22 Unforgettable Baby Names

Have you ever seen kids being alienated and left out of the inner cyrcle in school? That’s because nobody remembers their name. Now, you don’t really want your baby to grow up like that! Don’t worry, we have built a super list with 22 unforgettable baby names to make sure this will never happen to your children.

Asking “what’s your name” once will be enough for people to remember them for the rest of their lives. These unforgettable baby names are unique without being strange or bizarre. Think of them us the new cool, a name with a swag!

The following list of 22 unforgettable baby names consists both male and female names to cover the needs of every parent that wish to give their baby a memory boost! Let’s have a closer look and explore them in detail:

unforgettable baby names
Allegra: means joy in Latin.

Aura: is the glowing light that every human being radiates and some very special individuals among us can see. It is said that a person’s aura has different kind of colors depending on his mood and character, for example white glowing or yellow shows a good person who likes to help others. On the other hand, black aura represents people with sad feelings, bad intentions and ready to hurt those around them. Even if you don’t believe in Karma and New Age, Aura is still an unforgettable baby name!

Bai: means pure in Chinese. Celebrity name for actress Bai Ling.

Cocoa: the powdered chocolate that we all love!

Hyacinth: a very rare baby name that comes from the Greek word of hyakinthos who was a young man loved by the God Apollo. When Hyakintos died and lied on the ground, a beautiful flower took his place and it went down in history as hyacinth, a marvelous story that everyone will remember once they ask the name meaning of your baby!

Jumbe: a fun baby name that is trully unforgetable!

King: it’s the fastest-rising baby names for American boys click to see more about this royal name!

Lake: unsual baby name linked with relaxed time fishing or swimming

Leelee: a variant of Lily which is a Latin name taken from the beautiful flower lily. Your baby girl will be delighted every time she answers to the “what’s your name” question by saying “Leelee like the flower with double ee’s”. This is so cool!

Lindberg: a rare German name that means from the linden tree hill.

Madonna: like a Virgin!

Momo: a baby name of Japanese origin which means peach.

Montague: means pointed hill and is of English origin.

Pink: a funky color and a famour singer, we doubt that this baby name will be ever forgotten

Prince: similar to King, this baby name gives a sense of royal authority and is also associated with the famous singer Prince (who later

Santee: a different form of Santos which means “saint” in Spanish.

Schmoopie: this baby name is a cute nickname for someone’s wife or husband but it can also be given a birth name

Spirit: the eternal life force that vitalize the mind and body, what makes us humans.

Symphony: a musical baby name made for orchestra players, similar to Harmony (which was featured in our Baby Names that Make You Smile list and has the meaning of everything is in tune, synchronized without any problems.

Talent: if America’s got talent, why don’t you show off your baby has some unique skills by giving them this unforgettable baby name?

Tame: domisticated animals that unlike cats or dogs are used to reduced to live out in the native wildness but they are raised as pets in order to respect humans and not hurt them.

Trocky: sounds like Rocky but it’s not, a coined unforgettable baby name.

Wyclef: variant of Wycliff which is an Old English name that means white cliff, today is popular mainly because of the unforgettable rapper Wyflec Jean of the legendary group The Fugees. The only draw-back of this baby name is that if your angel grows up to be a celebrity, the domain name wyclef.com will be already taken!

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  17. huh? says:

    Schmoopie? Trocky?? Are you ****ing kidding me? These are ridiculous….

  18. TruthTime says:

    “Have you ever seen kids being alienated and left out of the inner cyrcle in school? That’s because nobody remembers their name.”

    No, that’s never happened. Children get bullied for the kinds of ridiculous names you’ve suggested and grow up hating and resenting their stupid parents, with good reasons. Why do you hate children? Why do you want them to suffer? You’re being very irresponsible right now. Shame. Shame on you.

  19. Schmoopie says:

    TruthTime, I have to disagree. The name Schmoopie has been an amazing boost to my self-esteem and has made all of the kids at school love me! I am the centre of attention whenever I say my name and never feel embarrassed when people ask me to repeat it, even for the 3rd or 4th time!

    I am sure my sister LeeLee would say the same (though the post doesn’t capitalize the 2nd L, which I think is what really sets it apart from all of the other “Leelee”s we have met).

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