Top Unisex Baby Names

Unisex baby names are increasingly popular these days. They can be given to either boys or girls. Most of the uunisex baby names began as boy’s names. However, as time passed, parents started to like them so much that they decided it’s OK to give a traditionaly male name to their daughter. People are now cool with that and it’s not uncommon to carry a unisex baby name.

As time passed, the trend started to go to the other direction, and parents started to give female names to their sons. In US particularly, the popularity of unisex baby names has risen so much, that some of them can be found consistently on the charts of the top baby names.

If you have strong tradition history in your family you probably wouldn’t consider unisex baby names. If on the other hand you are more progressive and open-minded, you wouldn’t mind naming your lovely son Florence just because it sounds too feminine. Did you know that Florence has a totally masculine root? Just because people started to use it as female name, doesn’t mean that it’s feminine!

In the followin list of top 25 unisex baby names we go beyond this stereotypes and present you with cool baby names that can be used for either gender and still be equally awsome.

best unisex baby names

Top 25 Unisex Baby Names

Addison: a unisex baby name of English origin which means the child of Adam. Other variations of the name include simplification of the original name, such as Adison or Adyson. According to the official data we got from the Social Security Administration, Addison ranks #14 in the popularity charts of all children born in the US. This is a prime example of how popular unisex baby names really are in our modern society.

Alexis: the defender of the people, derived from Alexander the Great, the Greek leader who marched against the Persians and conquered a huge amount of land (from Italy all the way to India). Alexis is known as one of the top unisex baby names mainly because of the TV character Alexis Carrington played by Joan Collins on the famous soap opera “Dynasty”.

Avery: means the Elf ruler. This unisex baby name has English origin and it can also be used as a surname. For example actor James Avery.

Cameron: a Scottish name which means the crooked, bent nose. Celebrity baby name for Hollywood star Cameron Diaz. This unisex baby name can be also used a surname, for example the director of Avatar, the most successful movie in the history, James Cameron.

Casey: an Irish baby name meaning be vigilant and brave during war. It’s a unisex baby name that can be found in the top 500, a spot that it holds since the 1980s.

Charlie: means free man and is considered to be one of the friendliest names! Derived from the more serious form of Charles, it’s a typical male name that gradually converted to a unisex name as parents loved it so much that couldn’t resist giving it to their daughers.

Dakota: a native American baby name that means friends or allies. Comedian, LGBT rights activist and celebrity blogger Rosie O’Donnell chose Dakota as the name for her daughter. According to hard facts, Dakota is one of these unisex baby names that is equally split between genders. In 2012 almost the same number of baby boys and baby girls were given the name Dakota!

Dominque: a French form of the Latin name Dominic. This unisex baby name represents someone who belongs to God.

Dylan: an all time favorite unisex baby name, which currenlty holds #31 of all the babies born in the US. Dylan is a Welsh baby name that means son of the sea. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones (who happens to have Welsh roots), named their baby boy Dylan.

Emerson: what started to be an English surname, was then used as a name for both boys and girls. Emerson means son of Emery and the name of the daugher of Teri Hatcher from the popular TV series Desperate Housewives.

Finley: another Scottish name that means the fair-haired warrior. Another popular form of this unisex baby name is Finlay and it was totally masculine until the famous couple Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn decided to name one of their daughters Finley. Lisa Marie Presley also named one of her twin girls Finley helping to make it a bit more feminine than before!

Harley: meaning of this English unisex baby name is the long field. Harley-Davidson is best known as the premium motorcycle manufacturer and thus associated to a more manly image, however Joker’s female assistant in Batman, Harley Quinn, helped to cross over to the feminine side. However, in UK it’s still a predominantly male name.

Harper: the name of the daughter of Victoria and David Beckham, a unisex baby name that got super popular after the famous couple announced they are naming their baby girl Harper.

Jadyn: another form of the popular baby name, especially for girls, Jaidyn, Jaiden, and Jaden. Not to be confused with the Star Wars hero Jedi!

Jamie: if you are a fan of cooking, you must have heard about the British celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver. This cool unisex baby name is a diminutive of James. The relaxed form of Jeans and Joans was shot in the top 10 chart of the US baby names between 1960 and 1970. Nowadays, it’s not so common, but it’ still a hot name.

Jordan: a Hebrew baby name that means flowing down. NBA super-star Michael Jordan left a huge mark on basketball and on baby names trend as well, shooting it to unimaginable heights of popularity for both sexes. Derived from the river Jordan, it was historically fit for boys and girls alike as it was the river that Jesus Christ was baptized.

Kamryn: a Scottish name that derives from Cameron. According to the Urban Dictionary, Kamryn is the unique combination of intelligence and beauty. For girls, it means someone who is kind and honest, somebody who you can trust on any circumstances.

Micah: an uncommon form of Michael, this unisex baby name has Hebrew origin and anweres to the question who resembles God? Sarah Drew, the famous actress known from the popular TV series Everwood and Grey’s Anatomy, has a son named Micah. As a boy name, Micah Sanders appeared as a character on “Heroes”.

Morgan: an Old English / Welsh name that comes from the circling sea. It can also have the meaning ofgreat brightness. In US, it reached top 25 during the 90’s and is still a considerably popular unisex baby name. In the Arthurian legend, Morgan le Fee was a well known sorceress and King Arthur’s half sister.

Parker: an occupational name that means park keeper. Charlie Parker was a very famous jazz saxophonist known as “Yardbird” or the “Bird”, something that gives a musical edge on this unisex baby name.

Peyton: a variant of Payton, a name of Irish origin which means fighting-man’s estate. Peyton Place made this unisex baby name popular during the 60’s as it was the equivalent of Desperate Housewives back then. Athlete Peyton Manning is the best known representation of the male side of the name, but Peyton Loftis (the hero of up-and-coming movie Lie Down) will probably get more baby girls named after her.

Phoenix: the story goes that this mythical bird could never really die as it had the ability to resurect from its own ashes. Thus, it always represented immortality, a great way to demonstrate your new-age believes! Another variant is Fenix, best known as the lead character of gaming saga Halo.

Reagan: a variant of Gaelic name Regan, this Irish baby name means little king. Reagan was the 40th President of the United States, the one and only actor who managed to get the top White House job!

Reese: a straight forward unisex baby name that means enthusiasm. Celebrity baby name for actress Reese Witherspoon, born 1976.

Riley: last but not least, Riley is yet another name of Iirish origin that means courageous. It’s one of the unisex baby names that leans more to girls rather than boys, as the current rate of baby girls having the name Riley has risen to 5,000 per year!

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