Unique Baby Boy Names 2016

Parents visualize their children to be destined for something big. They want them to be unique in this world where normality is a commodity that is not really appreciated. In fact, we all look for something unique, something different from the ordinary. Baby names can help a person be unique by identifying them using a rare tag that make them stand out from the very first day they come in this world. That’s what we had in mind when we built this year’s unique baby boy names 2016 list. To go the extra mile in order to be the most sought after names for cute boys. Cool, rare and fashionable, these baby names for boys are going to make a huge difference.

Ready to explore some of the most uncommon names? Here we go!

Unique Baby Boy Names 2016

Adriel: for the unique baby boy names 2016 list, we found a wealth of inspiration in the Bible. Adriel is a rare Hebrew name that means The flock of God but there is another interpretation as well. The etymology of Adriel is pretty easy, it can be broken down in two parts. The -el ending derives from the word Elohim (God) and it’s a very common abbreviation that can be found in numerous names. So next time you find it, you will know where it comes from! The first part of Adriel derives from the verb to help. As you can probably imagine, Adriel is a special biblical name that might be perfect for religious people. Thus, in the Aramaic language, Adriel means God is my help. Click here to find more biblical baby names for boys that go beyond Jacob and Noah.

Unique Baby Boy Names 2016
Dashiell: it’s a real mystery how this name didn’t make it to the official SSA top 1000 baby names issued every year. With A-list celebrities like Jason Priestley, Cate Blanchett and Milla Jovovich choosing this name for their beautiful baby boys, we wonder how Dashiell managed to get away from the big crowd and remain a solid rare choice for those who know how and where to look for hidden gems.

Dermot: derives from the Irish name Diarmaid and means free from envy.

Fintan: a great way to come up with unique baby boy names 2016 is to discover a new twist in an already popular name. The stylish Finn has been a mega hit, but it’s now ready for disruption. Fintan is bringing the fresh unique -tan suffix in the end of the name, giving it a modern tale. This beautiful Irish name has a spectacular meaning, white fire. Can you picture your baby boy like a little angel who is surrounded by divine white fire? What a splendid image for your beloved son. We all want the best for our children, and a cool name like Fintan is the best gift you can give them. Popular in Ireland, not so much in America. Well, until today of course!

Κyler: a safe choice for unique baby boy names 2016 appears when you combine two previously popular names. Tyler and Kyle has been super star names for boys the last 30 years and it’s now time to reinvent both of them. So why don’t we mix them up to create a completely new name? That’s pretty much how Kyler came up in the first place. And it has proven to perform really well itself, rising from nothing to the top 300 in just a few years time. If you are looking for a deeper meaning behind this intriguing mashup, you will probably find it in the Netherlands where Kyler means archer. Certainly a trendy occupational name that not a lot of people know!

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Kason: in the spirit of making cocktails with baby names, here’s another one. Kason is the hybrid of Case and Jason. Others look at it as Kase with an -n in the end. This attractive name is suitable for handsome baby boys who have the finest qualities in life, mixing the best skills in their parents toolkit. Do you ever hear that this baby got the looks from her mom and the brains from her dad (or vice versa)? Well, Kason is exactly like that. Best of both words. Note that it can also be found as a different alternative, Karson. However, that -R in the middle makes it a little bit unbalanced and harder to pronounce. Any way, our recommendation is to always keep it simple when possible.

Lachlan: now that truly unique! A rare Scottish gem pronounced “Locklin”, Lachlan is one of the most uncommon names you will ever hear. That said, it’s very popular not only in UK areas like England and Scotland, but also in other commonwealth countries New Zealand and Australia. Rupert Murdoch named his eldest son Lachlan helping to boost the popularity of this unique boy name. Originally, Lachlan was used to describe the barbarian vikings who invaded the pride land of the Scottish people who lived in the lochs (lakes as in Loch Nes monster) and the lands. Thus you get Lachlan, magic uh? The double -l (one in the beginning and one towards the end of the name) provide a certain musical tone that other boys will envy. We saved some trivia for the end. Did you know that the 10th President Of the United States, John Tyler, chose Lachlan as the name of his baby boy? Well, that was a long time ago, but if the President did it, why not you?

Jaxton: ok one more combo name and I’m done. Since we are on a roll with these hybrid baby names, we couldn’t resist but referencing Jaxton. It’s the brain child of Jack and Jackson (I’m looking at you Michael). Jaxton is also associated with Braxton, using the same suffix that energize unique baby boy names 2016 with the special letter -x right in the middle of the name. X is often used to add a layer of mystery as it represents the unknown in mathematics and other sciences. It’s also well known as the Jack of All trades, the person who can adapt in any kind of situation, just like a true chameleon. That’s a marvelous skill for future kids who grow up in an ever evolving world: they need to be flexible and be ready to do whatever it takes to survive and evolve.

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Phelan: this unusual Irish name made it to the unique baby boy names 2016 list because of its history. Phelan can be found in numerous pagan stories and mythological tales from the Irish every day life. In Irish language of course, the spelling is slightly difference and pronounced Faolan. The real meaning of Phelan is wolf, and as you can suspect, it lends the strong image of a fighter. If you decide to name your son after this name be prepared to see him develop in a tough and independent little man.

Unique Baby Boy Names 2016
Quirin: no, not another Quentin. We can’t stand another Tarantino wanna-be name for our kids. Let’s think of something else that starts with Qu-. Wait, here’s a good one. How about Quirin? It’s pronounced kee-rin and derives from the mythical stone quirin. Legends has it that the lucky person who has it can expose anyone’s secret thoughts. Wow, can you believe how much you would reveal by such cool skill just like an X-Men’s professor? Unique baby names 2016 can be associated to super powers like this one!

Urban: we love unisex baby names because they are dedicated to the open minded parents who are moving away from old habits. Urban is not a brand new name, even though one would think it would be since we are hearing the word urban more and more lately to describe things like music, people and so on. In fact, it was given to many saints and even to some early Popes. The reason behind this, is that Urban has been an active member of the first church that St Peter built in Rome according to the New Testament. At the highlight of Urban’s career, during the early 20th century, Urban has risen up to the top 500 baby names. After WWII though, it kind of disappeared from the charts without any apparent reason. If you want an even more fashionable Italian version, just add the hip ending -o and you get the popular in Italy Urbano. Alternatively, if you still wish to add some European sophisticated flavour, you can also consider Urbain which was used by the famous writer Henry James for the lead character of his top title The American.

How did you find our cool suggestions for unique baby boy names 2016? Do you think we have nailed it? Or perhaps you have heard an entirely new name that we missed? We would love to know it, just send us your personal recommendations using the form below and we would be happy to post them here.

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  2. Therese says:

    Hi there, I find it very interesting that some names are considered unisex or even opposite gender sometimes depending on what country you are in. Here (Sweden) nobody would name a girl Urban, considered to be a (not common though)male-in-their-50s-name.. An example, of opposite gender is Morgan. Never that a girl in Sweden would be name Morgan (again male-in-their-50s-name that is starting to come back in babies but not very common) August is a “geezer” name here (but one that is starting to be “recycled” together with other old names) def not a girls name at all:)

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Therese, it’s wonderful to see our international audience growing and having our European friends joining the conversation! I must admit that all these years that I’m actively researching baby names, I found that different cultures have different habits. Baby names can thus take various interpretations and be used completely differently. Thanks for the insight and by giving us another angle on this, love Amanda xx

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