Top Spanish Baby Names for Boys

Looking for the best and most popular Spanish baby names for boys and all you get is scattered information that doesn’t make sense? Look no more as here in we have built the ultimate list for top Spanish baby names based on hard data that goes back in the long history of Spain.

A mediterranean country, Spain is blessed by lots of sun and beautiful beaches that attract million of tourists every year. Travellers flock into the country to learn about the Spanish tradition, taste the exceptional Spanish cuisine which is characterized by tapas (small delicatessen dishes) and meet friendly people. Actually, a lot of couples have met in one of the vibrant Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or in the two Balearic islands known as Majorca and Minorca. The idyllic scenery provided is perfect for romance to flourish.

This is the main reason why a lot of parents consider of picking one of the top Spanish baby names in the list below. They remind them of where they met and where they fell in love. Others choose Spanish baby names because they are font of the mediterranean way of life. The rest just want a European baby name as a unique alternative to the mainstream baby names that can be found elsewhere.

spanish baby names for boys

Top Spanish Baby Names for Boys

Alejandro: the Spanish form of Alexander.

Juan: frequently used in combination of other names, for example Juan Carlos, who is the current King of Spain (didn’t know that Spanish people had a king? Well, they have a prime minister as well, Spain has an elected democratic parliament). Juan is the spanish version of John which means God is precious.

Pablo: one of the top spanish baby names which is an all time favorite by locals and foreigners too.

Adrián: this particular version of the name Adrian is pronounced in a different way but has exactly the same meaning: dark or black. Maybe it is a great way to reference the sexy dark skin of Spanish people!

Javier: in full contrast to Adrian, Javier means bright in a ying and yang, good and bad kind of play. Wouldn’t be an amazing idea if you had twins and gave them this pair of Spanish baby names?

Álvaro: the guardian of truth or the one who speaks the truth. Strangely, it appears that Álvaro is the most popular name for kings in Kongo! Álvaro Morata is one of the top strikers of Real Madrid, the best soccer team in Spain.

Sergio: if you are a fan of golf, then you are probably familiar with this Spanish baby name. Sergio García Fernández who has won 20+ tournaments, is one of the few professional golfer who plays on both the (American) PGA Tour and the European Tour. The highlight of his career was winning The Players Championship in 2008. For more baby names inspired by athletes check our dedicated list!

Carlos: when a baby name has the meaning of manly, there is no surprise why the Mafia loves it! If you think that these names can only be found on gangster movies, then you probably don’t know about Carlos the Jackal, one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world. To serve this Spanish baby name some justice, Carlos Santana is not known for his criminal activities but is one of the finest guitarists and musician across the world.

Jorge: means farmer. Jorge García  (born 1973) became the guy who helped this Spanish baby name conquer the top list in the last five years. His acting career rocketed after he starred in blockbuster TV series Lost, playing  Hugo “Hurley” Reyes.

Santiago: means St. James.

Fernando: Torres and Alonso are the most known athletes from soccer and Formula 1 respectively. Because of them, Fernando became a house hold value for every man and woman in Spain and has shot into the top spots of the baby names charts.

Rodrigo: an original Spanish baby name with the unique meaning of famed power.

Joaquin: means established by God.

Iván: don’t rush into conclusions, this might sound like a Russian name but apparently Iván is very common in Spain too! The last of the entries in this top spanish baby names is a variant of John.

best spanish baby names

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