Unique Baby Boy Names 2015

Pick one of the following unique baby boy names 2015 and be different. These names are one of a kind, just like your baby boy! You don’t have to come up with strange or weird baby boy names in order to be unique. There are plenty of choices out there and we have come up with the definite list of unique baby boy names 2015 that will be your ultimate guide for this year. Our experienced baby names experts have gone through a significant amount of research in order to select the best of the best, the most unique names that will suit your baby boy like no other. All you have to do is read on and choose the one that is closer to your own taste and style.

Our unique baby boy names 2015 list is full of surprises. It’s all about being unconventional, going off the beaten path. Being unique is so hard these days, that people are desperate to do crazy things in order to be the center of attention. And then you have these guys that are so effortlessly unique, just because their name sounds so cool. Do you like to give this head start to your son? Then you must pay attention to the following unique baby boy names 2015 and share them with your husband. Make up your mind by finding which name sounds better next to your surname and take into consideration your partner’s opinion. Baby naming should be a fun experience that bring couples even closer before the baby is born.

Unique Baby Boy Names 2015

Akiro: sometimes, when you are not interested in mainstream names, you have to go far and about to find the best fit for you and your family. And in this case, you travel thousands of miles all the way to the far East to meet the strong and confident Akiro. An excellent choice for parents who have Japanese roots, it can be used to honor one’s ancestors. The meaning of Akiro is bright boy, so you immediately inherit an amazing attribute for your son. It also symbolizes the power of the sword, as it’s associated with the world class Japanese director Akiro Kurosawa, known for his epic Samurai movies (get his latest remastered work titled Dreams and immerse into a whole new world). Akiro is a name for the brave that combine intelligence with action and movement.

Unique Baby Boy Names 2015

Alcott: are you planning to send your son to Harvard one day when he grows up? Then you might as well start preparing him for the best university of the world. Not only financially, but also with an exclusive name like Alcott. Straight from 19th century England, it is a British name that means dweller at the old cottage. It brings romantic memories of the author of two very important pieces of literature, Little Men (1868) and Little Women (1869). Alcott has since been associated with noted authors, philosophers, writers and educators across the United Kingdom and beyond. Alcott is an unusual choice that will satisfy the hunger for unique baby boy names 2015 even of the most demanding name researcher!

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Eamon: looking for a cure to the epidemic popularity of Aiden and Aidan? We have the found the worthy successor in Eamon! This rare Irish variation of the name Edmund has the rich meaning of affluent defender. The wealthy background of Eamon made it popular in it’s home country, but it has remained widely unheard on this part of the Atlantic. We need to highlight the fact that this is a simple version of the original spelling which was Eamonn.

Fitzroy: English names are one of the richest source of unique baby boy names 2015. Fitzroy is one of them and it brings a royal aroma into play. The meaning of Fitzroy is the son of the king. The letter -z right in the middle of this awesome choice will help your son to stand out from the crowd while adding an aura of royalty. It can also be used to honor your dad or grandfather whose name was Roy, while twisting the final name a little bit to make it more unique.

Hiram: are you interested in biblical baby names that go beyond the usual? Forget the common Daniel and David choices and go for a somewhat forgotten name from the Old Testament. Hiram was the architect of the Great Temple in Jerusalem that was summoned by King David from the land of Tyre. He had the unique ability to manage thousands of workers under his command, an amazing skill that can be useful in the modern world if you have plans to see your son becoming a CEO one day. The meaning of Hiram is brother of the exalted one and it can be a distinctive name that has a funk factor. A cool short nickname could be Hi, I’m already falling for this one, don’t you?

Izyk: that’s one of the most unique baby boy names 2015 because it’s so rare you probably haven’t even heard it before. Izyk derives from Isaac and as such is a Hebrew name that can be found in the Old Testament. According to the Bible, Isaac was the only son that Abraham had with his wife Sarah after many years of trying without result. For that reason, it can be chosen by parents who were given the gift of parenthood after many years and this boy was the answer to their prayers. Izyk is as uncommon as it is special, it creates an unbelievable emotion at first sight and evokes motion thanks to the short and powerful -zy combination of letters. Some of these modern forms of baby names might gain traction in the future and become trendy, but you will be the one who named your son before it became fashionable, earning extra points under your belt for being unique.

Lachlan: this name has been strongly associated with Scotland as it has been popular in UK for many years. The last two years, American parents started to notice and it has just made it to the top 1000 names according to the Social Security Administration. For this reason, we have identified Lachlan, as one of the most promising unique baby boy names 2015. The truly Scottish name’s meaning is from the fjord-land and it has been used to describe the Vikings who tried to invade the ancient land of Scotland. Surprisingly, Lachlan is also huge in Australia, currently the no.3 name in popularity. Perhaps the commonwealth countries still share a lot of common tradition. We recently heard it on the news via the announcement of Rupert Murdoch’s eldest son.

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Mordecai: a Persian name that has been adopted by the Hebrew culture. The meaning of Mordecai is warrior and has an interesting heritage that can attract noble parents. It has been used for boys born on Purim, a special holiday in the Jewish tradition. The story behind it is that Mordecai saved the Jews from extinction after defending them by the side of his cousin Queen Esther against the barbarian attack of Haman. Thus, Mordecai belongs to the unique baby boy names 2015 that will give attributes of courage and altruism to your son. An alternative spelling could also be Mordechai.

Schuyler: if you are a fan of Breaking Bad, you should remember that Skyler was the pregnant woman of Chemistry Professor Walter White who is suffering from cancer and cooks meth to pay his treatment. In fact, Skyler does not have to do anything with the sky. It derives from Schuyler, a Dutch name that was imported in US a long time ago. The meaning of Schuyler is scholar and it belongs to the unisex unique baby boy names 2015. If you liked Walter’s wife name but would like to find a rare alternative in order to have a unique name, you will love Schuyler.

Unique Baby Boy Names 2015

Zeno: one of the most attractive unique baby boy names 2015 thanks to the sexy ending -o. Zeno derives from the ancient Greek name Zenon, which is known to be associated with Zeus, the mighty King of the 12 Olympian Gods. Zeno is powerful and makes a bold statement that demands your attention and shouldn’t be treated lightly. If you have grant plans for your son watching him climbing the career ladder all the way to the top of the board, then Zeno is the perfect name for your baby boy. The -o ending takes the macho character of this name to the whole new level of dynamism. It’s also linked to the famous Greek philosopher Zenon whose paradoxes are storied even today.

Did you like our cool and rare unique baby boy names 2015 list? Are you due in 2015 and looking for a great baby name that will make your boy unique? Then we are sure that you have found what you are looking for. If you changed your mind and want to have a look at the popular baby names 2015 list with more mainstream options, please feel free to browse in our amazing database of baby names and meanings.

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  3. Kate Anderson says:

    Lachlan has been popular in Australia for decades! Not really a surprise, lol!

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    Although it’s flattering to suggest an old Dutch name, I’m Dutch, but the name Schuyler is only used as a last name, not a first name.

    Also, the modern Dutch word for scholar is ‘geleerde’ or ‘scholier’ if you take a free interpretation. I’m not sure if it used to be schuyler in earlier centuries…

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Merlijne, we love Dutch names because they are truly unique on this part of the Atlantic. Thanks so much for your feedback, it’s awesome how we can integrate feedback from different parts of the world – love Amanda xx

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