fund.

4. Arissa: Muslim baby names can have cute nick names. For example Arissa has a large array of different short pretty versions of the name. She can be called Reesi or Ressy. Other girls report that they call them Reese or Reeses. A unique alternative can also be AriJ.

5. Humaira: most Muslim baby names have Arabic origin. Humair derives from an Arabic word that means the woman who has red color. The firey nature of this name makes it a bit exotic and mysterious. Humaira is also used in Islamic tradition as the one who strives to give the best she can do in life. That’s a great lesson for every little girl out there!

6. Iman: short Muslim baby names are always among the top 10 lists because they are simple, yet powerful. Iman has the straigt forward meaning of faith. In more recent times, Iman Abdulmajid became insanely popular as the Somali fashion model that pioneered ethnic cosmetics in the Western world. She also started a successful career as an actress and married David Bowie in 1992. Iman’s charitable work is respected throughout the globe.

8. Noor: our last suggestion is grouped within the unisex Muslim baby names. Noor has an illuminative meaning that can be given to both baby girls and boys. It means light and it’s one of Allah’s many divine attributes. Choose Noor if you want to spread good vibes and inspirational concepts around your baby girl.

Top 10 Muslim Baby Names for Boys

1. Ahmad: let’s start our list of top male Muslim baby names with a masculine choice. The meaning of Ahmad is most highly adored. It suits boys who are going to be popular and they are going to be commendable everywhere they go. Highly praised, Ahmad is a perfect match for Alpha type males that have great ambition. Ahmad is also a good choice for sport loving parents, as Ahmad Brooks is a football player for the San Francisco 49ers player. He plays as a linebacker and it’s worth mentioning that he is a Military Academy graduate.

2. Aqil: another faith inspired name that is short and sweet. The meaning of Aqil is wise or intelligent. It’s an old Arabic name that was embraced by Muslims around the world. Ideal for little boys destined to be scientists.

3. Ashraf: Most honorable, the nobler. Like many other Muslim baby names, Ashraf is linked to a person who is included in Muhammad’s complex genealogical tree. More specificaly, Ashraf was a descendant of Ali’s elder son. In Islamic tradition, the name took a whole new meaning and elevated to a honorable mention to people that became master in something.

4. Muhammad: no need to say much about the single most popular choice among Muslim baby names of all times. The primary name of the final Prophet who has countless other names. It currently sits within the top 500 baby names for boys in USA.

5. Nuri: the shining brightness that comes from fire. Another four letter short Muslim baby name that can be easily adopted by American parents looking for a cute boy name.

6. Rayan: it’s very close to the sound of royal, and its meaning is no different either. It’s one of many Muslim baby names that mean king. And as you can guess, it’s very popular within Muslims, as King is popular within Christians. In fact, King is the fastest-rising baby name for American boys, so why not choose Rayan if you are Muslim? It makes perfect sense! A king in your family is always welcome, isn’t it?

Muslim Baby Names

7. Sayid: popularized by the successful TV series “Lost” where Sayid Jarrah played the Iraqi survivor of a plane crash in the mysterious island. Though Sayid had a tough and cruel history as a former torturer, he was one of the most liked characters of ABC’s show, introducing in this way Muslim baby names in the American mainstream audience in the most elusive way. The meaning of Sayid is master and should not be confused with Sa‘id.

8. Suleiman: one of the most magnificent Muslim baby names, thanks to the longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish equivalent to Alexander the Great, Suleiman the Magnificent conquered many important Muslim cities of his age, including Mecca, Medina, Bahhdad and the holy ground of Jerusalem where three major religions met. Turks lived in a Golden Era during his reign and Suleiman is a perfect name for parents who aspire to see their son become a poet one day as Suleiman was one of the most established poets of the 15th century. His legacy is full of quotes that are used in every day life today.

9. Yasser: this one is for politicaly active parents who would like to honor one of the greatest Arabic leaders of the 20th century. Yasser Arafat was the Palestinian leader who became internationaly known as the president of PNA (Palestinian National Authority). His legacy is associated with trying to establish peace with Isreal and going into long peace negotiations with many Isreali prime ministers. Yasser is considered to be a heroic freedom fighter that eventually became a martyr. Arafat is a symbol of Palestine’s aspirations of its people.

10. Zahir: who said that Muslim baby names can’t have a massive appeal in Western literature? Thanks to best selling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, Zahir climbed in the New York book list in 2005 as the famous writer’s novel that succeeded The Alchemist, as yet another amazing story of love. Zahir is all about obsession with something that you have lost. You can help thinking about it, reaching the point where it starts to consume your inner self. Get the astonishing tale of Esther who disappeared and her husband who’s willing to risk it all to find his one, true love.

Did you like our list of Muslim baby names? Are you practicing Islam and need ideas for popular Muslim baby names for your boy or girl? We hope that you found inspiration in the religious names we suggested.

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    Thanks for this opportunity you give to your readers to speak their mind, I dont have much to say though. I just want you to keep up the good job that you are putting in to this blog.

  2. esli says:

    1- Aisha could not have been 6 years old at the time of her Nikah; or 9 years old when she moved in to live with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She was about 18-19 years old at the time of Nikah Prophet’s house and around 21 when she moved in to live with him.

    2- Aisha never gave birth. Never ever.

    3-Muhammad had three sons.Two of them from Khadija(Their names: Kasim and Abdullah) and one of them from Mariya (His name was: Ibrahim)

  3. esli says:

    sorry! Nikah means: supousal, marriage,legally registered marital releationship

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    Lovely names. There are also Abd Allah and Abd Ar-Rahman. And I also love the name Maryam for girls a lot

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